Big Bottoms Are Big- Bottomed Narcissists.
Big Tatooed Bottoms Are Desirable & Beautiful…mostly to Big- Bottomed Tatooed Narcissist-Exhibitionists.

UPDATE 12/1/17: After talking to rocks a year ago in post-election despair, Miss Empty is now firmly on the rocks. Could it be this sort of pointlessness is no longer de rigeur?

UPDATE 11/23/16: LaLaLandLena goes full bonkers Hosannahs over the tragically failed Hillary. She also talks to big rocks for solace.

UPDATE 10/28/15: The very leading-edge Hollywood adolescent dresses up for Halloween as…an abortionist from Planned Parenthood. Lena thinks it’s “cool and sexy,” and no doubt some of her friends and fans think likewise. Some of the hopelessly  square among us react as we would if she publicly strangled puppies for laughs.

Overpaid, privileged, pampered Tinsel Town darling, longing to be a Victim too!

Like so many on the Left these days who believe reality is something they can just…create, Lena Dunham finds herself on the wrong side of the law. Seems she thought she could beef up her feminist and Leftist chic creds by claiming she was raped in college by a Republican. Big lie, someone’s suing, and she’s going to pay. But when you’re a Hollywood icon with unlimited funds, lying and paying damages really doesn’t hurt. That too seems to foretell an even rosier future in El Lay’s fabled nest of lies, deception, back-biting. Remember Roseann Barr and her heart-rending (and totally made-up) tales of sexual abuse, followed by a bout of  Multiple Personality Disorder? Perhaps it’s catching: reality and telling the truth are not particularly negotiable or of any value in that cossetted, mean little world Out There on the Left Coast.

Another of Lena’s precocious attainments is having molested her 1 year old infant sister when she herself was 6. It’s all in the book! Kewl! It does not take a professional shrink to surmise that hers was a typical, overly sexualized household so common among the Liberal intelligentsia since the Sixties. Disturbed anyone? Nah. We can now all benefit from hearing about her behavior and embrace it open-mindedly as normal, nay, superior to normal. Anything goes. And there you have today’s Hollywood and the millions of mush-minds still impressed by it.

One wicked wag describes her as “… like a big, flimsy cardboard box full of squeaky bad ideas, each repeatedly scrambling, with tiny T-Rex arms, to be the first to make it out of her mouth.” Not exactly a clarion trumpet but rather a grating little kazoo grandly heralding the New Feminism.

Who can forget the empty cranium behind this virtual knee-padding to Her Beloved Leader Barack?

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