UPDATE 12/15/23: Among the Big Lies of our time, the myth of “Palestine” and “Palestinians” is a stand-out. The entire hoax is the invention of a full-blown murderous psychopath going by the same playbook as Black American Democrats representing millions of people kept permanently poor and angry on urban plantations to attract sympathy and wild profits from a gullible world of guilt-ridden fools. Since Israel’s founding in 1948, it’s been a whole industry fueled by historically primitive antisemitism and the prospect of creating overflowing Swiss bank accounts for those running the scam.

Wild Bill, speaking plain ol’ Western commonsense, tackles the myth of “The Palestinian.” Gotta love the Hebrew subtitles. Some Jews (excluding that idiotic 64% of American Jewry) DO know who their friends are. 


ORIGINAL POST 10/14/16Yasser Arafat, ugly as ugly does, one of modern history’s worst human beings, surely the most murderous anti-semite since Hitler. Yet during this monster’s blood-soaked stay on earth, he became a special favorite of the Clintons: lionized, honored, made respectable, even ruefully eulogized at death.

No greater example exists of Orwell’s vision of DoubleSpeak/DoubleThink madness than this fetid avatar of modern terrorism: Nobel Peace Prize winner, vicious murderer. And like the Obamas and Clintons of this sorry world, another self-appointed champion of the Little People socking away stolen or extorted billions in a Swiss bank account. Because they can.


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and the most infamous anti-semite of modern times since Hitler.”

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