Ban guns! Save the children! Oh, wait...
Say it loud! Say it proud! Ban guns! Save the children! Oh, wait…

UPDATE 8/28/20: Ms. Fish-Without-A-Bicycle plumbs new depths of irrelevance in an earthshaking sit-down summit with Royal-At-Large/Hollywood Activist/Global Humanitarian Meghan Markle in the garden of the latter’s spanking new $11 million Santa Barbara estate. Funny the VERY upscale settings where these poseurs of Universal Equality position  themselves. As Concerned Elite, they’ve earned it. The big takeaway? Harry’s a feminist! And Gloria approves!

UPDATE 2/26/19: The irrepressible GLOracle marvels modestly on national tv about the stunning “relevance” of her hoary 35 year old scribblings on Hitler: “The new generation of reader is instructing me by saying that these essays are still relevant… On a more serious note, to put it mildly, is why Hitler was actually elected, and he was elected and he campaigned against abortion. I mean, that was — he padlocked the family planning clinics. Okay, so that is still relevant in the terms of the right wing. So there were very few things, actually, that I had to take out.”

As usual The Great She outdoes herself. Trump=Hitler. Pro-Life Trump Supporters=Nazis/”Good Germans.” Perhaps she will be thinking even more deeply and come up with yet a clearer picture of just how the mass murder/torture/ethno-racial cleansing of 6 million Jews is equivalent to advocating for the rights of babies, both unborn and born. May we inquire: who’s the one advocating murder here, especially in light of the recent embrace of infanticide by the Dems?

Speaking of “relevance,” note the picture of Children’s Best Friend above.

UPDATE 1/26/17: As long as there are cameras rolling, Gloria will be always be jumping right into that septic tank full of fish who don’t need bicycles. This time it’s the pussy-hatted Women Against Trump. Oh no. Say it ain’t so, Glo. She’s threatening to become a Muslim. Like Madeline Albright. To protest. Screening at the borders for possible terrorists. Muslim ones. You know. That Middle Eastern religion that treats women like slaves. And tosses gays off of buildings. And routinely blows people up. Gloria Steinem. The Feminist. Threatening to register as a Muslim, In Protest. Don’t ask.

ORIGINAL POST 11/11/15: Who better than Gloria Steinem as an example of a career Leftist enjoying every possible worldly success while damning the way of life that has awarded her so richly? And who better illustrates the selective outrage practiced by her ideological ilk when pointing out abuse to  her specially chosen Victim group?

Supposedly, in her case, the great cause is Women…unless the women happen NOT to advocate her rigidly Leftist/Progressive agenda. Like Conservative women. Another exception are those female sex objects who might embarrass misogynistic figureheads (and influential Leftists) like Bill Clinton or Teddy Kennedy? Or those female Islamic chattel integral to a barbaric culture that loathes America and Western culture as much as she does (if you don’t count all the perks of being rich, famous & American). One uncomfortable part of speaking up for Islamic women also puts a lie to Gloria’s complaints about Woman’s horrific fate here in Amerika. Also denied membership in Gloria’s elite sisterhood  are all those unborn little girls standing in the way of their mothers’ “liberation,” requiring the bothersome task of doing away with them via the Progressive holy sacrament of abortion.

Gloria Steinem, a classic Radical Chic opportunist/fraud first and last, genuine concern for women or anyone else way, way down the list, if there at all.