Imagine! Those wacko-birds thought WE would be a good alternative to Obama...TWICE! LOL!
Imagine! Those wacko-birds thought WE would be legit alternatives to Obama…TWICE! LOL!


UPDATE 9/26/23: Although deserving praise for his policies on behalf of parents resisting the trans propaganda of Woke school boards, Glenn Youngkin has placed himself in conservative limbo when advocating the removal of the Civil War Reconciliation Monument that honors both North and South soldiers. What could be a  gesture more symbolic of caving to the BLM/DEI crowd than this?

Youngkin has been busy crafting a conservative stance, very possibly with an eye out for being the GOP nominee in 2024, but this accommodation to the race baiters betrays a serious chink in his bona fides.

UPDATES 9/21/23: Loyal conservatives, relying upon the Republican Party to provide them with choices over the last 35 years, are suffering retroactive buyers’ remorse at the line of disappointing RINOs following Reagan who made Obama possible and Trump an absolute necessity. 

UPDATE 8/17/23: Nikki Haley betrays a major disconnect with the Republican MAGA base fully behind Trump when she emphasizes her female chromosomal make-up. She might take a tip from Margaret Thatcher who became one of Britain’s greatest Prime Minsters on the basis of unshakeable principle and competence, not pandering to the ID Politics crowd.

UPDATE 7/21/23: We’ve learned too well what the difference is between a “Republican” and a conservative. The former is too often a wolf in sheep’s clothing eagerly willing to collaborate with the worst enemies of conservatism to maintain, even augment, power. A batch of Senators-Thune, Romney, Cornyn, Young, Murkowski-have now shamelessly outed themselves as RINOS, even going so far as threatening to switch Parties. And with one unintentionally frank response to Tucker Carlson’s questioning, Mike Pence may very well have ended his career. This is what these phonies are really all about, unwittingly exposing themselves as frauds in helpless response to Trump’s tireless challenge.

UPDATE 6/22/23: Trump drives RINOs to distraction for providing solid conservatives with a choice, the MAGA Party. His record of following thru on virtually all significant issues-the economy, taxes, controlled immigration, national security, American pride-is a constant reproach to those mired in timid, DC establishment politics and generates an equal, opposite reaction of enmity rivaling expected Dem hostility.

UPDATE 6/8/23: The Peggy Noonans, Chris Chrities and assorted, contemptuous RINOs and Trump haters are far beyond being mere annoyances but are actually active enablers of BrandonWorld division. What better way to take the Party back from Trump and that damn MAGA movement?

Back again to hate on Trump.

UPDATE 6/2/23: George W. Bush’s ostentatious alliance with Obama and Clinton is the tip of an ugly iceberg that threatens to take America down as effectively as the one that sank the Titanic.

You are the company you keep. 

UPDATE 4/22/23: We expect no less from Bill & Barack to make a self-congratulatory display of “humanitarianism” on behalf of Afghanis that their political successor has turned into desperate refugees. But Dubya? The “kinder, gentler” bit dies hard for those who voted for him and his father, hoping for American common sense and realism, not empty virtue-signaling.

Anything to be loved. 


UPDATE 3/14/23: Whatever remained of Mike Pence’s connection to the MAGA base is permanently severed, thanks to his dead-end ambitions to displace his former boss. Stupidly, he takes his talking points about such things as J6 from other lean-and-hungry looking RINOS like Liz Cheney. Now that American conservatives have had a taste of what’s possible when a conservative politician keeps his promises and fights like the devil to keep them, it’s glue-factory time for scheming scoundrels like Mike & Liz.

UPDATE 2/16/23: Nikki Haley spouts many of the right memes that make conservatives think she’s an answer to their prayers, but her consistent tendency toward Rinoism should give conservatives pause. High praise from no less a villain than Klaus Schwab and his WEF should disqualify her permanently.

Four years of Trump following through on policy has spoiled the game of deception that defines RINOs like her and the Bush GOP. They say the right things but, in the end, inevitably cave easily to or actively promote the wrong ones.

