One of the great frauds of modern American letters. In 1976-78, a genial black writer traces his African slave ancestry like a detective story, becomes a revered celebrity, makes untold millions of dollars off the proceeds. Except it isn’t his ancestry, it’s fiction…and much of that stolen as well from other sources.

Amazingly, despite full undeniable exposure, no one cares…because this is a leftwing black man, and victims of America’s Original Sin are entitled not only to equal opportunity but the special privilege of living outside and above the normal limits of lawful, moral behavior.

Thus the stage is set for our current glut of proven frauds and imposters taking control of the highest seats of both cultural and political power. How does a Reverend Al Sharpton pull off a Tawana Brawley character assassination and go on to decades of living like an annointed sultan? How does a whiter-than-white ivy league hustler like Elizabeth Warren parlay fake Native American heritage into a Senate seat? How does an Hawaiian preppie conman with as radical/Marxist a past as any public figure within memory write autobiographies he didn’t write, attain Nobel Peace Prizes for doing absolutely nothing and become the most powerful human on earth?

Sixties radicals learned back then that America and the rest of the free, civilized West cannot be conquered by any quick, violent revolution. Instead, the “transformation” and “change” has to come gradually, slowly, relentlessly in the erosion of all societal norms underpinning American life. Politically, we are in the midst of the fight literally to rewrite the American Constitution, an era ushered in by the likes of Alex Haley: liars, conmen, hustlers, all with a political agenda. Over time, the war is lost when people lose their moral, truth-seeking bearings. The continued acceptance of “Roots” as a hailed classic despite being proven one big lie is a symptom of the decay heralding America’s decline.

2 Replies to “Alex Haley, author of “Roots””

  1. Two realities have been a constant of socialism since October, 1917:
    failure on a massive and tragic scale, and the substitution of fiction for
    truth to disguise that failure:
    – fictional biography
    – fictional history
    – fictional news
    – fictional sociology
    – fictional genetics
    And on and on.

    1. …and on and on…The obtuse LoFo’s[Low Information Voters] continue to plumb startling new depths of voluntary ignorance as their “suppliers” and “pushers” continue to outdo themselves. Just check out old pro dissemblers Hillary and Algore this week: Lie, lie, lie, skate, skate, skate. In a former time, they’d be laughingstocks, their careers and reputations zilch. Welcome to the new century, the New [ever-changing] Reality.

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