Al Sharpton

November 5, 2012

As Blake saw the universe in a mere grain of sand, one could know everything about Leftist politics if one really followed the money trail that pays for Al Sharpton’s clothes(let alone his inexplicably lavish lifestyle). We’ve all been asking all these years: What do you do for a living, Al? And how do manage to stay out of jail while dodging taxes (2014)?

What should have been the end of Al was only the beginning. His Finest Hour. Al & Tawana. The photo is not doctored nor is  the real story of his career. But the Reverend himself? One big PhotoShopped Photo Op. That’s Show Biz.

The making of an illustrious career.


Tawana and her advisor.

Tawana and her advisor.

Style maven, glamorous celebrity. This is not a doctored photo. WHITE PARTY Supporter of the arts. This is not a doctored photo. al-sharpton-Selma-poster-AP-640x480[1] Concerned citizen/philanthropist. Friend of The Common Man. This is not a doctored photo.

Is the joke on us perhaps?

The joke’s on us.

Family man. This is not a doctored photo.


Slimmed down, same stunning white pajamas but black shoes for this outing.

Distinguished Democratic Party eminence. This is not a doctored photo, but is there a doctor in the house? Something is making us all sick. Hillary+Clinton+Al+Sharpton+Democratic+Presidential+N_j97Nitoqcx[1]

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