Andrew Cuomo: “America? Feh!”

August 19, 2018
POTUS wannabe, screaming shrew, political whore: Spot On, Andy!

Desperate POTUS wannabe, shrieking shrew, political whore. Spot On as always, Andy!

UPDATE 3/28/20: In response to his televised impersonation of Seriously Engaged Leader Of The Great State Of New York, swooning Trump-haters suddenly hail the Coming Of Cuomo, even referring to him in some quarters as “President Cuomo.” The reality is that their would-be hero has fumbled the Corona ball on at least two essential counts: his fanatic Prog devotion to Open Borders (as late as this week!) and making no provisions for life-saving supplies in the event of an emergency like the present.  As always with these empty grandstanders, what they say is meaningless in light of doing nothing of substance. Yet more belched hot air here, only that  trademark shrill, loud, soulless ranting. In the word of the quintessential New Yorker, “Oy.”

DATE 2/17/19: Somewhat-lapsed Catholic Andy The Abortionist dons a celebratory pink tie and endears himself to SJW women and newborn babes everywhere.

ORIGINAL POST 4/19/18: Light-footed Andrew “I Am The Government!” Cuomo elegantly clomps into the Michelle-Antoinette Hall of Shame, declaring America “…was never that great.” Then, feeling the blowback, subtly corrects his course: “Of course, America is great!” What his girlfriend Sandra’s Kwaanza cake is to cuisine, Andy is to the public discourse: cheap, cheesey, nausea-inducing, authentically fake. Proposed Presidential campaign slogan for Handy Andy: “America? Feh!”

Blueprint for the next Democratic Party platform. "A Kwaanza cake in every cupboard!"

Blueprint for the next Democratic Party platform. “A Kwaanza cake in every cupboard!”

Add to this eminento’s Green Growing Garden of Gaffes his threat to sue the Supreme Court if he doesn’t get his way on…something. Anything. What? Oh! Abortion! Sounds great to the average “Resistance” hater currently swelling the Dem Party ranks these days except that the Supreme Court is, how do we say this, the Supreme Court. Supreme, highest law in the land, final stop, the last word.  But why let that (and lawful elections and our whole inconvenient Constitutional form of government) get in the way?! This is war!

And among the current pack of Dem Party mediocrities scrambling to be the General leading the noble crusade to make Animal Farm out of America is… this. One can only go on with one’s life and hope, as in 2016, that there are still enough Americans out there who know the source of their blessings (individual freedom, not government control) and will vote accordingly.

You either got or you haven't got...STYLE!

You either got or you haven’t got…STYLE!

For the Empire State, nothing but The Best!

It’s come to this for the Empire State: spread the misery & mediocrity around!

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