Chauncey Gardiner

UPDATE 1/14/22: There’s an encouraging sense in the air that the moral universe is not totally upside down when polls indicate nasty Uncle Joe’s approval rating is heading to record lows.

As Rush brashly stated about Obama, we vehemently want Brandon to fail; and hope springs eternal watching the wheels come off his runaway wagon. 

1/3/22: From Day One, Brandon’s legacy has been destined to be the dismantling of every underpinning of American liberty. And there are three years yet to go with one possible respite in between.

UPDATE 1/1/21: What better way to look at the pitiful pileup that is Joe Biden than as a very messy accident that happened to us?

UPDATE 12/25/21: Joe and Jill heartily agree   that “Let’s Go, Brandon” is a lovely Christmas greeting and that the country is in the very best of hands.

‘UPDATE 12/9/21: Just in case we forget who the real Bidens are, here’s a little synopsis.

UPDATE 12/3/21: What a difference a day [actually 14 years of political opportunism & grift] makes…slick Swamp Creature Brandon on Afghanistan in 2007 differs a bit from mentally challenged PINO Brandon on the same topic in 2021.

UPDATE 11/11/21: It’s one more notch in DeSantis belt to suggest busing illegals to Brandon’s Delaware doorstep, but that’s assuming our PINO (President In Name Only) has anything directly to do with enforcing the policies that have opened the borders wide and created every other disaster permanently attached to this administration. How about to the D.C. doorstep of his primary handler, a certain former POTUS and world class megalomaniac who admitted he’d love  running his third term by whispering into the ear of  a lifeless mannequin like Charlie McBiden?

UPDATE 11/6/21: Not so long ago, the verified contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the alleged entries from Ashley Biden’s diary would have resulted in the immediate and permanent disappearance of one Big Guy from public life. If the diary entries are authentic, any deaf/dumb/blind skeptics left on the planet will now be forced to see the darkest, rankest aspects of what makes up this thoroughly unsavory character at the center of the Brandon administration.

No surprise but unsettling to hear that admirable Project Veritas which has brought the diary to the fore is now the subject of direct FBI harassment. Stand by for disturbing developments in what is fast becoming an unrecognizable America.

UPDATE 10/19/21: It’s probably giving this pitiful laughingstock too much credit, but our PINO (President In Name Only) has become a tyrant or, more accurately, the limp ragdoll puppet of tyrants behind the scenes. Obama, perhaps? Soros? A sinister global network once thought only possible in James Bond novels? For certain we know it’s not feeble ol’ Joe.

EMPTY the head that wears the crown.

UPDATE 10/14/21: Our befuddled Presidential impersonator just called Chicago lesbian pol Lori Lightfoot “Mister Mayor” One is directed to the Woke Etiquette Directory to see if she should be insulted or respond, “Thanks, bud!” and slap him on the ass like male sports teammates do. 

UPDATE 10/8/21: We’ve known since POTUS Campaign, 2020 who the prime puppet is, but the omnipresent question remains: who are the puppeteers? 

UPDATE 10/2/21: Having Joe Biden as POTUS is so bad it can actually be comic.

UPDATE 10/1/21: Easy, casual corruption and serial lying is a way of life for the Bidens as demonstrated by Big Guy Joe and his sloppier alter ego Hunter, brought down from the attic for public view like Dorian Gray’s monstrous real self. The collective jaw drops at the reality of this (literally) braindead Nowhere Man publicly calling Afghanistan “an extraordinary success”  and his pride & joy Hunter “the smartest guy I know?” Some call it “genius criminality.” Those of us made from coarser fiber just call it criminality, amoral mediocrities allowed to get away unpunished for the only thing they know how to do and be.

UPDATE 9/24/21: Conman-in-Chief Joey continues his war on Americans while suspending any un-Woke hostilities toward our real enemies. As Voltaire observed, “Those who make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”  Verifying that observation, a dimwitted public is now brainwashed to believe that The UnVaccinated and Global Warming are scarier than Islamic terrorists or the permanent civil war of ID Politics/CRT.

Would you buy a bag of used, moldy lies from this man?

UPDATE 9/23/21: Laptop cinematic auteur and pharmaceutical porn performer/artist Hunter Biden is to be the subject of a film biography (“My Son Hunter”) from Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, the un-Woke, un-PC producers of the decidedly un-Woke, un-PC  Kermit Gosnell story (“Gosnell”). It also stars Laurence Fox, the un-Woke, un-PC actor canceled for being un-Woke and un-PC in one too many instances in the estimation of the Woke/PC mafia.

Actor Robert Davi will be directing and humorously notes that he’s particularly thrilled to have snagged not only a great actor but a smart one to play the title role: “One of my biggest concerns was in the casting of Hunter. For Hunter we needed someone who is not just a great actor, but a brilliant mind.” After all, Joe has told us, Hunter is “the smartest guy I know.” 

Congratulations to all involved for the courage to exercise free speech and, just incidentally, shining the light of truth on one very dark, dirty, gaping black hole of The Big Lie we are living through.

9/15/21: No there there. But there are his handlers, whoever they are.

UPDATE 9/14/21: Follow the chain of corruption.

Quoth First Brother Jim Biden: “We’ve got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden.” 

Hunter’s “unsubstantiated” laptop (which the whole world has seen up close and way too personal) dares the world to believe the NY TImes and not its own eyes and ears.

