Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, phony #PoorTooRican, latest Shakedown Queen.

July 8, 2018
But she will demand permanent subsidies from the U.S. Treasury.

Shakedown Sheila:SO noble but be certain she will DEMAND permanent subsidies vacuumed up from the pockets of U.S. taxpayers and those same evil, polluting corporations…or else!!

UPDATE 12/9/18: Far-sighted genius Ocasio-Cortex (sic) promises to use her newly acquired political power to make life miserable for private citizen Donald Trump, Jr or anyone criticizing her. As big fan and Dem Party Chair Perez annointed her, “the future of the Democratic Party.” And, we should add, the full past of what has made Marxism so very bad for the health of untold millions.

UPDATE 11/17/18: Brilliantly denonstrating Socialism 101, newly arrived charity case CongressCreature and ID Politics Rainbow girl Ocasio-Cortez rails against the cruel injustice of having to pay for her own apartment in DC! And not even sworn in yet, “the future of the Democratic Party” has found a 1001 ways to be offended, insulted, oppressed, dissed, patronized, discriminated against, raped, beaten, murdered, VICTIMIZED!!!!!…

…and don’t forget marginalized! Why wouldn’t everyone want to hang out with someone about to accuse you of something…anything?

Poster girl for Victimhood! 1001 secrets to popularity!

Life of The Party! “Special” poster girl (oops! developmentally arrested female quantity)  for Victimhood! A dozen surefire secrets to becoming as popular as the flu!

Here we go again: another youngish Person Of Color (but not too dark), newly anointed as the next La Pasionaria, the next Barack, the next Kamala, this one from Queens. And she is proudly a “Democratic Socialist,” the nice kind of communism, that sweet-smelling stuff that inexplicably, always goes really, really bad. This time it’ll be different. Trouble (always) is, all that guaranteed loot (“shared wealth”) has to come out of bulging government treasuries and corporate coffers, and those sources have to be constantly replenished by people who actually work and pay bills without guaranteed subsidies. Aren’t working (ie, people who actually work) taxpayers and entrepreneurs going to get sick of shelling out for millions of strangers who are programmed never to do anything for themselves?

But that’s being cynical. Let’s look at the latest, newest, most revolutionary model of The One, the new socialist It Girl, and be dazzled by…the same old phony populism that keeps giving us mysteriously nouveau riche socialists like Barack and Hillary and Fauxcahontas and Bernie and, before you can say “Shake Down! Rake off!”, this latest manufactured “champion of the Little Guy.” Promises, promises, promises. Money, money, money. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

She is, proclaims DNC chair Tom Perez, “the future of the Democratic Party!” However, she is quite simply an elaborately assembled retread, falsely selling herself as common clay and humble stock (“working class”) while actually coming from quite a prosperous background. And the sour grapes of being a failed capitalist miraculously morphed into a Red firebrand. As for “sharing the wealth?” In real life, that’s for the Little People.

We look ahead with bated breath to the sweeping changes and wondrous, phoenix-like effect this 20-something, Puerto Rican version of Bernie Sanders will have on the masses of the unwashed. One important question looms: how much money will she be amassing for herself and exactly how much of that is she planning to give away?

All set to take a big bite out of the next juicy fat cat.

All set to take a big bite out of the next juicy fat cat.

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