Joan Baez

November 1, 2012

Multi-millionaire Woodside CA resident on Wall Street, encouraging the 99% rabble to share the wealth. And lots of other things she wouldn’t dream of inflicting on herself. But she did once sing beautifully.

UPDATE 11/10/19: STILL speaking with obsessive admiration for The Young, the clueless celebrity Cassandra has now assumed the role of Granny Greta, STILL sanctimoniously shaking an arthritic finger at a world heedless of her apocalyptic warnings: “environmental disaster, the sixth extinction, the possible end of civilization as we know it.” In a Dan Rather interview (2018) in her beautiful teal-tiled kitchen in strikingly high & unequally-incomed Woodside CA, Baez STILL longs, longs, longs for the good old days of worldwide “mass movement” and speaks obliquely, in soft-spoken, non-violent loathing of “EEEVVILL” TrumpWorld. “Fascism,” she ignorantly intones, and we are gently implored to weep, forgetting the government shake-down shenanigans of her hero Barack, her nice President Who Sang “Amazing Grace.”


UPDATE 3/15/18: “…[the] right wing — conservatives learned how to talk, how to lie, how to switch things around in a way that liberals and progressives never did.” Right. Still preaching from aloft, still living in her heavily cushioned world of celebrity, money, luxury digs and Bay Area 60s “social consciousness.” Still forgetting that sometimes only well-placed bullets from the guns of good people can stop really bad guys and that the world will continue to turn well past her proclaimed Global Warming Apocalypse deadline.

ORIGINAL POST 11/1/12: That incandescent voice and those dramatic good looks still willfully placed in loyal service to every subversive, anti-American, freedom-destroying cause around the world. All in the name of Freedom, Justice and Equality of course. Most recently to the “hard-working Salt of the Earth” middle/upper class freeloaders of Occupy Wall Street. On occasion, she gets it right as in the case of Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution or her ignored attempt to enlist her fellow Leftists’ support in condemning the Communist repression & slaughter of Vietnamese after the U.S. departure. She bristles when you call her a Communist, a Progressive, a Socialist or anything like that. She just walks & talks like one and has for more than a half century. Resident of Woodside CA, one of the wealthiest residential communities in America.


The 20 year old who would end war, violence, poverty, unfairness and all things only feeling (and naïvely self-righteous) 20 years olds can feel.

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