UPDATE 9/12/21: It is more than reasonable to opine that the eminently dislikeable Biden has very little connection with the dictatorial gibberish he spews or the disasters he’s creating. If only one could chalk it up to his innate hypocrisy or a lifetime pathological habit of lying. What is certain is that remote-controlled  asylum out-patient Joe has demonstrated he will keep us asking what fresh new depths of hell are we in for this week….and next week…and the next.

UPDATE 9/8/21: Judging by Biden’s low poll numbers, has reality set in? One can only wonder why those numbers are as high as they are. But then that would mean that the vast majority of Americans in our time act rationally in their own best interests, recognize their enemies and vote accordingly.

Doofus and The Doctor

UPDATE 9/7/21: We’ve been informed by no less than Secretary of State Blinken that It’s no secret to any of us that the Chinese and Russian governments, among others, are making the argument in public and in private that the United States is in decline. So, it’s better to cast your lot with their authoritarian visions for the world than with our democratic one.”

Got that? The Biden Doctrine: America is finished. Who can doubt this man is fully in the clutches of our sworn enemies, specifically Red China?

UPDATE 9/6/21: One thing about Biden is his consistent Brown Thumb, a polite way of describing the raging sewage flood this lifeless mannequin and his handlers  have loosed on us. Will there be enough repentant Trump-hating Biden supporters (and an honest electoral process) to turn this foul tide?

UPDATE 9/4/21: Biden The Pretender: the perfect man for the job of turning America into one more slave on the Globalist Plantation, the man whose career has been 50 years dedicated solely to enriching and aggrandizing himself.

9/1/21: It’s become futile week to week, day to day to comment on any specific socio-political disasters created by Joe The Evil Ghost. If only he’d just stop at Making The Taliban (and international terror) Great Again and deliberately flooding the country with illegals (aka New Democrats) from Latin America. One can save energy by stating authoritatively  that for at least the next 3 years The Biden Touch, the Brown Thumb, the reverse Midas effect will be at work 24/7/365. 

Another unpleasant facet of The BIden Touch.


BIDEN-GORE-Shameless: Exploiting your own family’s misery for political gain.

UPDATE 8/30/21: Nice ol’ Lunchbox Joe from Scranton’s legacy is already established after only 8 months. We should call it something other than the Afghanistan Killing Fields. Perhaps “He kept us out of war” or “He saved us from Trump,” both of which would definitely be embraced by millions of people much in need of heart and brain transplants.


UPDATE 8/29/21: There are those of us who have always viewed Joe Biden as an empty, truly heartless quantity. In a 2015 post entitled “SHAMELESS: Exploiting your own family’s misery for political gain-Gore..and now Biden” I pointed out the nauseating transparency of Biden’s evocation of his son Beau’s death purely for political purposes. “How stupid does he think we are?” I wondered.

Six years later, dead Beau remains the last go-to defense of a rather wicked, amoral man with rapidly diminishing mental faculties.  In his confusion and delusion, he still confidently thinks no one notices because of all those (his family, his advisors, unrepentant voters) who are more than happy to enable and applaud him.

For the rest of us, there is just rage and disgust widespread and deep. 

Family Man: Joe and his handiest political prop.

UPDATE 8/29/21: Our stalwart leader shows savvy political impartiality in Middle Eastern affairs by incoherently babbling in his sleep (while seemingly awake) to the Jordanian King  AND actually falling asleep with the Israeli Prime Minister. 

Naturally the equally stalwart and impartial media have informed us he has just closed his eyes and intently leaned over (and down) toward the speaker in order to eliminate all visual distraction from a genuinely deep involvement with what the Prime Minister of Israel has to say.

UPDATE 8/28/21: One word about our “leadership” if one can put aside the horrific consequences: PATHETIC.

UPDATE 8/26/21: Biden and his suicidal Party of destroyers. Malicious? Stupid? To be fair and accurate, a lot of both. 

UPDATE 8/25/21: “[Biden-Harris] is what you get when the voters vote against a candidate rather than for a candidate.’”

UPDATE 8/25/21: Pitifully pandering Joe takes the symbolic knee for BLM and any other Leftist group eager to pull America out by the roots (while, like himself, keeping all those millions of capitalist dollars and absolute power for themselves).

UPDATE 8/16/21: If there is any constant in the nightmare Biden presence is that there is nothing and no one there. Our borders are currently wide open to floods of illegal immigrants, and America’s entire 20 year effort to gain the upper hand in Afghanistan against Islamic terrorism after 9/11 has suddenly gone up in smoke. Every effort is now underway to destroy whatever energy independence we had, and our elections are panning out to be banana republic charades thanks to the creation of a permanent crisis mentality among the masses. Only for the terminally naive could this be analyzed as mere incompetence at work. Instead, it is a concerted plan to destroy America from within, using a phantom, a hologram, a puppet, Chance Gardiner incarnate.

And, putting aside the obvious dementia, we are cursed with a thoroughly bad character of no scruples or principle,  already without question the worst POTUS in our history. As things reach a critical point and this useless political prop is removed as planned long ago, we may be closer to learning the identities of his  determined, diabolical puppeteers. Susan Rice? Obama? Soros? All three and then some?

