POTUS wannabe, screaming shrew, political whore: Spot On, Andy!
Desperate POTUS wannabe, shrieking shrew, political whore. Spot On as always, Andy!

UPDATE 3/18/22: We will look upon the Cuomo legacy as that great time when shame became obsolete, and the shameful could stride the earth with pride. Hoarier wisdom tells us that a fall is always certain to come on the heels of such arrogance.

UPDATE 11/26/21: Yes, he’s really that mercenary, heartless, ruthless, unprincipled, mean, amoral. And probably sociopathic. The proof and tangible result of this power junkie’s actions is that thousands of old people actually died as he set out to craft a multimedia image expressly designed to lead to the Presidency. The real pity is that his career is over for the wrong reasons: the comparatively trivial crime of having less than no class in the romance department.

Not the Boy Next Door.

UPDATE 8/25/21: In case Cuomo thought we’d forgotten him in the flurry of the Afghanistan fiasco…and in case anyone has any doubts about his evil core corruption, his parting shot just included pardoning a celebrated domestic terrorist and accomplice to bank robbery and murder back in the good ol’ days of the Weathermen/Black Liberation Army anarcho-radicalism. Cuomo’s last grand gesture of compassion also included commuting the sentences of an assortment of other murderers with a single white collar criminal thrown in for image softening. We eagerly await the next chapter of this publicity whoring sociopath’s odyssey. He will remain an interesting subject for  psychologists studying the sort of “respectable” political figure that fully identifies with killers and thieves.

UPDATE 8/12/21: What? No more “President Cuomo” or “Cuomosexuals” or that cute-as-cotton-candy gumba gab between the two self-adoring brothers? All gone now for naughty grabsy handsy. But who doesn’t know that’s the small stuff? The big stuff is Andy’s unchecked Covid control mania, resulting in thousands of dead senior citizens.

Could be very messy if his record on that count ever  reaches full scrutiny in the courts, leading to a house of cards collapse involving the whole network of interconnected Democrat leaders throughout the country. For the last 18 months, we’ve suffered through all the fawning over “President” Cuomo and his “heroic pandemic leadership.” But if The Nation [prominent far Left rag] hates you and for the right reasons (ie. NOT the MeToo nonsense), you’re in deep doo-doo. May justice be served and this creepo be the first in line of Democrat dominos to fall.

Read all about Andy’s stunning long CV of malfeasance and incompetence marinated in arrogant power lust.

UPDATE 8/4/21: All the wrong reasons. It’s pleasing to see this arrogant little punk sweat a little, but it’s coming down to the same absurdity of kindred Mafia scum Al Capone going to jail for tax evasion rather than murder. In Andy’s case, it’s partly CYA by DC cronies and partly the case of a political NY State rival going after him for being a garden-variety male chauvinist pig rather than for his cold-blooded extermination of Covid-infected seniors forcibly sent back into nursing facilities. 

UPDATE 4/11/21: When did it all go wrong for Andy? Perhaps the day he was old enough to realize he was always a crude bully.

UPDATE 3/28/21: He said that America was never that great. He doesn’t mention he was never great or even good…and always a bully. 

UPDATE 3/6/21: Pandemic hero, “mentor” to the young, nubile and female! And fall guy. Suddenly Andy is coming to the fore for all the conveniently wrong reasons (handsy-gropey stuff). Focusing on the right reasons (mandating Covid-infected seniors into nursing homes, needlessly killing thousands) draws unwanted attention to all those other Democrats:  Murphy in New Jersey, Whitmer in Michigan, Wolf in Pennsylvania guilty of the same. Messy.

P.S. Follow the money when good ol’ power lust doesn’t explain everything.


UPDATE 2/27/21: Could the sudden Cuomocidal rumblings and sounds of sharpening long knives from all his former fans be just a prelude to the  imminent DeBidenizing of the White House? Why not? On the Left where eating their own is a given in pursuit of totalitarian power, Joe’s imminent full disappearance will be no more of a surprise than the next embarrassing public appearance of the swiftly disintegrating Hologram President.


