UPDATE: 9/25/14 Holder resigns, leaving behind “a trail of contempt & acrimony.”  O the irony of being Barack or Michelle or Oprah or Eric Holder, all privileged blacks rising as high as they can possibly can ascend in their respective fields and using their enviable position to sow racial discord. America is SO unfair. Some will never be satisfied and can thrive only on unrest and division. Good riddance to him.

UPDATE: 5/15/13 The Attorney General responds to complaints from his loyal brownshirts in the Press that they have no reason to question his spying on them. They are unquestioning servants to the Greater Cause, not U.S. citizens and members of the press with certain, guaranteed Constitutional Rights, for gawdssake! The Press isn’t entirely convinced, but as usual they do so want to believe.

Remember when revolutionaries like Bill Ayres and the rest of the 60s gang decried “The System?” Remember when policemen were “pigs?” The law was something to be broken, on principle.

Times have changed. The legal system is now The Way, and lawyers the high priests manipulating and enforcing the Gospel. Guilty as hell of whatever crime? Take it to court, get tied up in litigation knots, and with the right lawyer and loophole, there’s a 50/50 chance of skating.  Notice the preponderance of lawyers among the most radical & powerful Democratic ranks. Both Clintons. Both Obamas, and now an Attorney General, chief law enforcement officer in the land, whose C.V. reads like a combo of Huey Newton, Al Capone and Che Guevara.

There simply exist NO radical destructive, anti-social, leftwing faction that misses Eric Holder’s sympathetic gaze and active advocacy. Pick an unpalatable stance, and he’s taken it and thrown the full force of the legal system behind it. Or willfully ignored it. Or profited by it. Intentionally running guns to violent Mexican drug cartels to gin up support for a widespread federal gun grab? With the full knowledge of the Attorney General? Voters intimidated by Black Panther thugs, calls for showing an ID at polling places? Racism!! shouts Holder and his cronies.  A black abortionist from Philadelphia is exposed as a heartless monster of Mengele proportions. Silence from the MSM and particularly the U.S. Justice Department. Explanation? Holder’s wife is co-owner of an abortion clinic in Georgia. Small wonder the Gosnell travesty and every other subversive, indictable crime has slipped through the cracks…or make that, been dropped down the memory hole.

Fascinating where there’s big money to be made and power accrued, the most anti-capitalist, pro-Marxist race baiting, environmentally concerned people jump in head-first.

Bosom Buddies! That’s what friends are for! You didn’t get there by yourself! Someone helped you! Immorality, corruption, unchecked power to the annointed, codified into the law. What a country!

Friends, cronies & pals.
Friends, cronies & pals.

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