UPDATE 3/27/19: Just another White-operated money-making scam using Blacks and their deliberately perpetuated victimhood as the come-on…currently $500 million’s worth. The grifting founder, Morris Dees, and President Richard Cohen, now in hot water, possibly for the right reasons beyond the money.

One of the brain-twisting phenomena in today’s Orwellian politics is the hate racket: making $$millions/billions off spreading hate in the name of fighting hate. Send in those dollars to fight Rightwing Extremism, the KKK, Conservative Fascists!!!  Michael Moore has proven masterful at getting rich riling up the rabble as has every prominent demagogue in Democratic and Leftwing politics worldwide: the Clintons, the Obamas, Permanent Grievance industrialists like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Congressional Black Caucus, the PLO, Chavez & Co. down South America Way, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Now the target of a slew of libel suits, SPLC has its own go-to Hate List of organizations and has made it its business to defame, slander anyone obstructing the Progressive agenda that has completely engulfed the Democratic Party and its aspiring Presidential candidates. Naturally, where $$millions/billions are being stockpiled for such noble pursuits, a bit of rake-off and fraud just accidentally happens. “Follow The Money” is always a reliable tack when digging into the true, ultimate motives of these phony money-grubbing Champions of the Little Guy.


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