I’m A Victim Too (IAVT)-Black Radical Chic division

UPDATE 3/17/23: Leave it to the pitiful State of CA to sponsor BLM’s nearest rival (to date $83,110,233,433) to being the biggest Race, Inc. shakedown of its long distinguished history. Rah! Rah! Reparations Now!!! (And it won’t cost you a cent.). Are we surprised to learn about a direct connection to all that lost Silicon Valley Bank money pouring into this and other Leftist/Democrat coffers? 


UPDATE 12/31/22: Woke ‘n wacky Whoopi Goldberg has once again invoked her mad meme, “No one except Blacks are allowed to complain about being victims of racism, even Jews shoved in ovens.” Like many of her fellow Black multi-millionaire celebs, she fancies herself special and mightily threatened by anyone considered more oppressed than she is.

UPDATE 4/2/22: UPDATE 4/2/22: Gallant Will and his lady fair Jada are the epitome of Radical Chic, co-producers of a love letter documentary on communist murderess Angela Davis’ somewhat less-than-admirable life.

UPDATE 3/12/22: The delusional Jussie Smollett is getting sent to prison for staging that badly choreographed hoax. Upon sentencing, he still claimed innocent victimhood and screamed repeatedly “I’m not suicidal!” as if to say, “I’m so important that someone is going to kill me in prison.” They may do that, but for no better reason than that he’s an annoying loser.

Black billionaire Robert Johnson calls for 14 TRILLION dollars in reparations, including a check for himself. Such extortion is nothing more than CYA self-promotion, a public bribe for the Insignificants to lay off him and HIS money come the revolution.

Mark Robinson, NC Lt. Governor, emerging rock star, a Black MAN responds to this cheap grifter with the fat wallet.

It’s YOU who owe!!!

UPDATE 6/25/21: Self-imposed systemic [Gotta love that word!!] victimhood [Gotta love that word too!!!!]: the key to the kingdom of Black Woke! You can be as Black, rich, famous, powerful as you want and still get your pass come the revolution. Let’s call it the Uncle Tom Vaccine.  Whadda deal! Whadda country!

But you CAN wake up rich, AND Woke AND Black! 

UPDATE 6/10/21: Nothing will ever be enough. Apparently all those oppressed and marginalized victims of Amerika are affluent enough to afford Tiffany baubles, as this fashion layout targeted to those “victims” implies. One may regret clicking on Explore The Story and find one’s  natural empathy for people with personal conflicts replaced by resentment at the self-serving Intersectional/Woke theatrics on display.

UPDATE 4/17/21: How times have changed. Through the magical logic of Wealthy Wokeness,   filthy rich Blacks Oprah & Meghan are victims and by virtue of their Whiteness, the destitute Joad family would be considered racists.

Since by such logic Blacks cannot be oppressors but only victims, it’s hardly worth a mention when a Pakistani Uber driver is murdered by two Black teens. Hmmm. Where is the new slogan Pakistani Lives Matter?

And curiosity grows about the sudden appeal of Asians as one more exploitable demographic victimized by “White Supremacy.” Rather than claiming falsely that Blacks are singled out by Whites as crime victims, the selectively outraged might ask themselves how and why young Blacks find themselves into heavy criminality in such overwhelming numbers. The other point lost on the Woke is that most victims of such serial criminality are other Blacks.  Kinda gives lie to the idea that the screaming Left (of any color) gives a damn about Blacks or anyone else when it comes to creating chaos and perpetual civil war in service to amassing power.


UPDATE 3/12/21: Meghan and her prince have morphed into the bellwethers of our culture’s slide into Wokeness. Even wildly famous, insanely rich celebrities can be AVT: A Victim Too!!!

A cup of coffee, a sandwich and you-hoo…

UPDATE 10/24/16: Add the insufferable Tavis Smiley to those multi-millionaire Blacks gleefully, bravely telling college students that the return of slavery is nigh. One must muse tht perhaps his keeping the young in the bondage of ignorance and fear is slavery worthy of abolition.

ORIGNAL POST 11/7/15: It’s all reminiscent of the Sixties when bored, hyper-privileged White Liberal celebrities were sitting in, marching, committing pointless, redundant Civil Disobedience “against the War!,” vying for “relevance” with one another, hoping against hope to be billy-clubbed, arrested and hauled off to jail as the cameras clicked away in order to be perceived as “with it.”

Now, prominent Blacks enjoying position, celebrity, great clout in their respective fields, find themselves bored (and nervous!) with their affluence and privilege as they elbow one another aside to be the next admired victim of White Racism. Their sad tales are all just little episodes in the wider, long-playing soap opera entitled “I’m A  Victim Too,” (IAVT!)Aside from their addiction to media attention, these people tremble at the thought of being lumped in with the other One Percenters (like themselves)  come the time when the rabble storms the Bastille.

This very public, shared victimhood is merely CYA time,  in effect no different than that practiced by Hollywood hypocrites like Streisand, Rosie, Roseanne, Redford, Clooney or billionaires like Gates, Buffett, Steyer, Soros. Spout the right Leftist slogans, pledge allegiance to the latest chic causes, and it’s Passover when the Revolution comes.

In truth, this self indulgence is an indication of how well Blacks are doing when many of the most privileged and pampered among them can be as superficial, selfish and cowardly as their White counterparts.


Members of the IAVT! Club (Black chapter) include:

Oprah, perhaps America’s most successful female entrepreneur. Remember the heartless indignity she claimed at the hands of a Zurich saleslady who implied Herself might not be able to afford a $38,000 purse? Remember she just happened to be  plugging her big budget film about racism at the time? The inevitable blowback was…embarrassing.

Louis “Skip” Gates, Harvard honcho/Cambridge resident & PBS star. Remember when it turned out that the Cambridge cop questioning him as he broke into his own house was responding to a burglary report (just doing his job) and, most inconveniently of all to the white-on-black-racism narrative, an Obama supporter! Embarrassing.

Charles Blow, NY Times Op-Ed columnist and serial kvetch. Remember him decrying his son’s detainment, neglecting to mention that the “harassing” party was a black cop just doing his job. Inconvenient and embarrassing.

Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith, Hollywood Bigs doing the Leonard Bernstein/Radical Chic cha-cha with the seamy likes of Angela Davis. Now that’s embarrassing.

And there’s always room for the lesser known like the Texas college prof eager for her own 15 minutes of glamorous victimhood via social media. Guilty of “walking while black,” she shrieks out to her new viral audience. Actually, just an obnoxious pedestrian hogging the road and not walking against the traffic.

Too bad when the same viral Internet trumpeting solidarity with the masses proves to be their undoing as facts of so-called”victimhood” prove to be fantasy. Sorry. Our sympathies and attention go to real victims, not to these indulged Boys & Girls Crying Wolf.

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