Barack Obama:
Community Agitator, Marxist Godfather, Mediocrity

November 6, 2012


UPDATE 11/15/20: The Obama legacy of a permanently divided America (ID Politics) shows up in his new memoir and vomited out of the nasty mouth of his high-living, profoundly unattractive spouse.


America’s pre-eminent grifting destroyers.

UPDATE 9/9/20: Given Biden’s obvious inability to put a clear sentence together on his own, let alone be America’s Commander-in-Chief, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that some long-planned surprise solution to “the Biden problem” is afoot. Although legally not able to be ELECTED a third time, is there anything in the Constitution (12th amendment) that says Obama couldn’t be Biden’s Vice President and assume office if the President couldn’t fulfill his duties? What if the ever-gracious Kamala decides to make way for the redoubtable Barack on the ticket come November 3, one could legitimately say, “Game On!” again for the Democrats. Let’s see: Kamala could be the new Attorney General…or Secretary Of State…or something big. In a word or two, Obama III for America, Operation Transformation achieved! Chilling thoughts, to say the least. But one must be prepared for ANYTHING from the Dems. Anything in pursuit of absolute power. Anything.

UPDATE 12/2/18: Himself, The One, The Pathetic scolds America for not thanking him for the Trump economy. “That was me, people….Say thank you!”

There are no words…which are too many to waste on America’s Biggest Boo-Boo.

Mirror Cracks-a-Mirror-67098[1]

UPDATE 8/4/18: Reassuring how swiftly Obama’s sinister “transformation” of America can be reversed with leadership grounded in objective reality and frank devotion to America as a Constitutional Republic of free individuals. Part of that objective reality is that there is a sizeable portion of the American electorate who will never give up the dream of Marxist collectivism…and their uncontrollable, murderous hatred of anyone opposing that fate.

UPDATE 6/30/18: News to the  American people. There was no election, no peaceful, civilized transfer of power in America in 2016. The annoying business of two term limits is all bunk…according to the former First Lady and her Messiah-like consort. Michelle is still First Lady, and Barack is still President. Really. Just ask them or any of their lackeys-in-exile.

UPDATE 5/29/18: Obama’s plan for an Alinskyized “world as it should be” is well underway judging by his proclamations directed at the young and impressionable. And a full-scale, global propaganda platform with Netflix that will also pay this champion of “income equality” 8 figure in capitalist dollars. That’s the way it works for lawless, corrupt anti-capitalists looking to live and rule over the rest of us Little People like kings.

King, Imperial-President[1]

UPDATE 4/25/17: Of course it’s too much to hope that Barack and his poison have been expelled from the body politic. Apparently, there are many with money who want it that way.

UPDATE 3/19/17: The shrouded mystery grows as Barack holes up in Tahiti for a month in luxury digs without his family. Who is this man?

UPDATE 1/19/17: Buh-bye…and sincere thanks! Yes, no sarcasm. Thanks! We owe you! It hasn’t been fun, but there is definitely a bright side.

UPDATE: 11/9/16 Although it’s nominally Hillaryism that  has been rejected and dumped, we’ve actually repudiated the Colossal Error that is/was/always will be Barack Obama.

You’re over, Bub, as are all the terrible, divisive, ugly things you stand for and have left in your foul wake. Let us count the ways. Something new is a-brewin’, and you’re now just about to become a permanently bad memory and cautionary tale for all future Americans who truly want to live in America The Exceptional. Barack, meet Ozymandias [see below]. The bulk of the article below was written in high hopes of being rid of you just before the 2012 election and to paraphrase my last rueful remark, “OK, it’ll be a slow exit, but once you’re gone, you’ll really be gone, not merely replaced.” So it’s only 4 years later. Some things are really worth waiting for.

UPDATE: 9/27/13 A fairly good, concise progress report of Barack’s plan for Fundamental Transformation of our lives: American foreign power diminished as he chats up the affable leader of Iran and oversees the implementation of ObamaCare’s tentacles over every American life. A stunningly Orwellian Success Story from the One “We” have all been waiting for; national suicide for the rest of us.

UPDATE April Fool’s Day, 2013: Barack Obama is the greatest president in the U.S. history. APRIL FOOL’S!!! Barack Obama is the greatest person who ever lived, greater than Jesus. APRIL FOOL’S!!! The catalogue of punchlines is depressingly long, and the joke is on us.

ORIGINAL POST 11/6/12: Who is Barack Obama? His handlers would prefer that no one knows. There’s power in mystery and inscrutability. Except that we do know. This is the age of the Internet and Talk Radio and Fox News. Thank God.

Where does one start? How about…The 2008 Selling of Obama as the ubiquitous Wiser-than-Wise Black (in every soppy Hollywood film of the last 30 years), standing Above It All, or as Newsweek’s Evan Thomas (son of Socialist relic Norman) annointed Him  “…sorta God. He’s going to bring all different sides together.”

