Fanatical bureaucratic activism run amok. Outgoing EPA head oversaw the funelling of hundreds of millions into “environmental”  boondoggles and crony payoffs(including green projects in China, a country to whom we are already a trillion bucks in debt). Now feeling her own very special brand of backside global heat generated by her numerous secret emails written under the alias “Richard Windsor” to wage clandestine war on the environmentally “incorrect” coal industry. So much for “the most transparent administration” in the history of the world. As fit punishment for her transgressions, Lisa is tentatively slated to become president of Princeton University, a typical outcome in this era of Obama cronies accustomed to fancy high-falutin’ junkets to places like Paris to discuss “urban sustainability.” Translated into Americanese, that’s more control of little people like you and me in the name of “Saving The Planet,” all courtesy of the U.S. Treasury. What a country!

ObamaLib Lisa, always generous with other people’s money.


Doin’ it for the kids: crusading evangelist for the Church of Global Warming.

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