UPDATE 2/21/21: When you’ve been hailed as “President Cuomo,” lauded, applauded, awarded, honored, praised, canonized, deified, hosannaed and hagiographied as the greatest, most heroic leader since Winston Churchill, Alexander The Great and Mussolini…and then  AOC and the slavishly Leftwing MSM turn on you, you know you’re about to fall very far, very fast. Look up the word “expendable,” Andy. Maybe you and Harvey Weinstein might get together and swap notes.

Executive order

UPDATE 1/31/21: The so-called Cuomo miracle starts smelling publicly like the rotten fish it is, thanks to the machinations of a political rival opting to tell the truth about undercounted (50%) deaths by Covid in NY State. Thanks to the mandate ordering elderly Covid sufferers to nursing homes,  “12 percent of New York nursing-home residents have succumbed to the virus. In New Jersey, where a policy similar to Cuomo’s was enacted, the death toll was similar: 12 percent of nursing-home residents felled by the virus. In Florida, where nursing homes were forbidden to accept people with coronavirus, that figure is 1.6 percent.” 

The ridiculously crafted narrative of Wise Leader Cuomo brilliantly, heroically saving lives has been just one more gaslighting attempt on anyone who has passed 3rd grade arithmetic.

Leadership lessons

UPDATE 12/18/20: As good an example as any of the power-mad Covid pornographer, Cuomo grinches NYC  restauranteurs with the full cooperation of Gotham’s worst mayor ever. A simple question already posed a million times from a billion sources: do any of these monsters in high political office give up one penny of pay dropping this ruinous sledgehammer on real working people? The next question is the eternal one: is there a punishing God for deliberate evil done on this planet?


UPDATE 12/1/20: FauciCuomoAOC: Time Magazine’s Persons Of The Year. Perhaps, we don’t share the MSM’s premises of what constitutes a good person or a good deed. Just as the definition of “Glamour” got a major makeover a few years back. Not by chance, Cuovid Hero Cuomo, he of that inconvenient nursing home mandate killing record thousands of seniors, gets major-dissed this week by a fellow Prog who knows a creep when she sees one.

Leftists=The Good Guys...no matter how provably bad they are.
MSMSpeak: Leftists=The Good Guys…no matter how provably bad they are.

UPDATE 11/21/20: Cuovid Cuomo declares any recently developed vaccines [proven 90% effective] produced on Trump’s watch mustn’t be allowed. Any more definitive proof that it’s all about politics and nothing about people’s best interests? Any more definitive proof that this is one of the worst human beings ever to blight our political landscape?

Blood on his hands

UPDATE 10/31/20: NY Governor Cuovid Cuomo rewrites history, downplays his very own (real, not “alleged”) mandate condemning record thousands of seniors to death in nursing homes and projects blame onto…who else?…Trump. Reality says otherwise, but nice try. Perhaps those coming lawsuits from aggrieved relatives will change his mind…or, better, put to flight the false public perception of his self-described, fantasized heroic handling of the crisis.


UPDATE 6/28/20: “President Cuomo” thinks destroying statues and erasing American history is “healthy expression.” A logical statement coming from the expert who said America was never that great anyhow.

UPDATE 6/21/20: Empire State Emperor Andy has some heavy-duty ‘splaining to do regarding the enforced placement of virus-infected seniors in retirement communities  unprepared to quarantine the sick and protect healthy seniors. No mystery why New York and the other states sentencing (by official edict) thousands of seniors to certain death have the highest Covid fatality figures. Perhaps the much-admired “President Cuomo” can provide details in between congratulating himself on his sterling performance.

UPDATE 5/31/20: The incompetence, the all-out corruption and hapless attempts to cover it all up by the Democrats’ most touted “spare” for this election year is breathtaking.

UPDATE 5/13/20: What? The much-heralded Cuomo brothers are really just incompetent, low-class jerks?  Andy a decidedly ugly, snide show boater?! His bizarrely hyped leadership qualities during the virus crisis actually a major case of mishandling leading to thousands of unnecessary deaths? Say it ain’t so. For reference, compare the MSM’s anointed “President Cuomo’s” record with that of his Florida counterpart.