Translation: First Hologram POTUS

UPDATE 8/14/21: In a rational world, one look at this startled little girl (watch the video) having her nipple pinched by the wandering hands of The Hologram would be the end of his political career. The man is a predatory creep.

UPDATE 8/13/21: Not that it would be an improvement to have a President Kamala Walla Bing Bang, but hearing out Tara Reade’s accusations would give the moral universe a vast lift to see sniffy/handsy Joe Biden follow Covid Hero Cuomo to retirement. We don’t believe all women, but we do believe Tara. Just as we believe Juanita and would believe Mary Jo…if she could speak up on her own behalf.

The Grand Old Democrat Tradition of selective outrage.

UPDATE 8/12/21: Do the words “blackmail” or “extortion” regarding the Bidens and the ChiComs ever come up as a matter of concern in Woke Leftist circles? Or do they care, even knowing what the whole world now knows about Hunter’s well-documented wallow in sex-and-drug degradation?  

The Brits have the latest video for you featuring Hunter and his well-paid whore/confidante. Watch, listen, close your eyes, open them again, and ponder the world we inhabit that doesn’t blink at the blatant corruption of the family currently occupying the White House.

UPDATE 8/7/21: It’s America, 2021. Do you know where your children are? The Creep-in-Chief is at it again. 

UPDATE 8/2/21: It’s astonishing that anyone, especially reliable conservative writers, take the disastrous Biden Presidency as anything other than surreal theatre starring a cast of extra-terrestrials. Try making sense of Joe  sticking his used mask into the hand of the young son of the Kentucky governor greeting this nebulous life form that we’re supposed to believe is the honestly elected Leader Of The Free World. Lucky us to have not one but two Doctors in the [White] House, one the comically self-inflated Jill (D.Ed.) and Joe (D.C.), Doctor of Creephood.  from DC.

The boy looks down with the same disturbed amazement that has gripped all rational Americans since last November.

UPDATE 7/29/21: In just 6 months, every index of misery and social deterioration has soared, wages and optimism are tanking. Any connection between the presence of an imposter in the White House and this remarkable nosedive? Any significant symbolism in the photo below? A cynical public grits its teeth and prays for honest elections in 2022 and 2024.


UPDATE 7/28/21: One standard for me, another for thee. Contemplate this video of anti-crack crusader Joe poetically montaged alongside Hunter’s laptop video selfie of drug-addled degradation.

Proud papa Joe has called his admirable boy Hunter “the smartest guy I know.” And for good reason since Joe’s memory of association with any normal, halfway decent person probably doesn’t go back more than 47 seconds.

UPDATE 7/23/21: CNN ran an extraordinarily moving PSA on behalf of dementia/Alzheimer sufferers and their concerned loved ones. Touchingly, the demented individual’s handlers have provided us with a skilled translator to convey his universally poignant message to concerned fans worldwide.

UPDATE 7/16/21: The newest raw sewage dump on America’s front lawn by the Biden Crime Family is Hunter’s “art” and its hard cash value on the international influence peddling market.

This is the creepy FOOL assigned to us by BIG BROTHER as our “leader.”

UPDATE 7/8/21: Where we are today: the Biden Crime Family is walking on thin ice.When that ice gives way depends on how much power in Washington remains independent of the Deep State puppeteers in government. The Biden resume? Influence peddling by foreign powers, bribery, dirty money, tax evasion… It’s all there on family bag man Hunter’s “laptop from hell….more criminal activity than Al Capone” (DJT) 

In a rational universe, the Bidens would all be in jail. But the scandals just pile up, and the response remains, “Nothing to see here.” 


UPDATE 7/1/21: If you doubt Joe has never been a doofus and always a “nice guy,” watch him make you wrong. 

UPDATE 6/25/21: Rest easy. The world’s most powerful position is occupied by a guy who can’t put 3 words together or speak on behalf of America’s security without…a cheat sheet. This is not a statesman. Rather, we are cursed with a wind up robot with just enough spring to stand up, move  lips, follow directions and be the simple fool’s  face of what could be our ultimate undoing at the hands of our most formidable foes, outside AND inside America.

And no, Joe isn’t a “nice guy.” He’s a creep among creeps. Watching this bizarre turn on video here is like watching a lunatic caught after his escape from the booby hatch, informing his white-coated attendants,  “Hey, you fools! Don’t you know that I’m the smartest guy in the room, in fact, the smartest guy in the universe?”

UPDATE 6/24/21: Did we just hear the [illegitimate/senile puppet/Chance Gardner] president [lower case] of the U.S. threaten the American public with nukes if we dare consider crossing him and his regime?

UPDATE 6/24/21: The sleaze factor of the Biden Family is obvious to all except those would prefer ANYTHING but Trump and his MAGA movement in American politics.

UPDATE 6/19/21: Right before our eyes: a “re-imagined” Hunter Biden, he of unabashed Russian/Chinese grift & graft, abandoned laptops, coke pipes, over-the-top sex/porn self-indulgence….now poof! Author of a heart-tugging confessional laughably called “Beautiful Things” and, whadya know, an Artiste! BUT not just an Artiste but a talented one! To add to our admiration, here he is in the act of artistic creation, saving the planet by re-using a straw from his coke stash drawer.

UPDATE 6/18/21: The blatant racism of those great Dem Party crackers known as The Bidens should give their most ardent admirers pause. But it doesn’t despite Joe’s long history of contempt for Blacks and his admirable offspring Hunter’s private use of the term “nigga” in online conversation with his pals and adamantly insisting on “no yellow” when choosing his “beautiful thing” sex toys. Classy Klan, those Bidens.


