Elizabeth Warren: Fake Indian, Consumer Protection Racketeeress, Nasty Package.

November 5, 2012
Closer to 1/1024th.

Closer to 1/1024th.

UPDATE 10/19/18: Could it be that the Fake Indian, her blonde 99.99999% WASP braids a-trailin’ in the wind, has finally ridden her palomino over the cliff? Or is she enough of a shameless, energizer bunny/sociopath to keep the Identity Politics corpse she embodies on endless, agonizing life support? Whatever happens to this laughable Fraud of Frauds, it’s long past due to summon Identity Politics, Affirmative Action and the like to the principal’s office…and expel it permanently from the premises.

UPDATE 10/14/18: Warning-don’t invite the Fake Indian to tea. Arrogant, rude and pushy according to the best sources. Why aren’t we surprised? Excellent qualities for a greedy, self-invented, totally fictitious “fighter for the Little Guy.”

UPDATE 8/17/18: Former Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow has a plan to fix the Home of the Brave Land of the Free. And that plan is Nationalize EVERYTHING!” Stay tuned for the Fake Indian’s new-and-improved America!!

UPDATE 3/27/18: Rewriting the Guinness Book of World Records for shameless hypocrisy, the Fake Indian joins forces with two of her most money-grubbing fellow socialists to solve the problem of “Income Inequality.” While, of course, giving up nary a penny of their own multi-millions.

UPDATE 3/12/18: Doubling down on her doubling down. No DNA test for her!  Must protect the precious family folklore passed down from papoosehood by her Mommy and Daddy!  Digging the hole even deeper, the Beaded Braided One pretends the imitation buffalo chips dropped all over the grass in Harvard Yard  never gave her any career advantage. Again, the onus remains not on this Affirmative Action huckster and liar but on the willfully self-deluded millions who continue to give her a pass.

UPDATE 2/15/18: For sure, the easiest fraud to debunk in politics. Princess Little Lying Liz doubles down on her false claims to minority status by re-telling that easily debunked fib about her grandparents refusing to recognize her parents’ “mixed marriage.” One only sighs that it’s those who have put her in office and keep her there who are at fault, not the shameless opportunist herself who, like Harvey Weinstein and others, has always counted on Leftist policies to cover for anything outrageous she might do or say.

UPDATE 11/29/17 (CONSUMER PROTECTION RACKETEERING DIVISION): Shake-up at Lizzie’s so-called “watchdog” Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) (see 2/10/17 UPDATE below) as Warren-Obama stooges Cordray and English get ousted, another DC septic tank gets pumped and Swamp Drainer Donald emerges victorious. Poo Poo is what we Doo Doo.

UPDATE 11/28/17 (FAKE INDIAN DIVISION):Tomahawks poised and war “whoops!” fill the air as POTUS calls out fake Indian Pocahontas Warren in front of real Navajos being honored for secret code service during WWII. On top of already being exposed, it turns out those “old family recipes” were word-for-word plagiarism from a French cookbook. As real as those “high cheekbones” and “PawPaw.” Look! Look! Over there! Quick! A shiny little racial slur! shrieks Our Lady Of The Moccasins.  Who’s offended? Not the honorees who consider themselves Americans, not political pawns. “The Marines made us yell “‘Geronimo’ when we jumped out of planes and that didn’t offend me either.” Special kudos to Press Secretary Sanders summing it up: “I think what most people find offensive is Senator Warren lying about her heritage to advance her career.” Amen.

UPDATE 7/12/17: A real Indian plans to get rid of the fake one in the U.S. Senate. He even sent her a DNA test-kit for her birthday. This guy has the aggressive, humorous style of a recently elected POTUS. His name is Shiva Ayyadurai, and like Donald Trump, he’s cut his teeth in the business world with great success. A stark contrast to the blonde, blue-eyed Tribe Crasher, Affirmative Action con artist/huckster and full-blooded Nasty Woman.

UPDATE 4/15/17: Populist Princess Greedy-Grab-A-Buck’s latest foray into pocketing big wampum is a 6 figure book deal. It will be interesting to check up on how much of Big Chieftress’ new windfall is voluntarily redistributed among her loyal tribe of Little Indians. No doubt someone will buy the book, just as they bought the business about high cheekbones and growing up in a tepee, foregoing milk for firewater as a papoose.

