Michelle Goldberg, Barf Bag “Journalist”

May 20, 2018


I'll get you, Israel...

I’ll get you, Israel….

I'll get you, Israel…..

…and your little country too!






                                                                Here’s another political activist masquerading as a no-talent “journalist” who’s given up her religious & cultural heritage in favor of the Holy Religion of Leftism. In another NY Times screed preceding the splattered barf bag just tossed all over Israel, she lays out her very own “facts” proving that the Left has every reason to hate Trump while the Right has had no reason at all for opposing Obama’s agenda. When you’re a Leftist, one is entitled to shift reality at one’s convenience. And one is never wrong, regardless of results.

Rubbing up against this sorry package, one need know nothing more about clueless American Jewry, excited to see their friends guillotined as they join the shrieking mob in praise of their wanton killers. Leftist first and foremost, Jewish-American last…if at all.

So shall she be judged...

So shall she be judged…

...by her fingers and lying, proudly, hateful premises.

…by her nasty claws and lying, proudly hateful premises.

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