Not quite. Barack Hussein Obama is a lifelong subversive, a terminal mediocrity, a bully and shakedown artist, and by elaborate design the most dangerously divisive figure in our political history. He is a craftily manufactured figurehead determined to drag America over the precipice into Marxist oblivion. Extreme words? Red hysteria? Rightwing claptrap? No, just an accurate description of the biggest con ever put over on the American public. There’s much to read and ponder, but just a few things tell the whole story: Obama’s Chicago background as a Saul Alinskyite Community Agitator, the frank declaration that “[the free market] doesn’t work, it has never worked” at Osawatomie, December 6, 2011…

… and then, oops, The Essential Obama, off the teleprompter, Roanoke, July 15, 2012, telling every individual one of us insignificants that we’re nothing without the paternalistic Collective currently godfathered by none other than Himself:

For inspiration, perhaps he drew from Redskin Soul Sister/Affirmative Action Opportunist Elizabeth Warren, shrieking some months earlier to a roomful of masochistic, guilt-ridden robots.

You, self-made entrepreneur, are nothing without Us, Your Superiors, The State. You, working single mother, carrying three jobs while trying to raise your children, are nothing without Us, Your Superiors, The State.

You, individual American, lawful creator and owner of your life, are nothing.

We own you. We The Collective are all.


Of course, when it’s time to take credit, The One trumps The Collective, particularly when it comes to important things that matter to voters:

A telling comparison between the endlessly maligned George W. Bush…and Himself:

One of these men knows from personal experience that all great achievements are the sum total of the cooperative skills and efforts of many people, that a free society thrives on millions of voluntary encounters, whether exchanging pocket change for a cup of coffee or the massive effort to bring an international criminal to justice.

The Other believes, or at the very least wants to make us believe, that It’s All About Me. Dubya gives credit where credit’s due, emphasizing others; the unfillably empty Obama can only devour the spotlight and madly chew the scenery.

How could such a dysfunctional creature ever understand free people and the things they routinely do, both together and alone? “You didn’t build that!” really means, “I wouldn’t know where to begin doing what you do…and you’re going to pay dearly for it.” He also means, “What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is…mine.”

Obama unmasked: dime store demagogue, hopeless narcissist, teacher’s pet, center of the universe, The One, His Royal Highness, The Entitled, The Man Who Would Be King, annointed bearer and dispenser of salvation to millions at His discretion, “sorta God,”  pathetic, empty fraud, standard bearer of today’s corrupted Democratic Party.

“You didn’t build that!” is guilt-laced Jonestown Kool-Aid, and millions of us aren’t drinking. Political and economic freedom is our Adult Beverage of choice. It works. It has always worked.

Check out this timeless little epigram  of what free trade, free markets, capitalism powered and populated by countless millions of free people worldwide can accomplish without the help of Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren and their moldy mob  of Marxist/Mafia scum.  Ours is the way the world works, not the Chicago Way.

You, Barack/Barry Soetero/Frank Marshall Davis Jr./Obama/whoever you are, will soon be history, hopefully now in 2012 or, God forbid, as late as 2016. [11/7/12. That’s ok. We’ll make it the most useless 4 years that you’ve ever suffered through in what has already been a thoroughly useless, decadent life.] All your calculated mystery and deception will be for naught, just the grist of a strange, sinister, cautionary tale for subsequent generations. Our best hope is that a growing majority of people will learn from their mistake of Believing in You: the fabled wolf in sheep’s clothing, the Trojan Horse, an idol with feet of clay, greedy seeker of power over others, destroyer of freedom, false prophet…We’re on to you, and the sorry fact is you can’t fool all of us all of the time. Our greatest president said that, a uniter, a figure for the ages, someone with whom you can only be contrasted, never compared. Unlike our Founding Fathers and towering figures like Lincoln and Reagan, you will only be a disturbing memory, America’s  Greatest Mistake, a serial imposter who omnipotently thought he could fool all of the people, all of the time. The bigger they are…and all that. You thought you were special. What an old story.

“Beware of false prophets [promising Hope & Change], which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”   Matthew 7:15

Wolf in sheep's clothing

I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone

Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown

And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command…


Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,

The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed. And on the pedestal these words appear:

‘My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings: Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,

The lone and level sands stretch far away”.

Percy Bysshe Shelley, “Ozymandias”

As if on providential cue, the Creator of the weather and everything else provides this parable of shifting sands and fallen idols, one week before the 2012 Democratic Convention.


And now, putting the Alinsky Way to good use:


Old Smoothie, always thinking of The Little Guy…


The One and His Beloved Bitter Half: Chicago or bust! Don’t let the door smack you two on the way out! [11/7/12: Ok, so it’ll be a slooooowww exit. The swinging door can get more than one shot at your sorry behinds. ]

Yeah, it's been real fun for us too.

Yeah, it’s been real fun for us too.

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Community Agitator, Marxist Godfather, Mediocrity

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