Anti-Semitism goes mainstream! Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib:
Those merry Muslim Congressional She-Devils

March 3, 2019
If the picture isn't pretty, neither are their stated views and intentions.

If the picture isn’t pretty, neither are their stated views and intentions.

UPDATE 7/21/19: Stark clarity seems to be the positive result of Trump’s now-infamous Tweet inviting these 3 (plus one other head-swiveling CongressCreature in need of an exorcist) to love America or leave it. To re-state the last line below from the original post, “Behold the new face of the harmoniously hateful Democratic Party.”

Meanwhile, more on Omar and her curious family history. Sounds like corruption runs deep in the DNA.

ORIGINAL POST 3/3/19: With the unwelcome arrival of an AOC,   Rashida Tlaib (Michigan) and Ilhan Omar (Minnesota) in Washington, we’re treated to yet another trio of subversive harridans haunting the hallowed halls of the U.S. Government, these duly elected by a permanently disgruntled electorate in 3 different Congressional districts in 3 different states.

Each has her own embellished hagiography (refugees! immigrants! the American Dream!) put glowingly forth by an adoring media, but they speak with one hate-filled voice.  Uniting them and anti-Trump Progs of all varieties is their white-hot hatred of American free enterprise, capitalism, individual liberty and anything that’s not Socialist/Big Gov [Open Borders! Medicare For All! Death To Israel! Climate Change Crisis!!] That is to say, anything or anybody promoting the idea that individuals can and must rise as individuals, not as passive members of plantation-like Victim Voting blocs dependent upon Marxist Mafiosi molls.

AOC is thus far the most publicized and gaffe-prone, but her two anti-Semitic Muslim comrades are giving her a run for the money.

Ilhan Omar from Minnesota is making HATE/BLAME/WIPE OUT ISRAEL her theme song while Rashida Tlaib has opened her variety show with the upbeat promise to “impeach the MF-er” Trump. Seamlessly synced with her own and Omar’s anti-Semitism, Tlaib is also an active flag-waving-and-wearing PLO cheerleader. Naturally, they are the darlings of anyone on the Mad Cow Left these days although the Donkey Old Guard are wary of the problem this violent, seditious rhetoric may pose at the polls. Be assured that if the majority of American voters were communist Jew-haters too, Pelosi and Schumer and their toads wouldn’t hesitate to be waving Palestinian flags and marching in red on May Day too.

Behold the new face of the harmoniously hateful Democratic Party.

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Those merry Muslim Congressional She-Devils

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