UPDATE 5/29/21: A multi-trillion dollar red-ink economy ?  The wildly obvious rise in overt anti-Semitism on these shores and a newly emboldened Hamas/PLO axis resuming their mission to annihilate Israel? The unfortunate missteps of one corrupt, demented old man? Or the Big Plan of the Democratic Party with that corrupt, demented old man as their not-so-mild-mannered face?

America in Ol’ Joe’s capable hands.

UPDATE 5/28/21: I am usually skeptical about “bombshells” and “shocking revelations” in this era of phony viral communiques and fake news. However, this article from National File on alleged diaries of Biden’s daughter claiming molestation by her father  rings true, especially in light of Crawly Creep’s well-documented inappropriateness with little girls, even as recently as today!

“I love those barrettes in your hair, man,” Biden said. “I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”

In a fair, just and honorable world, Joe Biden would long ago have been locked away in his basement,  out of sight, out of mind. Ditto Ted Kennedy to mention another Democrat who died a “hero” and the “Lion Of The Senate” icon in the  eyes of his soulless political cronies despite an history of heartless amorality. It’s a disappointment that a real comeuppance for characters like Biden and Kennedy often doesn’t come in this lifetime. But somehow, somewhere justice is served.

UPDATE  5/28/21: Perhaps it’s not really accurate to compare Biden to Jimmy Carter or refer to him as a puppet. Even the pompous pile of piety that was Mr. Peanut doesn’t deserve to be lumped together with such lowly company. Maybe Ol’ Joe is not just a victim of sclerotic brain cells but the same rotten crook he’s always been, only older and uglier.

Sneaky snakes, America’s curse.

The pass given to his Crime Family’s easily documented corruption (China, Burisma, bagman Hunter) is literally dizzying, but that’s not surprising in this demented BidenWorld forced upon us, upside down, backwards and speaking in gibberish.

Most lately there’s the little business of canceling our own Keystone oil pipeline, then pushing for Putin’s Nord Stream 2 golden gusher between Mother Russia and Germany. The question arises again: what does Vladimir have on Sleepy Joe?

Is there anything done in these first calamitous days of his illegitimate Presidency that isn’t a knife in America’s back? Is there anything normal or “nice” about this character who routinely insults and even threatens his own constituents without hesitation in full view of the media? Ha! Ha! Just joking! What isn’t a disaster coming out of this clown car of an administration?

Methodically undoing everything good accomplished by Trump and, for that matter, by our Founding Fathers leads one to suspect there is more afoot here than mere mischief and power politics. Evil and treasonous are such strong words to apply to Barack and his clown prince successor, so we’ll settle for “unthinkable” for the moment until the true trial test of time passes final judgment. In the words of Australian journalist Alan Jones, decrying our “cognitively delinquent” Leader of the Free World: “God help us.”


All the devastating carnage of this past year involving needless lockdowns, masks, ruined businesses, ruined lives lead back to this wicked little bad seed. In addition to his inexplicable media influence driving the DemPanic, it appears he may have directly overseen the funding of the lab experiments in the Chinese lab where the virus was let loose…or escaped, depending upon one’s level of cynicism.

This deceptively diminutive character responsible for such gigantic devastation is long overdue for his big fall, and yesterday would be too soon.

“My theory is that Anthony Fauci is a sociopath. He knew full well that virus came from the lab. He knew full well that he was the one who reauthorized gain-of-function. And day after day, for nine months leading up to the election, he did not level with the American people….and now he’s about to get into trouble.” Finally.

MICHELLE GOLDBERG-Representing all those Israel-hating Leftists pretending to be Jews.

UPDATE 5/26/21: Goldberg, the NY Times leading pundit heading up the Maskarading-Israel-hating-Leftist-formerly-known-as-a-Jew beat, is at it again. This time, it’s the revelation that Hamas’ renewed attacks on Israel are “a gift to the Right.” In other words, what disturbs her about Israel fighting for its life is that it might arouse the decency and outrage of too many Left leaners with a sympathetic taste for self-determination and liberty in their souls. In GoldieClaws’ Orwellian world, we’re informed that anyone in Israel’s camp is a Nazi, but we can’t have people otherwise in thrall to the Liberal/Left crossing lines in support of those “apartheid” architects. This   potential abandonment and ensuing desolation of a congealed life-form like Goldberg resounds in every vicious anti-Zionist epithet she utters.

By the way, the spike in anti-Semitism according to this harridan? All dating from the moment Donald Trump took office in 2016. Natcherly. Projection on steroids. And once again, as if one of Satan’s marked messengers on earth, there are those hideous talons again.



