Vultures of a feather flocking together. It's being Left that counts, not women's rights.
Vultures of a feather flocking together. It’s loathing America & Israel that counts, not women’s rights.

UPDATE 12/30/18: Dear, dear. Female folk is gittin’ woke to Jihad Jenny and her Jew-hatred. Maybe next year, hon’. Maybe.

UPDATE 12/27/17: Today’s fresh, fanatical Face of Islam announces she and her fellow Muslims are immune from any crime they care to commit in Allah’s name, in this case, “oppressed, occupied” Muslims in Israel. There is no vile action that merits disqualification from membership in the Democratic Party pantheon, so long as that action is in service to destroying America and/or Israel. Another case in point: Hillary respectfully  quarantined, not expelled from the Party. So long as one is useful, there’s no lowdown lower than low.

UPDATE 11/1/17: Through Alice’s Looking Glass: Sharia fanatic, fan of female genital mutilation, full time hater Sarsour deemed one of Glamour Magazine’s “Women of the Year”. Also on the list, Maxine Water and Samantha Bee. Who, prithee tell, is running Glamour Magazine. Curioser and curioser.

UPDATE 9/20/17: One writer delves into the psychological  fate of young girls brought up within the hateful, vile depths of radical Islam. An unhinged Sarsour is the logical consequence of such an upbringing.

UPDATE 7/20/17: Jihad Jenny goes even deeper into the dark murk, championing a notorious cop-killer and projecting her excrescent essence onto a well-known journalist. To date, nary a critical word from all those pussy-hatted Luvvies. Perhaps she speaks for them too.

UPDATE 7/13/17: Taking cues from Jihad Jenny, American feminism circles the drain. In addition to tweets threatening to take away her female enemies’ private parts, she also now threatens to “take [her critics’] names.” What’s not to like about this creature?

UPDATE 3/16/17: Not-so-sweet Sarsour decrees pro-Israeli Jews can’t be feminists. Any word on that from what were undoubtedly thousands of Jewish PussyHatters?

Among the many questionable “benefits” of the yowling PussyHat Parade is bringing to prominence one of its principal organizers, Linda Sarsour. The NY Times flatteringly refers to her as “a Brooklyn homegirl in a hajib…a woman in a hurry” when she is simply Elizabeth Warren in a burqua, another rabid female gerbil on speed, viciously chewing her way through  the roots of every worthwhile social convention in hopes of fomenting revolution. There is no poisonous element in modern politics that she doesn’t guzzle like a dehydrated vampire and regurgitate on anyone within spitting distance. She is the incarnation of the Leftist madness that makes so-called “feminists” embrace and celebrate Islamic Sharia while cursing anything prefaced by the word “American,” “Israeli,” or “Western.” “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” goes their perverse logic.

As always with the Left, certain women are not welcome in the sisterhood, specifically those not into the Sharia/Marxist program. Sure sounds like a girl campaigning to be Sharia’s Head Dominatrix.
Just in case one might question the motives of a Marxist Muslim “feminist” who lives to stoke the rage of the bored and brain dead.