UPDATE 12/21/17: Marie has harfed up another great big green harf goober. Who says life is fair when the First Lady of Harfing continues to draw a salary from ANYWHERE, let alone as a Fox News contributor. Her latest dive into negative IQ figures involves her take on Obama’s evil little favors for Hezbollah in pursuit of his Iran nuke deal. Look it up: “Useful Idiot.” Or just “idiot.”

A new word has entered the language. Harf.

HarfWorld is the real transparency of which ObamaLand can rightfully boast: conventional, respectable facade utterly failing to cover up the  preposterous, amoral morass that is Barack’s Transformation of the US.

She first drew eye-opening attention as the front for Obama’s concerted attack on Bibi and Israel’s determination to defend itself. Judging by her mush-headed college thesis, this sympathy for Israel’s enemies is right up her alley.

The glasses suggest a deep, probing intellect.
The glasses suggest a deep, probing intellect.

Stepping things up, she elicited awe-inspired gasps at the notion that what Jihadis need is a good job. Problem of Islamic Terrorism: solved.

Real Solutions To Real Problems by Marie Harf.
Real Solutions To Real Problems!

We foresee great things ahead.

Marie Harf: Nuanced Valley Girl
Marie Harf: Nuanced Valley Girl

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