UPDATE 1/27/23: German Cardinal Gerhard Muller speaks for millions in a new book about Pope Francis and the Pontiff’s penchant for championing Leftists and their Progressive causes while studiously ignoring corruption within the Church. His politicized papacy is almost certainly the most visible expression of that corruption.

UPDATE 1/23/23: Does the Catholic Church really believe it can survive by denying corruption in its midst? Unsurprisingly, Baltimore/DC seems to be a particularly fertile petri dish for this rot, boasting both the defrocked ex-Cardinal McCarrick and the now-infamous case of Father Maskell’s serial molestation of both male and female students (convincingly documented in the series “The Keepers.”) The close sequence of recent deaths of prominent Catholics distinctly unaligned with the current Pope-investigative reporter George Neumayr, wrongfully smeared and pontiff critic Cardinal Pell, even ex-Pope Benedict-should ideally draw attention and some resolution to the mounting self-destruction taking place within an ancient institution that could and should be a universal moral authority in this lawless world, not a sick reflection of it.

UPDATE 1/15/23: You don’t think maybe, just maybe, the vicious, unjust persecution of Australia’s late Cardinal Pell had anything to do with his clear recognition of the toxic presence and, in his words, “catastrophe” of Pope Francis? 

UPDATE 9/17/22: The Pope has further outed himself as a pawn of the most evil forces on earth. When he refuses to speak out on behalf of Hong Kong Cardinal Zen being imprisoned and silenced by the ChiComs, we are witnessing active collusion with the devil at the highest levels of the Catholic Church.

UPDATE 5/14/22: Thus far, silence from the Prog Pontiff about the arrest and threatened imprisonment of heroic 90 year Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong by the Chinese regime. Shameful but hardly a surprising sin of omission by a committed Leftist ideologue and instrument of totalitarian tyranny.


UPDATE 5/9/21: The world’s most prominent Catholic is an Open Border/immigrant “luvvie” who decries walls…except for the one around him and the Vatican.

UPDATE 4/17/21: Catholicism’s most prominent servant of God on earth and Marxist Globalism’s mouthpiece in the Vatican has fulfilled his latest task on behalf of his human masters behind the curtain by calling for  “Global Governance” and vaccines for all.

They don’t come any more underhanded or dangerous.

UPDATE 10/5/20: A new encyclical from Pope Francis calling for an end to free market economies and the assumption of “world authority” with “real teeth” by nothing less than the UN verifies that the Communists have a full-time operative front in the Vatican. The rationale comes from the same lying deception that preaches Jesus catered to the poor and, therefore, was a “socialist,” so why not? The wily Pontiff just went up yet one more notch in the Left’s estimation.  How obedient to their Pope will world Catholics be?

Hmmm, now what have we here? “Cool!”quoth Il Papa Woke Progresso.

UPDATE 1/1/20: No longer just an embarrassment to devout Catholics but now, in a public relations disaster, just another cranky, mean old coot. One can easily empathize with any celebrity recoiling from the overeager physical advances of a fan, but this belies the carefully cultivated image of saintly, egalitarian Man Of The People and Social Justice Warrior.

UPDATE 5/6/18: The Pope has become as reliably Leftwing PC hypocritical as Rosie O’Donnell or George Clooney. Perhaps he’s just another empty Hollywood celeb playing a role.

ORIGNAL POST 9/25/15: Our eternally springing hopes for a new Pope to unify & stabilize  in these divisive times are now pretty much kaput, thanks to his much-heralded Congressional speech. The man is a Progressive mouthpiece, drawing lavish praise from Bernie Sanders and the Climate Change faithful. Predictably, for some like militant gays and abortion enthusiasts, he’s not Progressive enough.

Obama and the Left are very pleased. The rest of us, not so much.

Unholy alliance.
Unholy alliance.

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