UPDATE 11/11/21: Unfortunately, Davis remains one of those rotting leftovers from the  60s who’s managed to turn Marxist “anti-capitalism” into a distinctly capitalist cash cow and high profile influence for herself. Guilty as hell, free as a bird.

UPDATE 5/17/19: Lest there be any doubt about today’s blissful union between the  Left and radical Islam, behold new BFFs Stalinist Angela and Hitlerian philosophe (and Dem Party notable) Ilhan Omar. “One of my idols!…I [Ilhan] can’t tell you how enormously inspiring you[Angela] have been to me throughout my life…We collectively must make sure that we are dismantling all systems of oppression…we’re the party of love, the party of compassion.” And who doesn’t love a good party! 100 million+ murdered souls (to date) under Angela’s Marxism, more than that under Ilhan’s radical Islam. Let’s rock!

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...
Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters…

UPDATE 1/14/15: Still collecting all that nasty Capitalist Moolah ($20,000.00) for one speech on MLK Day, 2015.

ORIGINAL POST 4/25/13: Oh the long memories we have: that big First Amendment case in 1969 for this avowed Communist and proudly violent revolutionary to teach at UCLA. She won. Then a few years down the line, her blatantly active role in the murder of a California judge and several others in the attempt to spring her erstwhile boyfriend George Jackson from stir. She won that one too. [Guilty as hell, free as a bird! God Bless America!] Now, 40+ years later, she not only has survived intact, she has flourished and is now the subject of a Hollywood produced love letter-documentary. No angel our Angela, but, in her case, crime certainly does pay: a 6 figure salary as highly tenured University Professor in the U of CA system [probably whether she “teaches” or not] and, of course, those fat 5 figures she gets on the lecture circuit. Some animals are more equal than other animals, saith Angie The Red. Egalitarian Communists have their own One Percenters, but like everything connected to class-free Communist “equality,” this too can rationalized.

Bloody Red AD meets Erich The Bloodier Red in the glory days of Communist E. Germany.

In days of yore, the radical chic fool of note was the histrionic conductor of the NY Philharmonic Leonard Bernstein throwing himself at the feet and mercy of the Black Panthers at his fancy Park Avenue digs in front of 90 other fashionable Manhattanistas. Today, it’s the not-so-Fresh Prince of Belair and his activist wife gittin’ down with the very, very dirty Angela. Street cred and all that, y’know. Reminiscent of that scene from Paddy Chayevsky’s brilliant “Network” when mega-media types cut a deal with black revolutionaries to provide them with footage to boost their ratings. Will/Jada and their cronies don’t need money, fame or ratings, just the sense that they’re not merely self-involved, insanely rich & famous, bottomlessly superficial Limo Libs, but that “they care.” Not incidentally, they also think it will buy them absolution, come the revolution.

Oh, do mountains fly? Maybe Angela pal and Bad Poet Maya Angelou contributed this catchy slogan to keep bad pennies like Angela and this admirer of Bin Laden turning up…doubtless for 5 figure$ apiece.

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Murderess, Brutal Totalitarian,
Radical Chic Darling”

  1. From Wiki
    In a New York City speech on July 9, 1975, Russian dissident and Nobel Laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn told an AFL-CIO meeting that Davis was derelict in having failed to support prisoners in various socialist countries around the world, given her strong opposition to the US prison system. He claimed a group of Czech prisoners had appealed to Davis for support, which Solzhenitsyn said she had declined.[62] In fact, Jiří Pelikán wrote an open letter asking her to support Czech prisoners, which Davis refused, believing that the Czech prisoners were undermining the Husák government and that Pelikán, in exile in Italy, was attacking his own country.[63] Regarding Czech prisoners being “persecuted by the state”, Davis responded “They deserve what they get. Let them remain in prison.” [64]Alan Dershowitz, who also asked Davis for support for political prisoners in the USSR, was analogously told “they are all Zionist fascists and opponents of socialism.”

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