This is the creepy FOOL assigned to us by BIG BROTHER as our “leader.”

UPDATE 7/8/21: Where we are today: the Biden Crime Family is walking on thin ice. When that ice gives way depends on how much power in Washington remains independent of the Deep State puppeteers in government. The Biden resume? Influence peddling by foreign powers, bribery, dirty money, tax evasion… It’s all there on family bag man Hunter’s “laptop from hell….more criminal activity than Al Capone” (DJT) 

In a rational universe, the Bidens would all be in jail. But the scandals just pile up, and the response remains, “Nothing to see here.” 


UPDATE 7/8/21: The pearl clutchers are now grabbing hungrily at Fauci’s latest snake oil bottle re-labeled “DELTA VARIANT”  but we shall see if they’re really going to go through it all again.  One can only hope Dr. Doom is going the way all banally evil bureaucrats deserve. 

Note admirable DOUBLE mask. And cute penguins to keep the image soft and cuddly.





UPDATE 7/8/21: As evidenced over the last year or two, this silly pair are significant only in the damage they are capable of doing to decent social norms as symbolized by the Royals. Their lying accusations of racism and psychological torture are just is nothing more than the chic Wokeness of two nasty brats trying to score the big bucks and attendant perks offered only in Hollywood. She’s sociopathic trash, and he’s famous and dumb. That can add up to a lot in La-La Land that wouldn’t fill a thimble among normal people elsewhere.

Hollywood brats.




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