UPDATE 5/26/21: Hildebeast’s empty-headed offspring  takes her place among the pantheon of WHITE, clueless, rich, entitled, bitchy, bossy Karens looking for Woke sanctuary by pretending NOT to be  a WHITE clueless, rich, entitled, bitchy, bossy Karen. Which she is. Says she: I’m not WHITE! I’m WOKE! That’s nice, dear, except you are a WHITE clueless, rich, entitled, bitchy, bossy Karen. Taking after the emperor, this pampered princess may one day be forced to look in a mirror and see nary a stitch of those tastelessly expensive clothes to hide her essential uselessness.


AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing


Tossing a pen to The People is a good omen.

UPDATE 5/24/21: Based on his eminently sane approach to Covid hysteria, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues his rise as the model conservative candidate for 2024 if POTUSDJT decides to step aside. Protect the vulnerable, let healthy life go on. Sounds like America, does it not?

Admittedly, freedom as fundamental is anathema to a certain U.S. political Party (and its blind sheepish following) that functions entirely on perpetual fear and conflict to control the masses. How else to effect “fundamental transformation” without the chaos that has suddenly arisen on all fronts since the illegitimate installation of the Hologram Puppet and his Masters?

TRUMP MEDIA, reportedly coming to a nation near you this Independence Day!

UPDATE 5/24/21: Let us remind those privileged dunces thinking about moving themselves away from this so-called hellhole of “systematic racism” that millions (including Black Africans & Caribbeans) are aching to take their places. America not up to your Woke standards? Leave and let the commonsensical have a go at it.

Those of us profoundly grateful to be here with NO plans of leaving or abandoning what continues to be the freest, best hope of mankind look forward to MAGA’s resurgence with the eagerly anticipated launch of Trump’s own social media platform this coming July 4. Inexplicably, NeverTrumpism still clouds the vision of too many who think our way out of befuddled Biden’s socialist nightmare can be effected without any reference or credit to Trump’s roaring success in (among many things) record low unemployment and strong defense, domestically and internationally. What greater expression of free people on the move overcoming omnipresent threats and obstacles is there in our recent history?

FREEDOM remains a concept totally lost on those holding the Liberal/Leftist worldview, a view that glorifies “equity” and “guaranteed benefits.” Such Woke fools cannot see how their feeding trough nirvanas always end in tyranny. The reality of our politics is liberty vs. slavery, not meaningless promises from the latest political huckster. Restating the obvious, telling the truth is always the antidote to the  slow death by a thousand cuts  inflicted on us daily by depressing news dispensed in a befouled climate of fear. Winning over The Big Lies (and they are legion from surprising sources) remains the simple act of stating the simple truth if to no one else but  yourself.

For all the heretofore unimaginable threats to our American way of life, one still revels in the free exchange of information. Talent and, more importantly, wisdom still abounds in our free press. As the expression goes, that ain’t chopped liver.


UPDATE 5/24/21: Affluent LA residents, many doubtless Woke enemies of Walls and sympathizers for the plight of capitalism’s victims worldwide and beyond (see NIMBY), vocally protest the arrival of homelessness with all its attendant perks in their own cushy domains. Ultrafashionable Pacific Palisades finds its beaches now the proposed site for homeless shelter cabins.  Paul Hogan, redoubtable “Crocodile Dundee” to millions, is just the latest to decry the Californication/Detroiting of his once charming, affluent Venice Beach neighborhood, now awash in drugs and violence. Maybe, just maybe this spreading social cancer has something to do with the SYSTEMIC Progressive policies of mass unemployment, government dependency and crippled law enforcement.


UPDATE 5/24/21: Juilliard, the most prestigious of American performing arts training conservatories and alma mater to a constellation of the great artists over the past century, finds itself on suicide watch as CRT poisons this well of the arts. Among past and present sins for which it supposedly must atone: Whites have “not earned the right” to study Black history offered in the drama department. What would Marian Anderson, a truly great artist and heroic destroyer of REAL [not fantasized] racial barriers have to say?

One of THE Voices of the 20th Century magnificently shames the bigots on that legendary Easter Sunday, 1939.

UPDATE 5/24/21: A Spanish politician gets banned from Twitter for the “hate speech” of stating that men can’t get pregnant. Celebrated Colorado Christian cake baker Jack Phillips finds himself embroiled in new litigation. Apparently he’s now THE go-to guy for anyone wishing to bring any principled person to court for their beliefs. Cancel Culture is alive and well and on the move! The only question is where and what total absurdity is next?

ANSWER! The Woke book burners, thinking only what is good for the rest of us, are now coming for William Shakespeare! Universally considered history’s greatest writer, The Bard was/is/always will be the ultimate artist, a consummate painter in words, illuminating in his plays and poems virtually every known aspect and facet of humanity. Naturally, the ubermenschen of the Left consider him problematic and overdue to be revised, censored, contextualized and basically ruined if not banished from sight. Is there anything the Left doesn’t ruin?