UPDATE 6/17/21: Bert Prelutsky’s observation that Dems/Leftists just aren’t nice people (The Rudeness of Democrats)  brings to mind my own impressions watching an astonishingly vile Joe Biden “debate” Paul Ryan in 2012. The contempt, whether theatrical schtick or just plain ugliness, was the big takeaway. These people defy all bounds of decency which logically leads to poisoning the society around them. Established social mores in LeftWorld are passe, one striking example being the simple handshake now being turned into something sinister, dangerous and possibly banned. What’s to stop them making a handshake illegal if having friends over for dinner or not wearing a mask in a store absurdly “evolved” into criminal activity over the past 18 months?

KING OF CONTEMPT “debating” Paul Ryan.

UPDATE 6/12/21: Nobody home at the White House, nobody responsible at the controls of this ship of state. Poetically expressed by Joyce Kilmer, most famous for “Trees,” but worth remembering also for “The House With Nobody In It.” How better to describe 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at this unsettling moment in our history?

UPDATE 6/13/21: Looking at Hunter B.’s laptop is (to quote Joe’s nasty little spawn himself) a “beautiful thing.” Like William Blake seeing the universe in a grain of sand, we get the full depth of the depravity of our First Family in HB’s tweets, emails and other unpalatable communiques studiously ignored by the MSM. It doesn’t seem to matter that this is a clan of consummate Swamp creatures, both Joe & son proving themselves lifelong racists across the ethnic color spectrum. And name one syllable coming out of the Big Guy’s mouth that isn’t twisted, delusional or just a plain lie.  In a word, the Bidens are trash. 

Meet The Bidens!!


UPDATE 5/31/21:  Truth, Hope, Decency-the Biden-Harris campaign promise-to the surprise of no one familiar with reality is quite the opposite. Let me count the ways.

And there’s the big question of who’s the daily manager and architect of this mad dash down the road to Cloward-Piven ruin? Some say it’s Dr. Jill. A better educated guess is that the ventriloquist to this mentally impaired wooden dummy is his Chief of Staff, one Ron Klain.

A world turned upside down.

A world turned upside down.UPDATE 5/29/21: A multi-trillion dollar red-ink economy ?  The wildly obvious rise in overt anti-Semitism on these shores and a newly emboldened Hamas/PLO axis resuming their mission to annihilate Israel? The unfortunate missteps of one corrupt, demented old man? Or the Big Plan of the powers behind a puppet Democratic Party fronted by a corrupt, demented old fool?

America in Cool Man Joe’s capable hands.

UPDATE 5/28/21: I am usually skeptical about “bombshells” and “shocking revelations” in this era of phony viral communiques and fake news. However, this article from National File on alleged diaries of Biden’s daughter claiming molestation by her father  rings true, especially in light of Crawly Creep’s well-documented years of inappropriateness with female children, even as recently as today!

“I love those barrettes in your hair, man,” Biden said. “I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”

In a fair, just, honorable, sensible world, Joe Biden would long ago have been locked away in his basement,  out of sight, out of mind from public consumption. Ditto Ted Kennedy, one more Democrat who died a “Lion Of The Senate” icon in the  eyes of his soulless political cronies despite an lifetime of heartless amorality. It’s a disappointment that a real comeuppance for characters like Joe and Teddy often doesn’t come in this lifetime. But somehow, somewhere justice is served.

UPDATE  5/28/21: Perhaps it’s not really fair to compare Biden to Jimmy Carter or refer to him as a passive puppet. Even the pompous pile of piety that was Mr. Peanut doesn’t deserve to be lumped together with such lowly company. Maybe Ol’ Joe is not just a victim of sclerotic brain cells but an older, uglier version of the rotten crook he’s always been..

Sneaky snakes, America’s curse.

The pass given to his Crime Family’s easily documented corruption (China, Burisma, bagman Hunter) is literally dizzying, but that’s not surprising in this demented BidenWorld forced upon us: upside down, backwards and speaking in gibberish.

Most lately there’s the little business of canceling our own Keystone oil pipeline, then pushing for Putin’s Nord Stream 2 golden gusher between Mother Russia and Germany. The question arises again: what does Vladimir have on SleepyJoe?

Is there anything done in these first calamitous days of his illegitimate Presidency that isn’t a knife in America’s back? Is there anything normal or “nice” about this character who routinely insults and even threatens his own constituents without hesitation in full view of the media? Ha! Ha! Just joking! What isn’t a disaster coming out of this clown car of an administration?

Methodically undoing everything good accomplished by Trump and, for that matter, by our Founding Fathers leads one to suspect there is more afoot here than mere mischief and power politics. “Evil” and “treasonous” are such strong words to apply to Barack and his clown prince successor, so we’ll settle for “unthinkable” until the true trial test of time passes final judgment. In the words of Australian journalist Alan Jones, decrying our “cognitively delinquent” Leader of the Free World: “God help us.”

UPDATE 5/9/21: He was never a nice guy anyhow. Never.

