Whatever she wants to be.
Whatever she (or the Orwellian Left)  wants to be.

Identity Politics gone from bubble to boil. With the VERY strange case of Julia Salazar, the latest Ocasio-Cortez clone, the desperate, deranged Left has donned yet a more bizarre mask. This one claims, among many things, to be a Jew (and isn’t), a child of deprivation (and isn’t), an immigrant (and isn’t), a #MeToo “survivor” (probably isn’t and who’d bother?) …and gets elected to the NY Senate! SO silly of us to think transparently Fake Indian Pocahontas Warren or the White Black Dolezal loon  had blown this con. It’s working…and better than ever!!

The only lesson to be drawn is that the Left is lost without millions of human shells, a deliberately manufactured mass of empty souls devoid of individual identity. So it’s vicarious Halloween dress-up every day for these lunatics. No Hollywood horror movie comes close to what we must witness when these masks come off.

Funny how selective THEY are about your Identity choice.
You can be anything you claim to be…except White and Conservative.

One Reply to “The Life Of Julia (Salazar)-Latest Dem Icon of Self-ID Insanity”

  1. How telling: that the only way to come close left lunacy is cartoons! Absolutely no change over the 101 years since the Bolsheviks kicked off the Great Lie.

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