UPDATE 2/9/23: Delusional RINOs think that coming to the defense of hate merchant Ilhan Omar is sensible and nice-guy politics when it is suicidal folly and poison to anyone relying upon them.

UPDATE 1/23/23: In 20/20 hindsight, Bill Barr’s credibility and integrity never existed. It comes out now that behind his adamant insistence of NO election corruption in 2020 was precisely NO investigation, only a subjective personal statement helping along the Deep State desire to eliminate Trump.

UPDATE 1/17/23: Why was it necessary during the recent  “McCarthy hearings” in Congress to have a reviled Freedom Caucus when all Repubs by definition are supposed to be for what those nuisance hold-outs demanded? Low taxes, minimal government, strong defense. That stuff. The answer is that relatively new and all-too-apt term RINO. Republicans In Name Only.

UPDATE 1/5/23: Liz Cheney is just the latest DC player about whom one must ask: “How, on an annual salary of $174K, does one enter Congress in 2017 worth $7 million and leave 5 years later worth  $44 million?

Got a great gig goin’, girl!!!


UPDATE 12/23/22: It’s both unsettling and unpleasantly illuminating to know that RINOS such as those running The Dispatch have been taking big bucks to make Conservatism a conservative-free zone. Now we know how they survive so handily despite having little or no evident readership among the GOP MAGA base they’ve driven away.

UPDATE 12/10/22: Note well the names of those Republican Senators refusing to look at the newly released Twitter Files showing the concerted presence of censorship in the 2020 Election Refusal to address a corrupted voting process is collusion with the devil that these fools think cannot/will not affect them personally in any negative way.

UPDATE 11/25/22: The Republican establishment is not so interested in winning 2024 or carrying out what was once assumed to be the conservative goals of the Party. For the Never Trumpers, it is all about regaining control from the MAGA interloper who threatens the power and corrupt spoils they share with the Dem swamp dwellers of DC. Free markets? Secure borders? Energy independence? Thriving business? America First? Not so much. Therefore, all traces of Trump must go. Hopefully, they’ll find only permanent frustration from being denied their comfy perches of power.


UPDATE 11/17/22: Arizona has inadvertently outed itself as a model for RINO political corruption thanks to a fierce Kari Lake refusing to go down at the behest of the Never Trump political Mafia. This plague within the GOP targets each and every conservative challenging the status quo of Big Government in bed with Big Business in bed with their totalitarian doppelgangers across the sea (like China for instance). The nice-sounding, conciliatory “reaching across the aisle” of “nice” Republicans is nothing less than an entirely self-serving power grab for a piece of all the money and influence at the top layers of world politics.

UPDATE 11/8/22: It’s realistic to look upon the RINOS detached from the MAGA base of the Party as the perfect bellwether for determining what NOT TO DO. In so doing what they’ve stubbornly been doing since Trump’s escalator ride, they have become as toxic as the Democrat Party with which they now seem so bizarrely in accord.


UPDATE 10/22/22: RINOs as embodied in McConnell are just as dangerous to our personal liberties and national health as the Democrats from which they have become almost indistinguishable.

UPDATE 10/9/22: Mitch McConnell is busy undercutting a conservative Republican challenger to Alaska’s Never Trumper Senator Murkowski.

With this week’s October Surprise release of the January 6 Movie starring “Knuckles” Pelosi and just by chance covered by her daughter’s camera crew, it would be more than interesting to dig deeply into what Mitch knew and when about what now appears to be deliberate staging of the January 6 mess. With wrecking ball RINOs like Cheney and McConnell, who needs the Obama/Biden/Pelosi evil axis?