Carrying himself off with characteristic class at the 2012 debate.
We know who and what they’re against, but what are they for? A little insight into the sheer emptiness of  the Biden “admirer. From a Facebook post by a typical White Baby Boomer with plenty of money and time and circumstance to be totally removed from the reality of overrun borders, trashed cities, the professionally unemployed on the permanent take from the U.S. Treasury: 

“President Joseph Biden: He has been sharp, focused and completely on top of things. The senile geezer that the GOP / Conservatives were expecting / hoping to see did not show up. He is spearheading the most formative administration since FDR. An approval rating of about 60%. He stepped up his game and got better at 78. It’s time for the prejudice against the elderly to be reversed. Knowledge and experience are what we need.”

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

UPDATE 4/19/21: Using the old “family tragedy” playbook worn to tatters by the likes of his Dad and Al Gore (see below from years past),  human debris Hunter Biden goes the same phony sob story route. Some people have the Midas touch, metaphorically turning everything to gold. Some have precisely the opposite effect on everything they touch. (Rhymes with “it.”) Shameless and heartless remain the overriding words of significance characterizing our illegitimate First Family.

Adding further luster to the Biden family Coat-of-Harms is The Big Guy himself, now pulling ahead of Carter and Obama at record speed as the worst, most damaging POTUS in our history.

UPDATE 4/17/21: Joe has a thing about “big balls.” According to the present occupant of America’s House at 1600 PA Ave  Andy Cuomo has ’em, and he memorably complimented the grieving father of one of the Benghazi victims likewise. The perfect spokesman for the party of Me-Too feminism.

Leader of the Free World.

Meanwhile, #2 Model Son Hunter continues to evoke “Beautiful Things” and point at a cute squirrel scampering by as more appetizing photos and texts emerge from that laptop.

UPDATE 4/11/21: Comrade Joe has gone full socialist! What’s another couple of trillions to add to our debt? Is it just a meaningless number or a nightmare kicked like the proverbial can down the road for our children and grandchildren to face? Did Obama ever dream that Sleepy Joe would be the one to carry American Transformation to the finish line?

Meanwhile, the eminently brilliant DOCTOR Jill is out there pandering away to Hispanics and finds herself linguistically challenged by the complex phrase “Si, se puede.” Why do these Leftist women have such shrill, grating voices?

A man (Donald Trump) makes himself a billionaire and goes into politics. Others (the Clintons, Biden) go into politics and become multi-millionaires. Which one rates our admiration, and which ones are just crooks? 

And which one is not mentally fit to go to the corner for donuts, let alone be President of the United States?

UPDATE 3/30/21: A new acronym for The Hologram masquerading as the Leader of the Free World: POTUSINO (Prez In Name Only).


UPDATE 3/28/21: This totally confused, ineffectual man is POTUS? And they’re not planning to get rid of him when the time is right? And “our friends in the press” aren’t totally onto this? Meanwhile, the HARRIS (biden) administration goes full-steam Wokefest ahead, carrying out Obama’s ruinous Transformation as fast as they can.  As the border becomes a deliberately created humanitarian crisis and our Beloved Hologram expresses his well-scripted compassion and concern , one should be reminded of young Senator Nice Guy’s total lack of concern for real refugees from Vietnam in the 1970s.

UPDATE 3/21/21: Why did Joe shift from moderate/conservative to Full Woke Left? Like Willie Sutton said, “Go where the money [and power] is.” Loving, understanding and wishing to serve and preserve America? Nah. Where does that get you if you’re a low-talent foor interested in getting rich and being a BFD? Now sitting atop the political heap, Sleepy Joe does his keepers’ bidding in his basement lair and just signs whatever is put in front of him, 69 Executive Orders (so far) totally bypassing the inconvenience of representative government and public accountability thanks to a cooperative MSM. 

UPDATE 3/7/21: Not that it matters because they’ll be getting rid of him very shortly, but Gropey Joe’s sexual peccadillos  should have long ago removed him from public life. As in all things, the Left is very selective about its outrage.


UPDATE 3/7/21: Our Incredibly Vanishing President further disintegrates before our eyes in a laughable charade of a virtual, high level public appearance with the Democratic Caucus. Barely getting through a few scripted sentences, the resolute Leader Of The Free World goes off-script:   “I’m happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance, whatever you want me to do” And the video goes dead.




UPDATE 2/27/21: Could the sudden Cuomocidal rumblings and sounds of sharpening long knives from all his former fans be just a prelude to the  imminent DeBidenizing of the White House? Why not? On the Left where eating their own is a given in pursuit of totalitarian power, Joe’s imminent full disappearance will be no more of a surprise than the next embarrassing public appearance of the swiftly disintegrating Hologram President.


UPDATE 2/14/21: Who’s the Edgar Bergen for the pathetic likes of Sleepy/Sloppy/Slippery Joe? Who’s pulling the strings? Who’s the man behind the curtain?  Who and what is it that we really have to fear? Certainly not the Nowhere Man from Delaware, our confused Basement President, erstwhile placeholder in the highest seat of power. See the China connections, 10/31/21 below. China

UPDATE 1/31/21: “Things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator,” he said awhile back. “We’re a democracy. We need consensus.” And here is the newly installed, germ-free Avatar of Unity and Consensus busily doing a whole lotta destructive things by executive order, 30-and-counting in the first 10 days. But don’t ask him if he has a clue what he’s signing. C’mon, man!!

