Romney: With McCain gone, now the ugliest RINO.

June 18, 2019
Imagine! Those wacko-birds thought WE would be a good alternative to Obama...TWICE! LOL!

Imagine! Those wacko-birds thought WE would be legit alternatives to Obama…TWICE! LOL!

Since 2008, those Americans seeking an electoral alternative to Marxist transformation of America into a Democratic Party-controlled banana republic have suffered the embarrassing agony of not one but two traitors to their cause.

Rinos (2)First, we had John McCain, he of white-hot Trump Hate and major betrayal. Given the chance to  roll back ObamaCare, the Republican war hero candidate’s decisive thumbs down was one big middle finger to those “wacko birds” who supported him in 2008.

Rinos (3)And now Mitt Romney to the rescue of those scoundrels vowing to overturn Trump’s election by signing onto the totally fake Russian Collusion hoax farce. Naturally, he’s become the darling of the MSM that once savaged him for being the un-Obama.

Power and the promise of it corrupts absolutely, even a squeaky-clean Mormon whose entire political career and image sadly prove to be just another transparently ugly political pose.

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