UPDATE 5/9/21: He was never a nice guy anyhow. Never.

Carrying himself off with characteristic class at the 2012 debate.
We know who and what they’re against, but what are they for? A little insight into the sheer emptiness of  the Biden “admirer. From a Facebook post by a typical White Baby Boomer with plenty of money and time and circumstance to be totally removed from the reality of overrun borders, trashed cities, the professionally unemployed on the permanent take from the U.S. Treasury: 

“President Joseph Biden: He has been sharp, focused and completely on top of things. The senile geezer that the GOP / Conservatives were expecting / hoping to see did not show up. He is spearheading the most formative administration since FDR. An approval rating of about 60%. He stepped up his game and got better at 78. It’s time for the prejudice against the elderly to be reversed. Knowledge and experience are what we need.”

There are none so blind as those who will not see.


UPDATE 5/9/21: A sobering reminder how all roads lead back to this piece of evil banality.


UPDATE 5/9/21: A lifetime of treason and treachery has logically led to the latest revelation about Kerry’s ratting out Israel’s defense plans to his Iranian comrades. This Green enthusiast who flies all around the world in private jets also has invested heavily in oil and gas stocks. You know, those awful fossil fuels that will keep the world running long after the unreliable renewable energy sources are long gone with the wind.

It also appears that his continued prominent presence in the Biden administration may be due to what he has on the Biden crime family and their Red Chinese connections. More and more, as malfeasance is held unaccountable and shock non-existent, inroads of tyranny are further solidified.

Who controls whom?



UPDATE 5/9/21: The world’s most prominent Catholic is an Open Border/immigrant “luvvie” who decries walls…except for the one around him and the Vatican.



UPDATE 5/9/21: Liz Cheney is just a power-hungry pig. History will not be kind to those RINOS and faux conservatives who panicked and showed their true devious colors when real conservatism became the Republican base.

My main reason for writing about current events is to stay somewhat in control of those ominous developments that threaten me and my sense of well-being. These days (Spring, 2021), one is hard-pressed to keep up with the bad news and ward off a sense of dread, a gray, gradually darkening mood that must have pervaded post-WWI Russia and 1930s Europe. How many of us have reassured ourselves that this is America, built to withstand fascism? Can’t happen here…except it is happening; and from the perspective of those of us with our feet on the ground and eyes open wide, there is something real to fear. The infernal masks remain as a theatrical, visible reminder of who’s in control these days and what’s in store for dissenters. Yet, there is still a free exchange and expression of unpopular ideas. So, on we go.
UPDATE 5/9/21: Destined for the most surreal historical annals of political propaganda, we are treated this week to the MAGNIFICIENT, MAJESTIC, TOWERING, SUPREME, IMPERIAL, GIGANTIC Slippery Sleepy Sloppy Joe and his vacuous Dr. Jill. And unintentionally letting us know that the deadly serious mask act is a bad joke on the rest of us.

UPDATE 5/9/21: Where else but through the looking-glass can we witness, straight-faced, the terminal dorkiness of one of the world’s richest, most powerful men and architect of a New World Order/Master Plan for the masses?

Dancing Dork, Master Of The Universe

AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing

UPDATE 5/9/21: From a Kiwi, some good common sense pointers to help worried Americans stay on track and dispense with despair, starting with “1. Face Reality.” It’s the departure point  if we are to keep our troubled Republic and not slide into ruin.

UPDATE 5/9/21: The calm, clear-headed Jordan Peterson prevails through hysterical Cancel Culture and his own personal demons. One good reason: he won’t apologize for stating his piece. 

UPDATE 5/9/21: The staff of once-eminent publishing house Simon & Schuster petitions to forbid any trace of Trump and his supporters from appearing in their pages. A courageous, principled Black Senator refuses to stay on the Leftist/Woke slave plantation and must withstand the brickbats and insults of the mob. A father removes his daughter from a toney Manhattan school and its blatantly racist brainwashing curriculum and finds himself excoriated as a racist. I offer a pre-recorded musical program celebrating prominent American Jews in entertainment that includes Al Jolson. One self-styled SJW posts an outraged objection to the ‘racist king of blackface performers’  on Facebook, and the library panics and requests that all traces or mention of Jolson and his music be removed. (The program went on with Jolson and his songs intact.)