UPDATE 5/24/21: SuperWoke Portland is now in the process of creating its own hometown Hitler Youth in the form of  modernized teenage SJWs. The 3 R’s have been appended (if not totally displaced) in favor of CRT, Critical Race Theory. Oh goody. More (in the eloquent words of wild & wooly Australian newsman Alan Jones) “selfish, badly educated, virtue-signaling little turds.”

CHINA TOLD YA SO….and other Communists on the move.

UPDATE 5/24/21: Meanwhile (meaning on top of genocide within their own borders and helping play Edgar Bergen to our Chancey Gardner McCarthy), the ChiComs are buying up Texas. At the risk of being shamed as one of Hillary’s Deplorable Xenophobes, might we inquire, “Why?”

UPDATE 5/24/21: Hong Kong is gone, now a totally tyrannized annex of ChiCom expansionism. Next is Taiwan, now in Beijing’s unimpeded crosshairs thanks to the sudden absence of any American deterrence to Communist conquest. The Great Leap Forward for Mao’s redder-than-ever descendants is: Taiwan today, the world tomorrow! Does it have anything to do with the Biden Crime Family being personally owned by China’s dictators with the full cooperation of his DC handlers and like-minded totalitarians now in control of his Party?

UPDATE 5/24/21: We have an administration studiously ignoring rape, torture and murder en masse of Ugyhur Muslims by the ChiComs. Think “torture rooms and vanishing corpses.” But then, that’s what the Left has always deemed necessary in the absence of any goal except totalitarian power and control.


UPDATE 5/26/21: Like those touting the glorious benefits of Leftism/Socialism/Communism, the geniuses who locked down the world promise they’ll get it right… next time. And doubtless there will be a next time considering how effective the whole CoronaCraze was in consolidating power, eliminating political resistance and implementing Obama’s fabled Transformation via the Hologram Puppet currently installed in DC.

Lockdowns, masks, social distancing still remain in place almost everywhere despite The [Faux] Happy Solution of vaccines and all despite there being no statistical difference of infections/deaths in states and countries with and without all the precautionary measures. As one writer asks, after more than a year of this panic porn mass manipulation: “But wait a minute…”

As effective as masks and twice as stupid-looking.


UPDATE 5/26/21: Profound insight into the Cult Of Covid from The Glazov Gang. Watch all videos, particularly the interview with Daniel Greenfield to understand The Mask and The Vaccine as the diabolical weapons of mind control they are.

UPDATE 5/26/21: No end to the insanity just yet as the Covid Cultists cling desperately to their face diapers, even outdoors. As instruments of control, The Masks continue to exert that bizarre power over the sheeple with only occasional monkey wrenches like those tossed into the works by possibly the most victimized of The Masked: a sensible 10 year old boy. and a stubbornly independent teenager tormented by a sadistic Mask Nazi teacher.   

How curious that the CDC has declared the science miraculously “evolved”  over two weeks leading to a most gracious relaxation of their wacky mask mandates. So much for the so-called “science” touted by the anti-science zealots’ and petty tyrants” who have turned America and most of the world into one big dumpster fire over the last 18 months. Despite no new Covid deaths in places like Texas to add to the falsely inflated tallies, government officialdom and masses of obedient serfs have reacted with fearful disappointment at the threatenened loss of their lockdown cages and masks. Masks today, masks tomorrow, masks forever!!!

So pleads that stalwart cultural icon of American fortitude Rachel Maddow who says she needs to rewire her brain so she won’t view The Unmasked as selfish threats. Talking head Gayle King complains to the great Dr. Fauci  (who started this whole thing) that she feels “judged” by the likes of Rachel.

Joining this bleating chorus is the heroic replacement for the odious Orange One with a warning: get the vaccine or else! Want The Mask again?! “The Choice Is Yours!”  Sounds like a threat, does it not? There’s also social shaming, ostracism, maybe even loss of your job to let you know our [illegitimate] Commander-In-Chief and his deputized henchmen among the Woke citizenry out there mean it!!

Can it be more evident that the whole thing, start to finish, always has been about politics psychologically geared to the easily manipulated masses. Despite the exultant Hosannahs! of the terminally naive, we of coarser fiber are quietly pleased at the respite while wondering what next Big Lie and exploitable crisis awaits.

UPDATE  5/24/21: Rand Paul in for it from the Maskarading Control Freaks and, in the bargain and probably not unintentionally, winning hearts and minds of MAGA Americans by refusing the vaccine and tossing away the mask. The cad!! The villain!


The fate of HCQ is the fate of America. There are those who choose what is proven to be or even might be beneficial to people; and there are those who deliberately choose to thwart or withhold what is beneficial in order to acquire power over people.

UPDATE 5/28/21: The authors and pushers of the narrative discrediting the use of HCQ and Ivermectin to counter Covid clearly hate science, hate truth and hate life. Don’t tell the Great Dr. Fauci and his ilk, but those “Trump drugs,” villainized here , are saving lives in India.