UPDATE 5/11/20: Aspiring “President Cuomo” (as termed by delusional Lefties a few weeks back) has a problem: not just a smoking gun but a backfiring one. With the ill-advised Executive Order demanding that nursing homes take in elderly virus patients, he was throwing gas on the fire. So much for Hating/Blaming Trump and so much for Andy as Biden substitute. Calling Gavin Newsom! Or then there’s always Hillary.

UPDATE 4/25/20: The One the gleeful Trump-hating Dems hailed as “President Cuomo” only a few weeks back may have some ‘splaining to do when their anointed savior has to ‘splain why Corona-infected elderly were shunted off to retirement/nursing facilities to infect more of the most vulnerable demographic of all. Naturally Andy & Co. are screaming for “an investigation.” Is being a Prog/Lib/Left/Dem never having to say you’re sorry? Meanwhile, the grandstanding POTUS-wannabe sneers at the desperate unemployed and compassionately counsels them to “go take a job as an essential worker,” just like himself only paying less and attracting somewhat less presumed glory. Does being a Prog/Lib/Left/Dem in love with power and celebrity mean being totally bereft of human empathy?

UPDATE 4/5/20: Remember Cuomo dressing the Empire State Building in a flashing fab pink (see February, 2019 post below) to celebrate the new infanticide law? This go-round it’s subtle Andy flakking himself as “the heartbeat of America,” coloring New York City and the Empire State a dystopian siren red that screams “This is Your Leader speaking: Nominate Me, Nominate Me!”


UPDATE 3/28/20: In response to his televised impersonation of Seriously Engaged Leader Of The Great State Of New York, swooning Trump-haters suddenly hail the Coming Of Cuomo, even referring to him in some quarters as “President Cuomo.” The reality is that their would-be hero has fumbled the Corona ball on at least two essential counts: his fanatic Prog devotion to Open Borders (as late as this week!) and making no provisions for life-saving supplies in the event of an emergency like the present.  As always with these empty grandstanders, what they say is meaningless in light of doing nothing of substance. Yet more belched hot air here, only that  trademark shrill, loud, soulless ranting. In the word of the quintessential New Yorker, “Oy.”

DATE 2/17/19: Somewhat-lapsed Catholic Andy The Abortionist dons a celebratory pink tie and endears himself to SJW women and newborn babes everywhere.


ORIGINAL POST 4/19/18: Light-footed Andrew “I Am The Government!” Cuomo elegantly clomps into the Michelle-Antoinette Hall of Shame, declaring America “…was never that great.” Then, feeling the blowback, subtly corrects his course: “Of course, America is great!” What his girlfriend Sandra’s Kwanzaa cake is to cuisine, Andy is to the public discourse: cheap, cheesey, nausea-inducing, authentically fake. Proposed Presidential campaign slogan for Handy Andy: “America? Feh!”

Blueprint for the next Democratic Party platform. "A Kwaanza cake in every cupboard!"
Blueprint for the next Democratic Party platform. “A Kwanzaa cake in every cupboard!”

Add to this eminento’s Green Growing Garden of Gaffes his threat to sue the Supreme Court if he doesn’t get his way on…something. Anything. What? Oh! Abortion! Sounds great to the average “Resistance” hater currently swelling the Dem Party ranks these days except that the Supreme Court is, how do we say this, the Supreme Court. Supreme, highest law in the land, final stop, the last word.  But why let that (and lawful elections and our whole inconvenient Constitutional form of government) get in the way?! This is war!

And among the current pack of Dem Party mediocrities scrambling to be the General leading the noble crusade to make Animal Farm out of America is… this. One can only go on with one’s life and hope, as in 2016, that there are still enough Americans out there who know the source of their blessings (individual freedom, not government control) and will vote accordingly.

You either got or you haven't got...STYLE!
You either got or you haven’t got…STYLE!

For the Empire State, nothing but The Best!

It’s come to this for the Empire State: spread the misery & mediocrity around!

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