Michelle-Antoinette & Barack: A Tale Of Two Community Organizers

UPDATE 12/27/20: Nancy has her ice cream and hair dresser. Expert nanny eggheads Tony & Deb have their special privileges. Olympian grifters and elite Equalest Of Equals Barack & Michelle-Antoinette up the ante and stick a finger in the eye of locked-down America, kayaking away at their Hawaii Christmas retreat while millions of Americans are ordered by Blue State governors & mayors to remain masked & “sheltered in place.”  The extraordinary photo of this mysterious pair (about whom we really know so little) opens the window wide to interpretation. Oh, go ahead. You gonna believe them…or your lyin’ eyes?

Barry & Mike?
Little Barry & Big Mike

Deep State “Conservative” Turncoats

bill_barr_ballot_fraudUPDATE 12/22/20: Lest there be any doubt about Bill Barr’s Swamp Creature DNA, look here (Voting machine fraud? Move along, nothing to see here.) and here  (Hunter Biden? BFD.) Lean and hungry this overfed, self-satisfied stooge isn’t. Dangerous and treacherous? Case closed.

Plague of Experts

UPDATE 12/22/20: The Colorful Scarf Lady, Deborah Birx, pulls at our heartstrings when caught doing the usual Thanksgiving large family gathering the rest of us like to do…but aren’t allowed to because of nasty scolds like her.  “Not for thee, but yes for me.” Catching flak  for the rank hypocrisy now run amok among the Ruling Class, she cluelessly lodges the old how-dare-you-bring-my-suffering-family-into-this complaint, conveniently forgetting the suffering of countless millions of families she’s caused from her preachy pulpit. For nice effect, she even wears a mask announcing her sudden decision to retire. Good riddance…but too late for the millions of lives laid to waste by her benevolent “expertise.”



Mask Nation

UPDATE 12/22/20: When will the religious maskeraders realize/admit their beloved face prop is useless,  nothing more than a virtue signal and mark of obedience to their masters (aka The Marxist Mafiosi Who Would Rule Us)? Perhaps they might enjoy looking at faces again as people go about the business of living.


“For your own good…”

UPDATE 12/26/20: One shudders these days at the heartless treatment of older people  by their own families, locked away from human contact “for their own good” over Thanksgiving and Christmas. The rationale for submitting to such elder abuse (and the flip side of “for your own good”) is doing it “for love.  Who is that put-upon parent or other unfortunate recipient of such “goodness” to stiff-arm such “love” from their own children?

Some wear their hollow virtue as a shield, only to use it in the crunch as a bludgeoning cudgel. Ask any one of us caught in the lately-criminal act of walking about without a mask and drawing the tyrannical hatred concerned compassion of total strangers, the Awakened Maskeraders.


California: The Detroiting of America

UPDATE 12/22/20: Always ahead of the curve when it comes to undermining the independence of the American individual, California has hatched a tax-soaking scheme targeting the rich who’ve had the bad luck to spend more than a few days of residency a year in their golden state. Why not go national with this (NY? NJ? ILL?) but let’s not call it theft. Meanwhile, those that can will continue fleeing the Golden Gulag, tax hooks or not.

CA going national?
A California idea going national?

Fate of HCQ=Fate of America

UPDATE 12/23/20: Hardly an accident that the world’s second largest factory producing the basics for HCQ manufacture has been destroyed by fire in Taiwan. The corruption attending virtually every aspect of the CoronaCraze is telling, not least of all the criminal benefits the whole manufactured crisis continues to provide. And hardly an accident that a bomb has exploded in Nashville in an attempt to destroy any potential evidence of electoral malfeasance. The two currently active prongs of assault on America-Covid lockdown and electoral fraud-must be protected and prolonged, by violence if necessary.


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