Nancy Pelosi: Estrogen Edsel, Unsexed Political Robot

June 25, 2017

UPDATE 7/14/19: Playing the long game of Permanent Dem Majority via open borders/unchecked immigration, Our LAWLESS Lady of Sanctuary gives a kindly heads-up to millions of illegals targeted for deportation by those nasty ICE men. Why enforce laws when you might lose those future Democrats? Keep ’em coming!

You're breaking the law too, Sister. Just sayin'...

You’re breaking the law too, Sister. Just sayin’…

UPDATE 6/16/19: Nice  Catholic girl Nancy, playing to her vicious base, prays for Trump’s soul…and wants to “see him in prison.” Just political posturing perhaps, but rather Stalinist in tone. Not Grandma’s Democratic Party.

UPDATE 1/13/19: Of late, there is a long-range Democratic Party strategy of opening our borders wide, flooding America with untold millions of illegal immigrants, hooking them all on the heroin of “public assistance” thereby buying their votes, ensuring a permanent Democratic voting majority. President Trump, heartily endorsed by his basket base of Deplorables, proposes we enforce our existing immigration laws, allowing immigrants in on the basis of their willingness to become Americans in the true sense: freedom-loving, hard-working, self-reliant, English-speaking. Such people are anathema to today’s Democratic Party since real WORKING people prefer liberty to the all-consuming government control of taxation & regulation that defines today’s radically Left-leaning Democrats. Nancy & Chuck will not subsidize controlled, legal immigration that runs contrary to their vote-harvesting plans.

SO, hard-driving dealmaker Trump shuts down the government until he gets the money for The Wall, persuasively making the case to the American people in a televised address. It goes well. There are a lot of Deplorables out there who want The Wall.

And the Democratic response? No money…YET…but priceless all the same. As the President would say, “Sad.”

Hat-Tip Hilarity courtesy of The People's Cube.

Shining Twins hip-hop hilarity courtesy of The People’s Cube.

Nancy & Chuck reversed

UPDATE 12/16/18: Newly reinstated Speaker of the House and self-appointed castrater-in-chief resorts to high-falutin’ talk about Trump’s manhood when he dares oppose her. Certainly delicious cackling to the ears of the pussy-hat brigade but just a Big Tell when it comes to ALL the good things Mommy Nancy and her fellow Dem/Progs have in mind for ALL of us, male and female.

young woman yelling at frightened man

UPDATE 2/15/18: As a matter of Democratic Party policy, Mme. Speaker has dispensed with MLK’s noble wish for an America that counts character content entirely over skin color. Character is irrevelant when color alone might add millions of illegal immigrants to the Dem Party voting rolls. Pandering overtime while sadistically inflicting 8 hours of her drivel on anyone within earshot on the House floor last week,   the increasingly odious Nan recounted the dubious story of her blonde, blue-eyed grandson, about to blow the candles out on his birthday cake, wishing to be brown all over like his Guatemalan friend Antonio. Other than the brainwashed spawn of political fanatics (and certifiable lunatics like Rachel Dolezal), privileged young children do not wish to be brown, poor and living in impoverished Third World countries. But then, Dem Party notables have a long history of  lying about and exploiting family members  for political purposes.

Can you maybe give me something a bit darker? This one’s not selling.

UPDATE 8/26/17: Whole lotta howlin’ goin’ on as Nutty Nancy the meme mixer warns about the dangers of “crying wolf in a crowded theatre.” Quite so. Crying “racism” at any sign of opposition to their agenda has somewhat diminished the credibility of the Dem Party and its affiliates all up and down the Left. Clearly, racism matters not so much as silencing all voices but their own in our political life. But that’s what totalitarians and fascists of all stripes do: that…and calling themselves “anti-fascists.”

So Nancy Pelosi has suddenly been deemed  toxic by her own Party, all those million$ and million$ flushed away in Georgia and nary even a peach pit of acquired power to show for it.


The naïve amongst us might suggest that, perhaps, just maybe, the Donkey brigade might have seriously reviewed this charmless scold’s painfully long-running record of corruption, lies, slander and astonishing hubris. But of course they did. No mistake or misstep here. Who better as the face and voice of the 21st century’s Democratic Party?  Who could shamelessly go before the cameras all these years, spew acid and lies with such cold, comfortable ease? Fortunately, she and her agenda are not selling as they once did.

If genuine human progress remains the ultimate end of any politics, how long can a smug, power-gobbling Party endure when it lays exclusive claim (among many things) to championing women…and produces female impersonators like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi as its figureheads and prize trophies?

To sell anything, one must have an attractive product, and these hollow creatures are estrogen Edsels.  Power as an end in itself corrupts, and these females prove nothing more than that they can be the rotted-out equals of their male counterparts. Does not Lady Macbeth make the same satanic bargain in pursuit of power when, about to murder the King, she goes against her own nature to beseech a Higher Power to “unsex me here?” Females like Nancy Pelosi (and Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren) can never be women. Real women contain and civilize. Females like these voracious political automatons only consume and destroy.

Perhaps the Dem Party might consider a major facelift.


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