Nancy Pelosi

Odious Speaktress of the House goes full grave desecration and presents George Floyd’s brother with a folded American flag, an honor traditionally reserved for real wartime heroes, fallen military veterans who have died in service to their country. However, since the unfortunate (and very flawed) Mr. Floyd’s exploitable demise has proven useful in their own subversive war on America, he is, to the increasingly perverse Democrat mind, a wartime hero too!


Andrew Cuomo

UPDATE 6/21/20: Empire State Emperor Andy has some heavy-duty ‘splaining to do regarding the enforced placement of virus-infected seniors in retirement communities  unprepared to quarantine the sick and protect healthy seniors. No mystery why New York and the other states sentencing (by official edict) thousands of seniors to certain death have the highest Covid fatality figures. Perhaps the much-admired “President Cuomo” can provide details in between congratulating himself on his sterling performance.


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