The reason for and its affiliate begins(but does not end) with the dismal phenomenon of The Obamas. Here are a pair of colorless career grifters and their coterie of Chicago-style Marxist Mafiosi(MM) who have raced us to the brink of socialist enslavement. How they got there, who they really are and who engineered this unprecedented Power Grab is one of the fascinating stories of all time, yet to be fully told. is one more attempt to frame that story and its characters as they are: power/money-mad, hypocritical, elitist thugs, not the Orwellian Friends Of The Little Guy crafted by a swarm of MM Ministers of Disinformation. Michelle-Antoinette is not just one self-indulgent First Lady full of sensible ideas on moderation and sacrifice for all of us while she carries on like a gluttonous queen…on our money! Michelle-Antoinette is ALL of them, a whole network of gangsters scaring people into needing Protection whether they ask for it or not. Cosa Nostra. Mafia. Protection Racketeering.

A funny, vaudevillian take on Those Two and their Marxist Mafiosi entourage is this…


…and the hapless Emperor without his clothes(but never without his teleprompter)….






…but the grim reality is this…












The Alinsky-inspired bullying tactics of the Obama administration come from Saul’s close association with the Chicago Mob, and the results are no joke:

Describing themselves, they are

1)PUBLIC SERVANTS (who want nothing more than to be Masters of Everything That Moves);

2)GIVING BACK (as they enjoy wildly lucrative careers financed entirely “on the take” from extorted corporate bribes and tax-funded city/state/federal treasuries);

3)Generously attracting, encouraging followers with  “YES I CAN!”(as they impose an iron web of crippling dependency, regulation, taxation, and legal intimidation that ensure smothered lives of “No, you can’t!”).

Is this just American politics as usual? It’s always been rough and tumble, but the frightening progress of socialized control, confiscation and intimidation has “transformed” the game (as Barack promised). The Chicago Way has become The Washington Way, and the American people have been made An Offer They Can’t Refuse.

Drawn from the testimony of one renegade Mafia songbird seeking witness protection several decades ago, here is the model of The Family hierarchy:

Behold the framework within which falls another sinister cast of characters collectively intent on disappearing our free, self-reliant way of life. Behold Michelle-Antoinette! Meet or get better acquainted with all the Michelle-Antoinettes ranging from visible figureheads and their close advisors at the top(“Godfather,” “The Boss,” “Consiglieri”) to the dependent teeming masses of Useful Idiot cannon fodder (“Associates”) at the bottom and all the self-serving hustlers in between(“Caporegimes,” “Soldiers”).

These people and their ilk will be with us always, long after the Obamas & Co. are dust. Our singular goal here must be to expose and eradicate them all from our lives, send them back to the dank underworld from which they first oozed and where they can feed exclusively on each other, not on us. Amen.


Remember Sam Giancana? Democratic Party operative, JFK & Sinatra bimbo swapper, Phyllis McGuire boyfriend, lucky recipient of a Mob takedown in his own modest Chicago kitchen while frying up some peppers & sausage…


…and more to the point, the father of “Mafia Princess” authoress ANTOINETTE Giancana!

mafia princess

(Haven’t I heard that name somewhere here before?)  Someone is laughing, and it isn’t God.

Obama gangster

Perhaps our Michelle-Antoinette, her consort Obama-Louie and their many savory fellows may end their days like that other fashion-challenged Mafia Princess Antoinette(cadaverously pretty in pink below), on full, glossy, glamorous, classy, nostalgic display with other Mob spawn at a Vegas Happening.

Turning back the Marxist Mafia(MM) takeover of America, 2012? Essential.

Imagining them all together again, defanged, out of power and whoring for the curious and the cameras, Las Vegas, 2020? Priceless.

From left, Tony Spilotro’s son Vincent Spilotro and wife Nancy Spilotro, Meyer Lansky’s grandchildren Meyer Lansky II and Cynthia Duncan, Sam Giancana’s daughter Antoinette Giancana, Al Sachs’ wife Janice Sachs and Benjamin Siegel’s daughter Millicent Rosen pose for photos at a media event for the Las Vegas Mob Experience on Monday, June 8, 2010, at the Tropicana.

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  1. This week’s article reminds me of Sidney Hooks description of postwar Communist recruiting. When the Party had trouble controlling its celebrity recruits in New York, they discovered that Hollywood celebs would fall for anything and mouth any words that gave them an aura of thoughtfulness.

    The lineup of Hollywood limo liberals is, one after another, paradigms of self-absorption, self-regard and self-aggrandization; all in search of some distinction that would seem to warrant the wealth they have accumulated for memorizing and speaking back the words and ideas of others.

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