Exec Orders

UPDATE 1/9/21: Hunter Biden, “a very strong last name that really paid off in terms of our lobbying efforts.” Says The Big Guy: “Absolutely not.” Coming from this lifeless, lying dummy, it is absolutely true. And out of curiosity about Mortimer Snerd’s present & future: who’s his Bergen?


UPDATE 12/18/20: As one cannot imagine this vague, dislikeable, demented quantity choosing from a Chinese take-out menu without difficulty, we are faced with Chauncey’s handlers’ disastrous hiring & policy choices for this glorious new administration. Peace in the Middle East, miraculously close at hand under Trump leadership, is suddenly galaxies away…again. 

Members of Lebanon's Shiite Hezbollah movement salute behind the coffins of three comrades killed in combat in Syria during their funeral in the southern Lebanese city of Nabatieh on November 8, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Mahmoud ZAYYAT (Photo credit should read MAHMOUD ZAYYAT/AFP/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Sleepy/Sloppy Joe’s partner in life (and fellow beneficiary of their family’s life of grifting crime) finds her august standing as “Doctor Jill” bludgeoned, battered, bloodied and hilariously left for dead by one skeptical observer. Whoopi Goldberg’s authoritative assessment of Frau Doktor’s impressive qualifications has apparently met with some dissent.

One chuckles in fond recall of Christopher Hitchens’ memorable assessment of purportedly “brilliant” former First Lady Michelle-Antoinette’s Princeton thesis: “I direct your attention to Mrs. Obama’s 1985 thesis at Princeton University. Its title (rather limited in scope, given the author and the campus) is ‘Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.’ To describe it as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be ‘read’ at all, in the strict sense of the verb. This is because it wasn’t written in any known language.”


UPDATE 12/8/20: There is no one who can look honestly at Joe Biden as anything but an empty vessel useful to the Dem Party Mafia. If the Supreme Court refuses to acknowledge and act upon the undeniable voting fraud that has taken place specifically, not coincidentally,  in battleground states, America has deteriorated into a rudderless ship of state, headed for the shoals of lawlessness.

lawless america

UPDATE 12/6/20: Add “Gimpy Buck Naked Dog Abuser” to Joe’s CV, fully explaining his broken foot. In future editions of Bartlett’s, another glorious quote to go right alongside the memorable “…and I pledge to…you know…the thing…that frugsesadfewrewr for all our plesfdegjfciright. C’mon man!!!”

Now you know the whole truth and nothing but know...the thing!
Now you know the whole truth and nothing but the…uh…you know…the thing!

UPDATE 11/21/20: The self-proclaimed “President-Elect” disports himself elegantly by screaming incoherently at a reporter asking a simple question about kids being allowed to go back to school. A cheery preview of things to come should The Big Steal succeed. Thank you, Trump-haters of America.

Sharp and clear and ready to lead.
Sharp and clear and ready to lead.

UPDATE 11/15/20: As is the case for the Clintons’ “charitable” Foundation, ALL the money has gone to high salaries and nary a penny to cancer research. Remember “Beau’s Dad,” that heartwarming, compassionate, selfless, grieving father hesitant to seek higher office only to be encouraged by the ghost of his dead, cancer-stricken son? And now, another revealing facet of “Beau’s Dad,” demonstrating how very much he and his grifting family care about helping other cancer victims and making the world a better place. We can be sure there are some Biden gestures of altruism, similar to Chelsea’s multimillion dollar wedding, footed by that other big-hearted Dem family “charity.” Maybe a grant covering a year’s supply of cocaine for the worthy Hunter?

UPDATE 11/3/20: Joe Biden is Chauncey Gardner, the pitifully empty human vessel filled with a few thin sound-byte platitudes, pushed forth with a straight face as potential Leader Of The Free World. Apparently, half the electorate is so frighteningly brain-dead as to ally with such banal mediocrity against the hated Trump and the expansive, free, growing, hopeful, optimistic, vital America he champions. God save us on the eve of this strangest, most pivotal of all elections.

chauncey gardner-joe biden

UPDATE 10/31/20: If we are blessed to secure a Conservative victory on Tuesday, we will have survived the immediate INTERNAL threat to America’s survival. Not by chance, we will have also sidestepped our most serious EXTERNAL threat which is Communist China, the real bosses of the Biden Crime Family. As information about Hunter’s laptop is allowed to come forth, the Biden-China connection is becoming more sinister by the minute.

Granted a Trump victory and Biden’s disposal in history’s ash bin, we must move even more decisively toward as complete economic indepedence from the CCP as possible. Their ruthless use of biological warfare is now all too evident, and their mastery of all-consuming totalitarian control,  Orwellian 24/7/365 surveillance of every citizen’s life, is a matter of record.  We have been granted ample warning. Will the average American heed it?

china-puppeteer biden

10/25/20: Well, well, well. Benign ol’ Lunch Bucket Joe from Scranton is really the “Big Guy” Godfather head of a busy Crime Family. And Hapless Hunter is his Fredo.  Looking long range at the Dem Prog Party, one should take stock of the deep contempt held by this Mr. Regular Guy for those “chumps” and “you ain’t Black” voters who don’t like him, shared with a certain other prominent Democrat with her basket of Deplorables. Great politicking there, guys! Let us hope for an imminent early retirement for Joe and well-earned obscurity for both. 

half to Godfather


10/1/20: No more polite, ineffectual Paul Ryans to sneer at. Faced with a street fighter opponent imbued with American spirit and an admirable record of promises kept and results attained, slippery, slidin’ Joe is left with just…rude, empty Joe. 


