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March 23, 2013


UPDATE 5/26/20: More than a few “clean, articulate” Blacks have a few words in response to this business about “you ain’t Black.” Perhaps more than a few other Blacks may wake up to what these pandering Democrats really think of them, particularly since LBJ’s glee about having those “niggers voting Dem for the next 200 years.” Our votes matter, not our Black lives? Say it ain’t so.

clean articulate

UPDATE 5/23/20: This poor excuse for a human being, the nominal Dem choice for the land’s highest office, previously has told Black audiences that his political opponents are “goin’ to be puttin’ ya’ll back in chains.” Now, going beyond mere lies to an assertion of absolute power, control and contempt, informs the same audience ” Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”  In other words, “No uppity idees ’bout BLEXIT. You ain’t goin’ nowhere. You in OUR chains!”

If any declaration distills the Big Brotherly essence of Regular Guy Joe and his Party of Permanent Infantile Dependency (PID), nothing does.

blacks in chains

Don’ be gittin’ no uppity idees ’bout BLEXIT.

UPDATE 5/2/20: The Dem machine puts the Orwellian Doublethink pedal to the floor, picking the word “DECENCY” as the quality that will sell corrupt sleazebag Joe Biden to the public. Certain, slimy sordid things are growing like The Blob between the cracks for this vocal champion of put-upon #MeToo ladies. An old Larry King show, unsuccessfully buried, now shows that this Tara Reade didn’t just now make it all up.

handsy Joe

UPDATE 2/25/20: The Donkey Party’s finest continues to decompose before the eyes of an adoring nation.

UPDATE 1/19/20: Joe is not only still being Joe, but his whole sleazy family of wandering hands keeps getting their dirty digits caught in the cookie jar of Get Rich/Easy Money politics. Ah, for the good old days when even a hint of impropriety would sink a full-blown phony & crook like this schlemiel, not to mention his entirely corrupt Party. Perhaps the about-to-be-released muckraking expose of today’s Dem Party of criminals, Peter Schweitzer’s “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite,” will create at least a ripple of indignation.


UPDATE 8/12/19: Now waist-deep in flop sweat and insane to please everyone as usual, Joe self-identifies as Mike Pence. But why not for the guy hoping to lead the Party of My Truth and Make Up The Rules As You Go?

UPDATE 8/22/19: The gaffes keep a-comin’. One cannot keep up.

UPDATE 6/30/19: Candidate Creepy Uncle Joe’s head-scratcher: what to give away? What buys votes? Free College?! Medicare For All?!  Reparations!? Climate Change? CLIMATE CHANGE! A crisis that everyone can warm up to! $5 Trillion! And that’s just for starters. This is a crisis with legs!

UPDATE 5/1/19: MAMA!!? Regular Joe’s stirring, noble alternative to the unacceptable MAGA of the Trump Presidency? Perfection: Make America MORAL again (MAMA!!) From the ultimate race card shark, the panderer’s pander whose far-fetched claim to moral decency cloak and cover him like the oily sewage it has proven itself to be over his 36 year waist-deep wade in the DC Swamp. And for a Party pandering to millions of permanently discontented infants, what better collective cry than MAMA!!?

Needy Democrats resonate to babies crying MAMA!!!

Needy Democrats resonate to babies crying MAMA!!!

UPDATE 3/31/19: By all recent accounts the great moderate Dem hope for 2020, Mr. Wandering Hands-Put Ya’ll In Chains-Oh Please Go Joe has had a really bad couple of weeks. Apologizing to Anita Hill on behalf of “white man’s culture,” apologizing for calling Mike Pence “a decent guy,” offending the already Permanently Offended Grievance Industry Eminenta Stacey Abrams, new allegations of drifting digits and other unwelcome gestures of affection,  just Being Joe: the serial panderer, shameless opportunist and gaffe-meister may have finally screwed himself into retirement.

Joe's fantasy meeting with AOC.

Ol’ Smoothy Joe’s fantasy meeting with AOC. We can wait. Can he?

UPDATE 2/15/19: Now most bets are that Yer Pal Joey will be the Dem nominee in the absence of anyone else remotely approaching political “moderation.” With the current crop of POTUS wannabes, Trotsky would be perceived as moderate. So, who are we to argue with the choice of a thoroughly documented creep (see below & below & below ad infinitum) to head up the Dippy Donkey ticket in 2o2o? Perhaps Joe is more saleable than the those longing to turn DC into Caracas-On-The-Potomac.

UPDATE 10/28/18: Good Ol’ Uncle Joe, that cordial everyday dude, that lovely sincere guy whom everybody likes, who told Blacks that the GOP was “gonna put ya’ll back in chains”, comes out as the Paragon of Civility, informing all of us crude inferiors that “words matter.”

UPDATE 6/6/18: Augmented hair, plenty of new & improved face work, and 76 year old Killer Joe announces to his party that he’s the one to “kick Trump’s ass.”

UPDATE 11/16/17: Creepy, crawly Uncle Joe of the wandering hands and cringe-worthy whispers in the ear: in this age of Harvey Girl hysteria, this is the Democrats’ Great Hope for 2020? Actually, a perfect choice for the Party of Do-What-I-Say-Not-What-I-Do.

1/14/16 UPDATE: As Hillary approaches possible implosion as the Dem candidate, Joe’s prospects suddenly get likely. And what more humanizing ploy is there than the selling of The Grieving Father? According to no less than BO, Beau Biden’s dad is the man who will cure  cancer.

ORIGINAL POST 3/23/13: Officially, enthusiastically joining the true ranks of Michelle-Antoinettes, Joe and Jill do Paris bigtime on the U.S. taxpayer dime, unabashedly Letting The Little People Eat Cake while schoolchildren have to give up their much-anticipated tours of what was formerly The People’s House. No strangers to gaming  the system, has anyone reminded the Bidens what happened to that be-wigged Parisian with a similar detached air who coined the Cake quote a few centuries back?

Although relegated to the goofball category from a virtual litany of predictable gaffes, there’s no ignoring that this “buffoon” is one breath away from the Presidency. His debate performance forced us all to experience the foul spray of his skunky contempt, the distasteful, classless, mendacious lengths to which he will go to smear/step on/destroy his opponents.

A new book, “The Payoff,” goes beyond the big red nose and floppy shoes, describing Biden as an “egomaniacal autocrat…determined to manage his staff through fear.” Certainly squares with the sneering bully we all saw sitting next to Paul Ryan, and a career spattered with shameless lying, plagiarizing and smash-mouth tactics further identifies anything but a nice guy behind the clown mask. Ronald Reagan had his sinister number back in 1987.

And now the agita of a possible Biden Presidency.

Our Joe. Always good for a laugh… 121012021610-vp-debate-biden-expressions-1-horizontal-large-gallery[1] …and a smirk…

Everyone's favorite neighbor & cut-up.

The guy next door with wandering hands.










…doing his Silvio Bersculoni impression… Silvio-Berlusconi-Smile[1]

…doing his Cheetah impression…

42704_smiling_monkey[1] …separated at birth, fore and aft… HorseSmile2O[1] …wowing the ladies(to biker boyfriends’ obvious delight)… biden.bikers-P1[1] …cutting up with a clean, articulate friend…[just look at THOSE teeth!] f7c30650c6fe66cc39915e814e432120[1] …pride of the Democratic Party… biden_grin_clint_eastwood[1] ….suffering the fate of most Vice Presidents…C’mon, show us that smile, Joe. Joe-Biden-as-Forrest-Gump--64486[1]

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