The croniest of crony capitalists. The self-created protagonist of one of the strangest, most sinister sagas in twentieth century politics and business. A lifelong master of subterfuge, lies and fraud, Hammer portrayed himself as a friend of kings and mankind in general, the essential traits of a Marxist overlord who loves the faceless masses [for the far-reaching power they can provide him] and loathes people. By all objective accounts a murderous opportunist with an insatiable drive for power and influence. Ultimately, he was a failure, dying in deep debt, the scary facts of his thoroughly corrupt, plundering life laid bare. Like all cold-blooded sociopaths operating on the world stage, a fascinating subject of study.

Everyone’s friend.

To my pal, Armand. XO Vladimir..

The Albert Gore [Junior & Senior] family connection. Occidental Petroleum [Big Oil] money for the guy who would make hundreds of millions off the Globaloney Warming scam, followed eventually by more hundreds of millions from oil-rich Arab sheiks buying up Al’s Current TV boondoggle. Armand and Al, carrying on a great crony capitalist tradition. Always, always follow the money, especially with leftwing “philanthropists.”

On the lookout, always thinking…

Mapping out his next "humanitarian" acquisition.
Mapping out his next “humanitarian” acquisition.

Wearing the mask of The Great Man. Ugly is as ugly does.

Counting sad, pitiful Useful Idiots among his most special friends.

Silly, Gullible Prince Charlie
Silly, Gullible Prince Charlie

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  1. Armand Hammer was instrumental in creating the energy crisis in the 70’s. Only now does it seem to be subsiding because of increased North American production and Saudi decisions about pricing of crude oil. He was a despicable opportunist that deserves to exposed.

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