As stated in my response to the library, pertinent to my situation and that of every Cancel/Cancer Culture incident:

“I direct you, your colleagues and this fashionably self-righteous(and wholly ignorant) commenter to Orwell’s warnings about erasing history-songs, movies, books, statues, building names, memorials, whole reputations-however unpleasant it may be deemed by some. 

‘Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.’

My Lectures-in-Song are interesting history as I see and interpret it. Doubtless someone somewhere will take offense at something in practically every presentation I do as it’s become chic to take offense these days at anything they choose. It’s a slippery slope advocates of such censorship are on. Where does it stop?”

ORIGINAL POST 5/9/21: Not for nothing is the FIRST Amendment of our Constitution the guarantee of free expression in speech, religion, association, the press. The erasure of these core freedoms now in progress (Cancel Culture) is a plague. No virus let loose from a Chinese lab has a more destructive effect on healthy human life than this key hallmark of all totalitarian regimes. There’s silence…or there’s resistance and  speaking out. With increasing frequency, we all find ourselves facing that very thorny choice. The risks vary from personal shaming and social ostracism to loss of one’s livelihood, even loss of life. The flip side is the accommodation of sheepish millions to the prevailing narrative, smiling agreement masking naked fear. Those not acknowledging it’s a problem, THE problem, are living in a fog of terrified denial.




UPDATE 5/9/2`1: Bret Stephens, referencing Midge Decter and her “Liberal Parents, Radical Children,” describes the compounded infantilization and coddling of each generation that started as a slow slide in the 60s and has now become a raging avalanche of anti-social idiocy.
UPDATE 5/9/21: Surprise! Surprise! Biological warfare a longtime item on the Chinese agenda.  So why the claim now this little Corona problem is an “accident, an “escape” from a certain Wuhan lab funded by Fauci & Co?  As they say, timing it everything, and when a major wrench in the works like Donald Trump is POTUS….hmmm?
UPDATE 5/9/21: Social credit scores a la Chinois, coming to a red, white & blue country near you.  Like the Berlin Wall? Hong Kong residents are now warming up to their own cozy version of a barbed-wire enclosure. And to think some consider China the “good” kind of communism…


UPDATE 5/9/21: Of all the gin joints and Chinese labs in this world, he had to walk into mine…Where did this thing originate? And why? All fingers point to Fauci and the Wuhan lab he helped fund. What a coincidence!


Apparently vaccine passports and criminalizing those who choose not to be vaccinated is off the table in some quarters. Florida has banned the very notion of vaccine passports; and If Nancy Pelosi isn’t planning to weaponize it, then safe bet it’s just a meaningless sop thrown to us by our Masters. Who cares if all of those “anti-vaxxers” die anyhow?


UPDATE 5/9/21: ALWAYS follow the money, especially in the Marxist universe where lots and lots of money, luxury and power is ok for those animals deemed more equal than the other animals. Ask real estate mogul & fancy resort habitue Patrice Cullors, BLM co-foundress and major league grifter. Not as an aside, this sociopath is loud and proud to be compared to Chairman Mao, mass murder champ (40+million) of the twentieth century. Keep moving those goal posts, Patrice, redefining Marxism, and never, never apologize.


UPDATE 5/9/21: Big Gov to the rescue…for an economy that didn’t need rescuing. But if the goal is a nation of jobless, aimless sheep, a Sovietized America, bravo! The illegitimately installed Democratic Party is now well on its way to making America one big Inner City operating outside the traditional authority of Constitutional law. Such are the consequences of de-incentivizing gainful employment. A nation of dependents, a bankrupt treasury. The runaway Biden train is right on track! “Transformative as FDR” is the way one enthusiastic Biden supporter (but actually more a Trump hater) describes it.

What we are living through should come as no surprise to readers of Huxley and Orwell, contrasting prophets of a totalitarian future that has arrived. Elements of both are in full operation: Orwell’s police state dystopia of physical force (lockdowns, masking, unlawful search & seizure of political opponents) and Huxley’s placid world of psychological addiction to “safety.”

