Plenty of talent, not an ounce of wisdom in sight.
Plenty of talent, not an ounce of wisdom in sight.

Another rich, clueless Limousine Liberal Socialist all agog at the idea of cradle-to-grave guaranteed goodies for the Little People from Big Brother, in this case Great Earth Father Obama. How can one be so totally oblivious to the cost of promising people Everything? Did he raise his own children to expect guaranteed outcomes in life? Was he raised that way? Since he alludes to regret over his late father not seeing the happy results of Obama’s Fair Shake to the downtrodden, it seems likely James was brought up to expect a life without want & disappointment for himself and everyone else. Clearly, he’s still confused & angry about his own enduring misery in the taunting face of his own good fortune. A child of wealth, privilege, fancy schools, luxurious homes in magical places, God-given artistic talent, early breaks leading to a dazzling well-earned career, he proceeded to became a fulltime heroin addict in his teens.

Learning nothing from his own earlier suicidal lifestyle, his prescription for the real Les Miserables is a drug far deadlier than smack: the poisonous opiate of financial dependency upon Big Government, the rationalized virtue of living a lifetime off of The Rich. Utopia, perfect happiness has eluded Baby James despite everything, and he is the perfect sucker for the standard old litany of Leftist/Liberal promises.

Lacking the self-indulgent luxury of Pitying The Poor enjoyed by rich pampered celebrities like James Taylor are those countless millions seduced, corrupted and permanently crippled by 50 years of The Great Society/War on Poverty/Headstart/Affirmative Action/Welfare/Food Stamp/ObamaCare  “benefits.” All those promises, all those free perks…and still feeling wretched & useless. Well staffed with CPAs & lawyers to handle the numbers, uber-rich Liberals like James feel no pinch however high taxes soar. He just feels good that he cares… and that everyone knows it! After all, he’s paying his Fair Share, and with his connections and musical talent, who would dare contemplate dragging him and his kind-hearted kin off to the guillotine?

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