A special star in the Obama Crime Family: cozy killer cudgel from the IRS. What more “non-violent” instrument of tyranny is available to a corrupt American President than to sick Federal agencies on political enemies of choice, strangling them legally and financially…with the joint cooperation of the IRS, the FBI and the DOJ.

Something so familiar about that air of being Above It All...
Something so familiar about that air of being Above It All…
How's the air up there?
Runs in The Family. How’s the air up there?

What consequences is a Obama Family operative like Lerner likely to face with another Obama lapdog Eric Holder (now the former) head of the Justice Department? New AG Loretta Lynch shows little evidence of impartiality or  inclination to clean the house of the Godfather who gave her this new career boost. Perhaps in the long run, the Lerner saga is a blessing-in-disguise, forcing the sinister, terrorizing powers of the IRS out from under the dank BaRock into the fresh air. In this inverted Orwellian Obama Age, a Lois Lerner continues to skate free with a pension in tow. As do her superiors all the way up.

Do we even want to save the IRS? In better times soon to come, re-compensation, punishment and a cautionary American tale that won’t be forgotten.

Transparency...of an Opaque nature.
Transparency…of an Opaque variety.

2 Replies to “Lois Lerner”

  1. Restore USA. Get some of the politics out of Fed Gov. to start,limit time in congress to eight years, four in senate.
    NO special benefits allowed. We vote their pay.
    Give nothing to the military that the military does not want.
    NO more tax waste on studying something unimportant in times like these. $18+ trillion debt. NO new spending except military. They always need to be rebuilt after a demo leaves WH.

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