Just a distorted bad dream of America, 2021?


UPDATE 5/9/21: Astonishment here that Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who successfully prescribes the taboo Trump-associated HCQ and zinc to his Covid patients, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Though this honor has lost much of its credibility and prestige thanks to its preference for predominantly anti-American Leftist frauds as its honorees (Arafat, Menchu, Obama), it’s refreshing to see a real hero get well-deserved praise and recognition.

ID POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 5/9/21: The newly empowered “Systemic Racism” of CRT, BLM and fellow travelers continues to get under the skin (presumably White) of anyone sufficiently self-hating to play obsequious slave to their cruel overseer. Obama was the Trojan Horse who snuck in under the guise of being “the first post-racial President” only to deliberately foster a universal world view of victims and oppressors, everyone included and complicit.
Anyone now remotely critical of this view that America is essentially a hateful country is targeted as one of Hillary’s celebrated Basket of Deplorables. A parent speaks out to jeers & catcalls of “Racist!” when removing his daughter from the high-fashion brainwashing she was undergoing at her $50K+ Manhattan private school. A prominent Black conservative such as Senator Tim Scott not playing along with the Woke narrative is branded an “Uncle Tom.” A fair, fully legitimate trial for Derek Chauvin has proven impossible when the jurors and the entire city of Minneapolis find themselves with a literal gun to their heads if a guilty verdict is not reached. The Chance Gardener impersonator from Delaware cheers on this extortion from his delusional basement lair. A white policeman saves the life of one Black teenager clearly caught on camera by shooting another Black teen  about to plunge a long knife into her intended target. The usual sociopaths portray this as wanton police violence on a peace-loving Black child. A similar incident of a Black on Black teenager murder doesn’t merit a moment’s notice.


UPDATE 5/9/21: The Islamic invasion of Europe was prophesized decades ago in a novel entitled “The Camp Of The Saints.” Being considered a tract espousing “White Supremacy” by the Left and a cause for alarm only serves to give it historical validity as a warning about unchecked immigration.

On the domestic front, “Follow The Money” proves to be reliable advice when exposing the profiteering motives of this administration’s Open Border advocates. There is major capital and political power to be accrued in human trafficking.

Rule and Guiding Principle #1 for both today’s “journalists” and their political keepers: just tell lies and see if anything sticks.
UPDATE 5/9/21: Biden’s mendacious rant , a make-believe State of the Union address,  can best be described as one long, sleep-inducing Lie  that bombed on all counts. Rather than delve into the Left’s epidemic turnings of truth onto its head, one can simply focus on the scripted tale tales slowly read, one after the other after the other, by ProgWorld’s most prominent mouthpiece/puppet, well described by one acute observer as a confused, elderly dictator demanding more money.  Let’s make that confused, elderly serial liar demanding more money.
Stand-out lie was his description of the events of January 6 as the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”  As January 6 has become the centerpiece of the Deep State’s latest attempt to criminalize, stigmatize and erase any trace of Trump and his 80 million supporters, this outrageous howler is understandable because it will resonate with the brain-dead who also see Biden’s ascent as the greatest deliverance since Jesus’ imminent return. 
UPDATE 5/9/21: Mask theatre goes ’round the bend and into the 4th dimension. Heels-Up Harris & Hubby kiss…with their masks on…in the open air…in full view of the cameras.
Who are the stupid ones here: the play actors or the dummies who think this is anything other than play-acting? Who still thinks this is about anything other than control? If we can keep getting you to wear this prop, no telling what else you’ll agree to.
A hopeful development: the CDC finds itself the target of ridicule from those few commonsensical journalists with no patience for the nonsensical policy on “the masks.”
AND….the sensible and concerned Babylon Bee makes the world an even safer place by suggesting the wearing of seat belts even when outside the car. 
Good news for the buffalo!  They may soon be allowed to discard the masks. But anyone socializing with the vulnerable (and aromatic) creatures may still be required to social distance…and wear double face-coverings.



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