In line with GB Shaw’s observation that a family is a tyranny ruled over by its weakest member, we are now compelled by law to accommodate the most freakish and foul in our midst. Like the nasty Palo Alto Doxxer aspiring to SJW notoriety, the Obama legacy of ID politics has tacitly granted society’s lamest losers not merely a place at the table but the right to demand all established rules be changed to their design and at their whim without resistance or complaint. In the case of The Doxxer, principled decency won out.

The only way he’s found to get attention.

Not so in the case of a legally “woke” male tranny granted full access to his high school’s girls’ locker room at the pleasure of an Illinois township council gone mad.  Equality and decent treatment is not enough for the incensed SJW “victim.” Total accommodation and the license to act out whatever bizarre behavior is now the legal rule in some places. Stand by for further pushes of the envelope and, hopefully, even stronger pushes back from an outraged public.

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