UPDATE 4/11/17: Like Zelig, this sociopathic doormat just keeps popping up on cue whenever a false narrative needs delivery.

UPDATE 4/4/17: “I leaked nothing to nobody.” An Orwellian way of saying: “I leaked something to somebody,” a lot of something. Ms. Rice finds herself fried, hoist on her own petard as she denies anything to do with Obama spying on Trump. One detects a pattern here in this one, an operative to whom, like so many of today’s Demos, “lying comes so easily.”

UPDATE 9/30/13: Somehow, Benghazi doesn’t get mentioned in a 12 minute Rice interview. Let’s move on? Let’s forget?

All the right schools, all the right connections, all the right ideology, all that careful cultivation to be another high-level radical activist/mole in the government, Obama’s first choice for Secretary of State…and then that damn Benghazi thing and a one way ticket under the Obama bus. No worries. These hand-made operatives have a way of bubbling up to the surface again. National Security Advisor. What else? It’s a shame to waste all that toney subversion.

Reaching back to the gloried Clinton days, there’s a consistent history of playing The Game here.

Oh yeah. She’s got game at lying, she be REAL good at that…like for instance when she says she didn’t leak “nothing to nobody.”
Another one Up There, above the law, looking down on the rest of us insignificant fools.

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