Imagine! Those wacko-birds thought WE would be a good alternative to Obama...TWICE! LOL!
Imagine! Those wacko-birds thought WE would be legit alternatives to Obama…TWICE! LOL!

UPDATE 7/2/21: Sneaky, sneaky…Don’t trust them. Any surprise these two GOP Establishmentarians are suddenly all gaga for MAGA and Trump…until they’re not?

UPDATE 6/11/21: It has to be a dark day for the Bush clan and their most ardent RINO comrades as their youngest new up-and-comer, George P. Bush, creates good waves for himself as a MAGA/Trump supporter. If it’s principle, bravo to the young renegade. If it’s just politics, bravo for the common sense to ally himself with the base to ensure a future in the GOP, unlike the short-sighted Pence who lacked the character and spine to stand with DJT beyond January 6. Now Mike’s suddenly all gaga for MAGA, but his earlier craven submission to the prevailing TDS has forever disqualified him as a Presidential contender.

UPDATE 6/5/21: The unanimously hailed Most Embarrassing Republican POTUS candidate known affectionately to millions of conservatives as Mittens moves himself down one more notch holding his own as Most Noxious Living RINO in light of his attempt to blackmail fellow Republicans into setting up the Kill MAGA Permanently [aka January 6th) Commission.

UPDATE 3/2/21: Squirm-worthy Mittens sports a nasty black eye, the result of pitching forward abruptly like a felled tree watching Trump incite the insurrectionist CPAC crowd to roaring, proudly American fever pitch. There goes his dream of Romney-centric Republican “unity!” Damn! Damn! Damn! Adding visible insult to the injury of demolished POTUS plans,  the black ‘n bluish blemish was the result of his devious right peeper getting squashed against his unnaturally long PinnocchioNose upon face plant impact. Don’t you hate when that happens?!

Senator Pierre Delecto tastefully hiding his shiner.
Senator Pierre Delecto tastefully hiding his shiner.

UPDATE 2/6/20: The final self-immolation of a total traitor to his Party and the philosophy that gifted him the chance to be POTUS.

UPDATE 10/21/19: Monsieur Pierre Delecto: we want our 2012 votes back. You embarrass us.

Pierre Delecto, new Trump-hating Resistance sensation.

ORIGINAL POST 6/18/19 Since 2008, those Americans seeking an electoral alternative to Marxist transformation of America into a Democratic Party-controlled banana republic have suffered the embarrassing agony of not one but two traitors to their cause.

Rinos (2)First, we had John McCain, he of white-hot Trump Hate and major betrayal. Given the chance to  roll back ObamaCare, the Republican war hero candidate’s decisive thumbs down was one big middle finger to those “wacko birds” who supported him in 2008.

Rinos (3)And now Mitt Romney to the rescue of those scoundrels vowing to overturn Trump’s election by signing onto the totally fake Russian Collusion hoax farce. Naturally, he’s become the darling of the MSM that once savaged him for being the un-Obama.

Power and the promise of it corrupts absolutely, even a squeaky-clean Mormon whose entire political career and image sadly prove to be just another transparently ugly political pose.

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