UPDATE 6/25/21: Rest easy. The world’s most powerful position is occupied by a guy who can’t put 3 words together or speak on behalf of America’s security without…a cheat sheet. This is not a statesman. Rather, we are cursed with a wind up robot with just enough spring to stand up, move  lips, follow directions and be the simple fool’s  face of what could be our ultimate undoing at the hands of our most formidable foes, outside AND inside America.

And no, Joe isn’t a “nice guy.” He’s a creep among creeps. Watching this bizarre turn on video here is like watching a lunatic caught after his escape from the booby hatch, informing his white-coated attendants,  “Hey, you fools! Don’t you know that I’m the smartest guy in the room, in fact, the smartest guy in the universe?”

UPDATE 6/24/21: Did we just hear the [illegitimate/senile puppet/Chance Gardner] president [lower case] of the U.S. threaten the American public with nukes if we dare consider crossing him and his regime?

UPDATE 6/24/21: The sleaze factor of the Biden Family is obvious to all except those would prefer ANYTHING but Trump and his MAGA movement in American politics.


UPDATE 6/21/21: Follow the high holy priests of The Science  however it works to get rid of Trump and the MAGA movement. That could be accurately described as the shared goal of everyone on the Left pretending to give a damn about what policies and government practices serve people’s best interests, medical or otherwise.

The Experts of Science overlook physical reality; any means to an end, however evil. 


MEGHAN-The Prince & The Plotter

UPDATE 6/22/21: No surprise these two opportunists registered baby Lilibet Diana in a variety of domain name combinations well before informing Great Granny that she could like it or lump it. For upstart Royals parleying family connections into a King’s Ransom living, even babies are business.


UPDATE 6/23/21: As documented in his own words, The One describes his wet dream OBAMA III: having a puppet to which he can feed all the lines. He’d “be fine with that.”


UPDATE 6/27/21: The folk singing pacifist 60s icon finds herself at age 80 embracing and absorbed into the Washington Establishment she made a famous point of spurning in her youth.

In recent weeks a Kennedy Center Honoree, she has used her renewed media presence to make a great show of  inviting two symbols of “Resistance” to All Things Trump as her special guests during the week of award ceremonies. Tellingly, both represent the new totalitarian controls of BidenWorld, apparently a comforting reprieve for her from the horrors of Make America Great Again: Dr. Fauci, that notorious architect of totalitarian control for a good cause (isn’t it always?);  and a policeman named  Michael Fanone roughed up on January 6 at the hands of what the media now characterize as violent White Supremacist Insurrectionists on the verge of destroying the sacred process of American government. Actually, the crowd was totally unarmed and the whole thing over in a matter of a few hours, and the one serious incidence of violence a dead Trump supporter at the hands of a still-unidentified Capitol officer. Where is the similar outrage over the angry mob fired up by Elizabeth Warren in 2018, marching on and invading the Supreme Court building in protest against the Kavanaugh nomination?

In Baez’s words, Fanone was “beaten nearly to death”  during a mob’s “move to violently overthrow the U.S. Government.” Now she repeatedly invokes January 6 as if it were 9/11, neglecting to mention it has become the pretext for eliminating all dissent or opposition to the sitting Democratic Party in power. In HER world view, the KKK, Hitler and McCarthy re-arose from the grave in the Trump years, but her Dem Party comrades have miraculously fought back the monster for the time being.

Add to such delusions her passionate belief in Global Warming as an existential crisis, and Joan has transported herself mentally back to the good old days of her 50s/60s youth when the world was young and brimming over with righteous rage at The Establishment and the perilous world it had wrought for her children. Now she IS the Establishment, a special favorite of the Obama/Biden court…which is the whole story of Leftists. Their various noble causes always purport to be about “freedom” and “equality,”  but the real goal is total control of what they chronically perceive as a terrifying, out-of-control world. Freedom, influence and power are really just for superior, special, civilized, Elite beings such as herself but too risky in the hands of lesser mortals.


P.S. She did once sing beautifully and looks great at 80.




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