Louis channeling Hitler while singing "Banana Boat Song."
Louis channeling Hitler while singing “Banana Boat Song.”

11/6/18: Political pal of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison and presumably any Democratic Party dignitary wanting to be associated with Black racists, Mr. F. does Tehran and lets loose with a tirade that would consign any White, any Conservative to the permanent outskirts of civilized society. Leading chants of “Death To Israel!” and “Death To America” are among LF’s memorable, catchy rhetorical nuggets from his Iranian road show.  And only recently, Louie has shown a flair for poetic metaphor and rhyme, stating in Chicago that he’s “not anti-Semite, I’m anti-Termite!”  The mad rush to be photographed and seen on a dais with this Eminence is perfectly understandable for a political Party that has made “Hate America!” “Hate Israel!” “Hate Trump!” its fundamental platform.

UPDATE 8/1/18: Whoops! Never mind. Apparently, Netflix is feeling some heat from some Deplorables who don’t take a fancy to Black Nazis. Perhaps Netflix might think twice about the proposed “Stories” Michelle & Barack plan to “produce.”

UPDATE 7/30/18: Now the subject of what is undoubtedly a flattering documentary produced by his son. What is it again, that business of “putting lipstick on a pig?” No matter. With the Left’s natural affinity for anything Homicidally Muslim these days, the off-key praises will continue to be sung out from the usual ignorant, dark corners of Hollywood and similar forsaken places populated by Progressive multi-millionaires. See the “Let’s Change The World” celebration two Updates below.

UPDATE 5/28/18: As with Little Nork Rocket Man, it’s hard to imagine that Donald Trump has suddenly brought around…Louis Farrakhan? Sensible forces counsel a sober, cynical “Wait And See.” In Louis’ case and on the heels of Black rappers encouraging their fans to “leave the plantation,” this change of heart portends bad news for Dems taking Black votes for granted since LBJ’s gleeful Great Society prediction 5o years back.

UPDATE 3/15/18: We’ll call it the Normalization of a Nazi. Apparently, proud Jew-hater Louis F. is no longer untouchable, even to sensitive artists like Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dogg, Stephanie Mills, Chaka Khan. “The “Let’s Change the World” collection, which also includes a commemorative book and a behind-the-scenes DVD, is available for sale for $260…According to The Final Call, the Nation of Islam’s newspaper, the album features 45 songs in a variety of genres, including classical, gospel, jazz, folk, opera, rap, reggae and calypso.” Yes, the world has changed and is now upside down.

UPDATE 3/7/18: Apparently if you’re a raging anti-Semite and Louis Farrakhan, it’s no big deal to the Left. Let me see, ask the (many Jewish Liberal) pussy hat ladies, which do I hate more: an insane anti-Semite…or America and Israel? Having sworn their ultimate fealty to their Marxist masters, the Naaaasty Women opt for “America and Israel”…and give the Hitler wannabe a pass. Is it any wonder such people are led easily, willingly into gas chambers?

In some circles, one can even consort with today's best Hitler impersonator and still get elected POTUS. What a country...in some circles.
In some circles, one can even consort with today’s best Hitler impersonator and still get elected POTUS. What a country…in some circles.

Former calypso dancer, talented violinist and for decades America’s most eminent Black racist, fanatic proponent of racial separation and Black Islamic superiority, world class anti-Semite, Obama crony and serial incendiary.

Not the ideal sort of leader young Black Americans need to gain traction in moving up the educational and economic ladder. A young Black man, given the choice to riot or to go out and seize whatever beneficial opportunities might be available to him, would be encouraged to riot and destroy by Farrakhan. Then, in the ruins, the young Black man would be recruited, put into a clean, pressed suit accessorized with the trademark Nation Of Islam bowtie and go out and spread Farrakhan’s poison. If anything positive can be said about him, it’s that he showed musical talent as a young man. But peddling permanent hatred and social discord has proven more profitable and suited to the temperament of this sociopath, Black America’s Hate Spewer Laureate.

Anti-Semite extraordinaire Farrakhan embraces (the very Jewish) Felix Mendelssohn. More proof that admirable, sensitive artistic talent is not to be confused with the character of the person possessing it.


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