DEJA DOOM/EXIT MUNDI-Leftist-created “Existential Threats”

UPDATE 5/24/21: As fear has proven to be the most effective tool of political control in this Covid era, the term “existential threat” has become one of the Woke’s most titillating memes. Unfortunately for the rational portion of the public, end-of-world scenarios are no longer the province of the muttering, bearded lunatic with the End-Of-The World placard but mainstream! Patrick Moore is a former Greenpeace scientist making welcome mincemeat of the most prevalent Armageddon hoaxes such as Climate Change.

From Invisible Catastrophes And Threats Of Doom:

“It dawned on me one day that most of the scare stories in the media today are based on things that are either invisible, like CO2 and radiation, or very remote, like polar bears and coral reefs. Thus, the average person cannot observe and verify the truth of these claims for themselves. They must rely on activists, the media, politicians, and scientists – all of whom have a huge financial and/or political interest in the subject – to tell them the truth. This is my effort, after 50 years as a scientist and environmental activist, to expose the misinformation and outright lies used to scare us and our children about the future of the Earth. Direct observation is the very basis if science. Without verified observation it is not possible to know the truth. That is the sharp focus of this book.”

As a reviewer concludes, “There is no substitute for the truth.” Alas, that commodity in frighteningly rare supply these days.

ISRAEL and AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

UPDATE 5/29/21: With the leaving of Trump and the coming of Biden, there has been a sudden spike in anti-Semitism. Hamas has resumed its attacks on Israel, and assaults on Jews  in both Manhattan and LA are daily news. It’s mildly encouraging that  more than a few slavishly loyal Jewish Democrats are waking up to where their wonderfully compassionate, socially conscious Party really stands with regard to them. Can it be they are nothing more than one more dependably blind voting bloc like Blacks,  also now realizing in growing numbers that their value to the Democratic Party has only been as great as the power their lockstep vote contributes to the Party’s power?

UNHOLY ALLIANCE-Radical Islam and The Left

UPDATE 5/29/21: To understand the life-and-death politics of the world’s two freest, most productive nations, look no further than the  BLM/Hamas/PLO axis of evil. In both theory and practice, these poisonous entities are natural allies, counterparts of one another in their respective wars on America and Israel. The last century’s bloody history provides a precedent with the Hitler-Stalin pact. How much damage these evildoers euphorically accomplish in mutual support and how long they last before they turn on one another remains to be seen.

A good start in fighting them is recognizing the self-hating traitors within enabling their lethal mischief. In America’s case, it’s today’s anti-Semitic Congressional Squad now calling the tune to which nice ol’ Joe and his whole Party is currently dancing. Less obvious and more disturbing is the blind following of mainstream Democrats down whatever evil path their mad leadership takes them. They righteously think of themselves, after all, as the Party of FDR and JFK, Hubert Humphrey, social consciousness and all-round niceness.

Why does hearing their “moderate” figurehead praise and pander to a sworn anti-Semite not give them doubt or pause? To quote our discerning Puppet Prez  addressing Congress’ vicious anti-Semite Rashida Tlaib directly, “I admire your intellect, I admire your passion, and I admire your concern for so many other people…”

Is there something confusing here? The sudden nationwide physical assaults on Jews in our major cities coincides with Biden’s destruction of Trump’s solid peacemaking progress in the Middle East. Is it stretching the point to think that hating Israel goes hand in hand with hating Jews?

Anyone with a pulse and little in common with sociopaths would be wise to cut through the fog surrounding the phony narrative [Settlements!! Colonialism!! Apartheid!!]  of these vocal Israel haters in Congress and recognize their indifference and deliberate denial of the atrocities of Hamas and the Palestinian terrorists against not only Israelis but against their own people.  Don’t take my partisan word for it. Ask an Israeli Arab unimpressed with Tlaib’s “intellect” and more clued-in to the lies and hypocrisy surrounding her projection of Hamas atrocities onto Israel.

Sound familiar? Think BLM and its Democratic Party enablers projecting their own created & perpetuated Inner City crime and poverty onto “White Supremacy,” law enforcement in particular. It’s Israel’s fault over there; in America it’s “systemic racism.”

The evil Unholy Alliance viewed through an Orwellian lens as “freedom fighters” continues to obscure the origins  and motives for manufactured chaos here and abroad. Hooray! Antisemitism is back in all its genocidal glory, and many of its most prominent enablers and advocates are Jews, not to mention ALL those blind mainstream Democrats with very few exceptions who just won’t admit their Party has literally gone to the devil.

We approach a point of no return for both America and Israel. Unlike Jews fleeing Europe either for America or Israel in the last century, there is no longer anywhere else to go. It is fight or perish.  


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