UPDATE 9/23/20: “Take a look inside!” So says the article detailing the modest McLean VA digs Lunch Bucket/Common Man Joe and his Dr. Jill call home.

And take a real look inside the blatant graft, corruption and self-enrichment of wonder boy Hunter Biden, courtesy of certain family connections. History will have quite the time explaining how, somehow, in this upside-down world,  the Biden family skates, Joe gets to be the Dem nominee, and Trump is impeached. Do take a good look inside!

biden's modest home
Chez Biden. Look at the Quid all that Quo can buy!!

UPDATE 9/20/20: It has become increasingly obvious that this man has lost his mental faculties, useful only as a puppet for a planned Harris (read Obama III) administration.


UPDATE 9/8/20: If anyone has any doubts about the obvious deterioration of Biden’s mental and physical state, look at this wasted man pitifully struggling even to read a tele-prompted answer to the simplest of questions. Add to that his creepy predilection for playing handsy where one shouldn’t, especially with children, and we are looking at an episode of “Outer Limits.” What do his family, his personal handlers and those running this horror show have up their sleeves? Is he in fact a temporary stand-in for a last minute substitute, a real October surprise?

Anything is possible. Anything.

UPDATE 9/8/20: If you haven’t already had the pleasure, Meet The Bidens! Niece Caroline, credit card scammer; daughter Ashley, recreational druggie; son Hunter, kicked out of the Navy for cocaine snorting, serial incestuous philanderer, dead beat, grifter (with his Daddy’s assistance), all-round low-life stinker; the compromised security problems with our international enemies such a motley crew has on a public, political figure. Buy one, get the whole reeking garbage pile for free!

biden grift

UPDATE 8/23/20: Currying favor with the Young(and Black) vote, Sleepy Joe grants a penetrating, probing, preposterous interview with a bizarre life form somewhere in the Twilight Zone of entertainment that goes by the name Cardi B. Referring to her and her generation as “The Greatest!” “The Best!” in American history, kindly Papa Joe exults to this freakish interpreter of unprintable lyrics that “you’re the reason I have such incredible hope.”

This is also the week that a Black female murderer (now deemed an “impactful community leader”) named Donna Hylton was given the stage at the Democratic Convention, presumably to encourage her many fans to vote for Joe. Read (if you dare) the details of her jolly foray into torture and homicide to gain further appreciation for the company the Democratic Party keeps these days.


UPDATE 8/9/20: The Democrats’ Finest/Cream De La Creme/Creme De La Cream/Mr. Class/Everyday Guy/Presumptive Donkey Candidate for the highest elective office in the land  has managed to top his memorable “You ain’t Black” upchuck [see 5/23 & 26/20 posts].  “What you all know but most people don’t know, unlike the African American community with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community.” They all think alike, they look alike and as he insisted in May, they all vote alike. Except for those few Deplorable exceptions who “ain’t Black…” Yo! Joe! Anybody home?!    Is there a there there?

UPDATE 5/26/20: More than a few “clean, articulate” Blacks have a few words in response to this business about “you ain’t Black.” Perhaps more than a few other Blacks may wake up to what these pandering Democrats really think of them, particularly since LBJ’s glee about having those “niggers voting Dem for the next 200 years.” Our votes matter, not our Black lives? Say it ain’t so.

clean articulate

UPDATE 5/23/20: This poor excuse for a human being, the nominal Dem choice for the land’s highest office, previously has told Black audiences that his political opponents are “goin’ to be puttin’ ya’ll back in chains.” Now, going beyond mere lies to an assertion of absolute power, control and contempt, informs the same audience ” Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”  In other words, “No uppity idees ’bout BLEXIT. You ain’t goin’ nowhere. You in OUR chains!”

If any declaration distills the Big Brotherly essence of Regular Guy Joe and his Party of Permanent Infantile Dependency (PID), nothing does.

blacks in chains
Don’ be gittin’ no uppity idees ’bout BLEXIT.

UPDATE 5/2/20: The Dem machine puts the Orwellian Doublethink pedal to the floor, picking the word “DECENCY” as the quality that will sell corrupt sleazebag Joe Biden to the public. Certain, slimy sordid things are growing like The Blob between the cracks for this vocal champion of put-upon #MeToo ladies. An old Larry King show, unsuccessfully buried, now shows that this Tara Reade didn’t just now make it all up.

handsy Joe

UPDATE 2/25/20: The Donkey Party’s finest continues to decompose before the eyes of an adoring nation.

And so he did.

UPDATE 1/19/20: Joe is not only still being Joe, but his whole sleazy family of wandering hands keeps getting their dirty digits caught in the cookie jar of Get Rich/Easy Money politics. Ah, for the good old days when even a hint of impropriety would sink a full-blown phony & crook like this schlemiel, not to mention his entirely corrupt Party. Perhaps the about-to-be-released muckraking expose of today’s Dem Party of criminals, Peter Schweitzer’s “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite,” will create at least a ripple of indignation.


UPDATE 8/12/19: Now waist-deep in flop sweat and insane to please everyone as usual, Joe self-identifies as Mike Pence. But why not for the guy hoping to lead the Party of My Truth and Make Up The Rules As You Go?

