UPDATE 6/3/18: “Where this mercurial personality [has gone] next” is over the line and into overnight forced retirement…because she tweeted a no-no dissing someone prominent on the Left after decades of savaging Conservatives (see below dating back to 2012). There is no forgiveness and no punishment more brutal than that for those who choose to leave the Left’s Groupthink plantation.

UPDATE 4/30/18: Apparently, the “original, edgy and funny” Roseanne (2012 assessment below) has re-emerged as today’s Roseanne of both TV and real life,  a firm Trump supporter and defender against the assault on him and his administration, most recently the savaging of his press secretary Sarah Sanders. It remains to be seen where this mercurial personality goes next, but her prominent Hollywood presence is a welcome addition to TrumpWorld.

Once upon a time, she was original, edgy and funny.


But the fairy tale has evolved into a modern horror story starring one Hollywood sociopath/publicity glutton who uses her wealth & fame to wish death, destruction, and vile filth on anyone whom she dislikes…always with the cameras running and her Twitter Tweets ready to be picked up  on the Net. Naturally, the people she loathes are predominantly political conservatives and evangelicals. Perhaps the most uncontrolled and uncontrollable loon in La-La Land, she is useful to the Leftist Mafia as the crazy girl in the class who’ll go where no one else dares to go.

However, this class crazy longs to be popular, and her mad descent into “social consciousness” has a genuine, consistent method to it, touching all bases of political correctness, the desperate work of a loser campaigning fulltime to be a welcome member in every Leftist clique:

For Race, hoping to get on the good side of enraged blacks, it’s the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case, giving out the address of Zimmerman’s parents in hopes of a little vigilante violence at their expense. She thinks better of it afterwards but says she would do it again anyhow. Maybe a well-deserved lawsuit and fat payout will give her pause. Maybe not.

For Gender, eager to score points with the radical gay claque, our heroine wishes cancer on customers patronizing Chick-Fil-A, the gay homophobic-nemesis-of-the-week. She thinks better of it afterwards but says she would say it again anyhow.

For Class warfare, allying herself with the noble unwashed proletariat of Occupy Wall Street, Hollywood’s answer to Mme. LaFarge proposes the guillotine for bankers worth more than $100 million. They must give it all back or else face the tumbrils and decapitation. She does not specifically recant this intriguing proposal when confronted with questions about  her own modest nest egg ($80 million+) approaching the magic number quoted. No apology or qualification; she simply moves on to her next imaginatively vile publicity stunt, whatever it might be. And there is always a next time with this pre-amoebic thing.


And still no one in the class wants to be her friend. Inexplicable.

A National Anthem like no other.
A National Anthem like no other.

Revolution in a stable setting is possible only with sustained ugliness, violence, noise, agitation, irrationality, lawlessness, anarchy, instability; and Roseanne has much to contribute on all counts. Lessons in lying which comes so easy to her.

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