Greta “The Grinch” Thunberg

September 29, 2019
How dare anyone question the noble mission of this child?

How dare anyone question the noble mission of this sweet child?

Hardly the first time children have been used as propaganda.

Hardly the first time children have been used as propaganda.

Like her snarky young counterparts in the anti-Second Amendment outpost of the relentless Left, Swedish Climate Activist, Greta “Scoldilocks” Thunberg has been shoved center stage in ProgressoWorld’s  ongoing attempt to overthrow capitalism in favor of an ever-magical fabled Marxist paradise. As the Master Planners will stop at nothing, it’s business-as-usual to exploit a mentally ill child as the poster girl for Climate Change and a world “purified” of fossil fuels. And like the anti-gun kids, this one also has the diabolical George Soros’ funding behind it.

Literally sailing in on the wind like a SJW Peter Pan with braids, this demented Pippi Longstocking reads a carefully prepared script at the UN accusing the mean old Free World of “mass extinction” in…oh…about 10 years. Maybe it’s 12 if one is to go by AOC’s daft timetable.


Aside from the annoying noise made by the One Worlders, one ponders the fate of this unstable pawn of activist stage parents and the fanatical Left. What is her future a decade down the line when the world somehow continues whirling on its axis right on past any fictitious Armageddon she’s been led to believe awaits her?

The power of using a child for agit-prop and lies is apt for a mass movement that preys on the ignorant, fearful and infantile. Aside from those very few Elite getting rich and powerful off of this totalitarian message, what are the old and young fools swallowing this nonsense…except naïve, impressionable children in endless search of that ultimate protector, Big Brother?

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