UPDATE 2/10/17: Pay special attention to Consumer Financial “Protection” Bureau (CFPB) in weeks & months & years ahead as a special feather in the Princess ForkedTongue’s headdress that she might want to quietly pluck off and burn…soon. Founder of said “protection” agency, it’s been under investigation since 2011 and is now looking more and more like another Clinton Foundation, a protection racketeering gravy train with all the same  perks: hundreds of 6 figure salaries financed by corporate shakedowns, complaints of discrimination against, of all people, Native Americans. Remember how UnAffordable the Affordable Care Act has turned out to be? Remember CFPB, Consumer Financial “Protection” Bureau and what a Protection Racketeering boondoggle it really is. Like its sticky-fingered foundress, made for the Mafia.

UPDATE 2/9/17: Kicking off her Presidential campaign for 2020, fake Indian and Far Left Nasty gains her very own Hate Trump stripes (and good PR martyrdom being silenced) by trying to destroy now-confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ reputation in a Senate floor speech. For her trouble,  PapPaw’s granddaughter is the latest Senator (along with Blumenthal & Booker) to go the OutLiars/What Difference Does It Make route. Lie, break all the rules and there’s a 50/50 chance that no one will do a thing. And then again, maybe they will. This is, after all, the Trump Era, and libelous Lefties and career cons like Warren have good reason to fear and hate the unintimidated, aggressive  Conservative activism he’s bringing to the game.

Elizabeth Warren, poster girl for Affirmative Action fraud and yet another rich, privileged, connected, Ivy-Leagued Obama-era Big Government scold and lambaster of the rich, privileged, connected, Ivy-Leagued who doesn’t mind the sizable perks of herself being rich, privileged, connected, Ivy-Leagued and an Obama pal. Oh, the tangled web they weave. Needless to say, she continues to rewrite history up to this minute (Spring, 2014). Lying has worked so well for her so far. Why stop now?

Endlessly fun fodder for the Web laugh mill since being exposed for heap-big Lie-A-Watha tall tale of having Cherokee branches to her family tree. She even had special “old family recipes” passed to her, straight from Aunt Bea and her PapPaw(her grandfather). Aunt Bea? Aunt Bea? Tonto, I don’t think we’re in Mayberry any more.

Get a load of those cheekbones. Get a load of that forked tongue. HOW!

I swear on a stack of wampum. And it's an old Indian custom to  do it with your left hand.

I swear on a stack of wampum. And it’s an old Indian custom to do it with your left hand.

Whiter than white on rice: 1966 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow. th08VZSN10 Even worse, her purported Indian ancestor was a White Oklahoman who actually helped round up real Native Americans for their miserable Tale of Tears trek. All that wampum and career firewater ill-gotten, and the real Indians aren’t happy.

A regular Mafia Momma is our Feather & Bead girl, making all of us greedy, selfish types beholden to the largesse of the grand Collective, overseen by the likes of her. Protection Racketeeress Supreme, here she threatens anyone who wants to keep what’s his: no more protection from “marauding bands of looters.” Solution? Replace them with the kindly marauding Redskin bands led by Big Sister. An offer we can’t refuse!

As if to give herself full Mafiosi street cred in fully harmony with her impeccable Native American pedigree, Liz has her own entrepreneurial kneecapper to deal with those pesky Republicans who dare to follow her around and video her in action.

Princess Running Joke, Faux-ca-hontas, Sacaja-Whiner and now it appears our Harvard Affirmative Action Law Professoress has been practicing law and raking in all those rotten dollars without a Massachusetts license.  The litany of her hypocrisy & fraud would fill a parking lot full of dumpsters, but Massachusetts voters have yet to totally disown this serial con artist/fraud/charlatan/hustler/hypocrite. Amazingly, Connecticut Liberals didn’t care about Richard Blumenthal’s totally fake military service record…and elected him. Therein, The Problem we face: not the charlatans and hustlers but the mindless masses who voluntarily enable them.

The essence of a Marxist Mafiosa: one rule for thee, no rules for me. One can only marvel at the total lack of shame, but then she wouldn’t be One Of Them if she had even an atom of conscience.

Living the simple life of Her People: Cambridge, low 7 figures. Will give away to the Poor & Disenfranchised.

Living the simple life of Her People: Cambridge, low 7 figures. Will give away to the Poor & Disenfranchised.

Maybe she meant THIS kind of Indian: field-of-flowers7[1] Channeling the spirit & lore of her ancestors: elizabeth-warren-indian-baloney[1]

Looking out for the Little Guy.


A textbook hustler, gaming the system, tailor-made for today’s Democratic Party. fed6335a79afdc335cc83857885c5513[1]


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