UPDATE 9/17/22: For the latest in White Liberal panic over getting a taste of the bad medicine they’ve prescribed for people and places they keep far, far, far away from themselves, check out the “emergency disaster” and “humanitarian crisis” currently underway in Illinois and Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard: BUILD THE WALL!!!

UPDATE 5/24/21: Affluent LA residents, many doubtless Woke enemies of Walls and sympathizers for the plight of capitalism’s victims worldwide and beyond, vocally protest the arrival of homelessness with all its attendant perks in their own cushy domains. Ultrafashionable Pacific Palisades finds its beaches now the proposed site for homeless shelter cabins.  Paul Hogan, redoubtable “Crocodile Dundee” to millions, is just the latest to decry the Californication/Detroiting of his once charming, affluent Venice Beach neighborhood, now awash in drugs and violence. Maybe, just maybe this spreading social cancer has something to do with the SYSTEMIC Progressive policies of mass unemployment, government dependency and crippled law enforcement.

UPDATE 7/27/20: Creeping closer, small town/suburbia kiddies, creeping closer. 



UPDATE 6/7/20: A MSM Lib in LA cheers on Minneapolis rioters torching the town until he realizes there’s a local show coming to his neighborhood, SOON! “Keep that shit in DTLA(Downtown LA)!” NIMBY!!!

ORIGINAL POST 10/6/19: Not that it deters them, but it’s always helpful to remind all those vocal, Progressive champions of Open Borders and Free Stuff-movie stars, social scientists, your average good-hearted liberal-about how they’d like to have those people camped out on their own doorsteps, hitting them up for the cost of all the basics. Just asking.