UPDATE 4/28/18: Making the rounds of the Web for a while, just some of the good reasons why Oprah would be the ideal leader of the Free World:

“I tell you how to run your marriage, but I can’t commit to marriage. I tell you how to raise your kids, but I don’t have any. I am very spiritual, but don’t go to any church or even identify as Christian. Even though I knew about Weinstein and the Hollywood casting couch, I was silent, but I support the Me-Too movement. I am racist to the core, but blacks can’t really be racist, so that doesn’t count.  I’m black & female, so I check all the boxes. I praised Denmark for their Socialism, though I am a billionaire due to Capitalism, the economic system that allowed a dirt-poor child from Mississippi to rise to world-renowned fame and wealth. The first time I openly endorsed a presidential candidate it was a black one, Obama.  Before a black candidate, I was not political. Vote for me, I will give you transforming change & a few tears.  Even though I am totally unqualified, I am as qualified as any other Democrat politician.”

UPDATE 1/8/18: For what passes in Hollywood as “sounding Presidential,” cheesy race huckster (remember the backfired Swiss Diss promoting her film?) and Harvey Weinstein intimate Oprah promises that men will never, ever, ever overstep the bounds of good taste and decorum again! Ever!! Furthermore, women will never, ever, ever use sex again to get what they want, especially in Hollywood! Never, ever, ever again!! Cue tears and waves of emotion!!! A campaign promise as likely to be kept as her crony BO’s vow to calm the oceans and make the waters recede. Only in Hollywood, 2020 A.D.D. (Anno Disintegratus Democrati) would such an oration make one a contender for top spot on the Donkey Docket. Born for the job! Emphasizing a newfound gravitas, OW always sports dark horned-rim glasses these days, suggesting a deeply serious nature and a mind-boggling intellect. First in line for her Veep? AntiFa fan Keith Ellison perhaps?! Or a reformed, evolved Harvey Weinstein??

"Madam" President displays the goods while "God" pinches the merchandise to test for ripeness.
“Madam” President displays the goods while nice businessman client pinches the merchandise to test for ripeness.

ORIGNAL POST 1/3/13: The most useful of Useful Idiots. Hard to dislike but a major enabler of the Obama disaster. And swiftly getting easier to dislike. (8/14/13) Possibly the most popular, powerful woman in (predominantly white) America, she has finally outed herself as just another race huckster, desperate to keep her skin color rather than her character(which built her wildly successful career) her raison d’etre. The opportunity for her and her hero Barack to transcend race once and for all in America is long gone, wasted by two petty ingrates. Being President of the United States and the most influential female entrepreneur in America just isn’t enough. For Liberals/Leftists like Barack & Oprah, nothing is ever enough: only finding the next well of dissatisfaction for full self-aggrandizement and exploitation keeps them going.

Second thoughts, Sister Girl? Naw. UPDATE 1/22/13, one day post-Inauguration: Then again, mebbe so. Gossip and rumors of dissension within the ranks of our smirksome Royal Couple and their courtiers do provide a bit of a lift, albeit minor and temporary. UPDATE 10/21/13: A billionaire girl talk show host can’t even get herself special scoops from her former BFFs at 1600 any more! So don’t expect any special ObamaCare promos from her!

One need look no further than her celebrated struggle with weight to  demonstrate Oprah’s own mad suicidal embrace of her Beloved Barack and his limousine Marxism. Not to mention her own hypocrisy or, to be more charitable and trendier, her “conflicted dysfunctional thinking.”

Oprah speaks, not just for voiceless fat women, underweight gays/transgendered, normally proportioned minorities, slightly pudgy paupers and every victimized chic voting bloc on American soil,  but unintentionally for thousands and thousands of privileged, hypocritical millionaires in love with Obama/Socialism. It sounds so good, it feels so good, and it costs her nothing. On the contrary, such open-hearted, open-handed sentiments softens that unfortunate image of Rich Greedy Capitalist, and, in the case of high-profile types like Big O and other corporate cronies, it buys all sorts of special perks and breaks unavailable to the lesser among us.

Here she is explaining her weight problems in her Foreword to one of weight/health guru Bob Greene’s books: newly rich & successful, everyone wants a piece of her…so she EATS: “Then everybody came out of the woodwork. Distant family members, who I barely knew, wanted me to completely take care of them or wanted to work for me. Relatives I hadn’t seen since I was ten years old showed up demanding thousands of dollars ‘because we’re family.’ Helping my family was something I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how to handle the total strangers who came to Chicago claiming to have spent their last dime leaving a battering spouse, or the teenagers who’d run away from home.”

Sounds like all the Worthy Entitled who voted for Barack! Well, you can relax. There’s a happy ending for our girl: “I finally made a decision…I set up trust funds with a finite amount of cash for the people to whom I wanted to give money. And to those I had no connection, I said no, and meant it.”

All those sponges (people she didn’t even know!) greedily demanding free goodies from Big Momma!! Deplorable. Good for Oprah. Now if only the rest of us were as entitled to the same choices about keeping what we’ve earned as billionaire pop culture icons are.