UPDATE 8/22/19: The gaffes keep a-comin’. One cannot keep up.

UPDATE 6/30/19: Candidate Creepy Uncle Joe’s head-scratcher: what to give away? What buys votes? Free College?! Medicare For All?!  Reparations!? Climate Change? CLIMATE CHANGE! A crisis that everyone can warm up to! $5 Trillion! And that’s just for starters. This is a crisis with legs!

UPDATE 5/1/19: MAMA!!? Regular Joe’s stirring, noble alternative to the unacceptable MAGA of the Trump Presidency? Perfection: Make America MORAL again (MAMA!!) From the ultimate race card shark, the panderer’s pander whose far-fetched claim to moral decency cloak and cover him like the oily sewage it has proven itself to be over his 36 year waist-deep wade in the DC Swamp. And for a Party pandering to millions of permanently discontented infants, what better collective cry than MAMA!!?

Needy Democrats resonate to babies crying MAMA!!!
Needy Democrats resonate to babies crying MAMA!!!

UPDATE 3/31/19: By all recent accounts the great moderate Dem hope for 2020, Mr. Wandering Hands-Put Ya’ll In Chains-Oh Please Go Joe has had a really bad couple of weeks. Apologizing to Anita Hill on behalf of “white man’s culture,” apologizing for calling Mike Pence “a decent guy,” offending the already Permanently Offended Grievance Industry Eminenta Stacey Abrams, new allegations of drifting digits and other unwelcome gestures of affection,  just Being Joe: the serial panderer, shameless opportunist and gaffe-meister may have finally screwed himself into retirement.

Joe's fantasy meeting with AOC.
Ol’ Smoothy Joe’s fantasy meeting with AOC. We can wait. Can he?

UPDATE 2/15/19: Now most bets are that Yer Pal Joey will be the Dem nominee in the absence of anyone else remotely approaching political “moderation.” With the current crop of POTUS wannabes, Trotsky would be perceived as moderate. So, who are we to argue with the choice of a thoroughly documented creep (see below & below & below ad infinitum) to head up the Dippy Donkey ticket in 2o2o? Perhaps Joe is more saleable than the those longing to turn DC into Caracas-On-The-Potomac.

UPDATE 10/28/18: Good Ol’ Uncle Joe, that cordial everyday dude, that lovely sincere guy whom everybody likes, who told Blacks that the GOP was “gonna put ya’ll back in chains”, comes out as the Paragon of Civility, informing all of us crude inferiors that “words matter.”

UPDATE 6/6/18: Augmented hair, plenty of new & improved face work, and 76 year old Killer Joe announces to his party that he’s the one to “kick Trump’s ass.”

UPDATE 11/16/17: Creepy, crawly Uncle Joe of the wandering hands and cringe-worthy whispers in the ear: in this age of Harvey Girl hysteria, this is the Democrats’ Great Hope for 2020? Actually, a perfect choice for the Party of Do-What-I-Say-Not-What-I-Do.

1/14/16 UPDATE: As Hillary approaches possible implosion as the Dem candidate, Joe’s prospects suddenly get likely. And what more humanizing ploy is there than the selling of The Grieving Father? According to no less than BO, Beau Biden’s dad is the man who will cure  cancer.

ORIGINAL POST 3/23/13: Officially, enthusiastically joining the true ranks of Michelle-Antoinettes, Joe and Jill do Paris bigtime on the U.S. taxpayer dime, unabashedly Letting The Little People Eat Cake while schoolchildren have to give up their much-anticipated tours of what was formerly The People’s House. No strangers to gaming  the system, has anyone reminded the Bidens what happened to that be-wigged Parisian with a similar detached air who coined the Cake quote a few centuries back?

Although relegated to the goofball category from a virtual litany of predictable gaffes, there’s no ignoring that this “buffoon” is one breath away from the Presidency. His debate performance forced us all to experience the foul spray of his skunky contempt, the distasteful, classless, mendacious lengths to which he will go to smear/step on/destroy his opponents.

A new book, “The Payoff,” goes beyond the big red nose and floppy shoes, describing Biden as an “egomaniacal autocrat…determined to manage his staff through fear.” Certainly squares with the sneering bully we all saw sitting next to Paul Ryan, and a career spattered with shameless lying, plagiarizing and smash-mouth tactics further identifies anything but a nice guy behind the clown mask. Ronald Reagan had his sinister number back in 1987.

And now the agita of a possible Biden Presidency.

Our Joe. Always good for a laugh… 121012021610-vp-debate-biden-expressions-1-horizontal-large-gallery[1] …and a smirk…

Everyone's favorite neighbor & cut-up.
The guy next door with wandering hands.










…doing his Silvio Bersculoni impression… Silvio-Berlusconi-Smile[1]

…doing his Cheetah impression…

42704_smiling_monkey[1] …separated at birth, fore and aft… HorseSmile2O[1] …wowing the ladies(to biker boyfriends’ obvious delight)… biden.bikers-P1[1] …cutting up with a clean, articulate friend…[just look at THOSE teeth!] f7c30650c6fe66cc39915e814e432120[1] …pride of the Democratic Party… biden_grin_clint_eastwood[1] ….suffering the fate of most Vice Presidents…C’mon, show us that smile, Joe. Joe-Biden-as-Forrest-Gump--64486[1]

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