Corbyn: Britain's beloved Marxist
Corbyn: Britain’s beloved Marxist alongside his own beloved heroes Lenin & Marx in profile. Equally sweet for Venezuelan messiah Hugo Chavez.

Now sent packing by a British electorate coming to its senses, Jeremy Corbyn is the British embodiment of our own anti-Semitic, Marxist Democratic Party gone to hell in a handbasket and determined to take us all down with it.

Corbyn’s anti-Semitism and regressive “Progressivism”  is especially noteworthy, a mutual admiration stance he and his Israel-hating Labor Party enthusiastically share with tweeting pen pal AOC.

Check! Check! Check! Paradise attained!
Check! Check! Check! Paradise attained!

For even some prominent diehard Laborite “remoaners” like J.D. Rowling and her fellow travelers on the radical chic British Left, Corbyn’s virulent anti-Semitism is a bit excessive, too much even for traditionally Labor-friendly Jewish media. Openly consorting with unrepentant Islamic terrorists can be a turn-off.

One can only hope that this old school bearded radical (and miraculous love child of Marx, Lenin & Trotsky) is headed for the proverbial “dustbin of history;” however his ideas and those with whom he has kept company should remain a permanent warning to what totalitarian treats always lay in store, even to stalwart beacons of freedom and true civilization like Great Britain, Israel and America.

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