UPDATE 9/30/22: It is now and will remain a subject of great interest to real Republicans just how far RINOs like Andrew McCarthy of the National Review crowd go to ally themselves with their fellow Trump haters on the Dem Left. Why they do it varies only slightly from person to person. What they all have in common is a vested interest in business-as-usual in their respective places of power and influence. Thus, it is understandable the violent aversion they have to taking the risks that an unowned outsider like Trump has taken to expose Washington’s rot and what we’re losing as a country. In joining forces with the Prog Left in trying to destroy Trump and the MAGA movement he has created, the RINOs will be as much to blame for a destroyed America as their Democrat/Leftist pals when any honest history of this period is on record.

UPDATE 9/28/22: The dog who didn’t bark. Barr’s conspicuous absence of interest in Election 2022 corruption will be his shameful legacy. 

UPDATE 9/25/22: If Trump is the GOP nominee in 2024, Liz Cheney says she’s leaving the Party! Is that a threat or a sworn promise? And why wait?

UPDATE 9/22/22: Sounding like a friend of DJT and an outraged foe of the the NY State forces out for Trump’s head, Bill Barr has called the Mar-A-Lago raid “a political hit job.” At the same time, he refused to investigate fraud in the election which has provided the primary assault on Trump and the MAGA movement. In the end, this is no friend.

UPDATE 9/5/22: This is not the Republican Party you thought you knew and once voted for.

UPDATE 8/31/22: Bill Barr further burnishes his RINO snake credentials in applauding the Mar-A-Lago raid. Like 1001 rats jumping ship before him, he hopes his public distancing from Trump will protect him from the Deep State Swamp creatures he should most fear. In actuality, he has uprooted himself from any sense of honor he may have once had.

UPDATE 8/28/22: Adam Kinzinger, the Lizard’s ideological brother from another mother, announces he will “save democracy” by supporting far-Left candidates over MAGA Repubs. Now that he’s joining Liz in civilian life, we wish him well and many, many happy years of anonymity.

UPDATE 8/28/22: Nikki Haley comes off well with whomever is interviewing her, but where do her real sympathies lie? Her history of distancing herself from Trump (who put her center stage as our UN Ambassador) and now her list of Big Money donors from the dark (Dem) side  disqualifies her as the MAGA candidate we need. No more RINOS, thanks very much.

8/27/22: Like her sister-in-battle Hillary equally afflicted with PTO (post Trump obliteration), “gutsy” Liz isn’t going away just yet. 

UPDATE 8/24/22: Perhaps the bitter Lizard’s Presidential delusions are an equal opposite reaction to the positive effect Trump and MAGA have had on our political lives and promises for the future of a truly republican GOP.

UPDATE 8/20/22: We are forced to take what we get at the time, but even squeaky-clean Boy Scout Mike Pence is a warning that most politicians will disappoint given the keys to power.

UPDATE 8/17/22: The answer to “What happened to Neo-Con Repubs like the Cheneys and why?” is that the new base of the GOP is MAGA, Trump, real conservatism in practice. Begging for comparison to no less than Abe Lincoln, Liz went out like the disgruntled DC elitist she really is with little or no real interest in podunk Wyoming. She has deluded herself into believing that she can parlay the Joan of Arc treatment gifted her by all those Trump-hating RINOS & Dems into a White House residency. Apparently, the voters out there in the Rockies are on to her and sensibly went with the Trump lady Harriet Hageman by nearly 40 points.

I went out to Wyoming to get my foot in the bigtime political door, and all I came back with was this lousy can of beans!

UPDATE 8/15/22: In their fanatic zeal to destroy Trump & MAGA, the Cheneys seem unaware that they are mirroring the Deep State persecution of Scooter Libby. When it’s all about power lost, the most measured and self-righteous like them and the clueless Adam Kinzinger morph into ugly on a par with the Spanish Inquisition.

UPDATE 8/10/22: At the moment, an elite klatch of noisemakers are dominating the airwaves in calling for the guillotining of Trump & MAGA. This unpleasant yet notably small cabal are currently dominated by one soon-to-be-retired Republican Congresswoman and her has-been father in a borrowed cowboy hat. Liz & Dick will undoubtedly frame their impending political demise as martyrdom to truth, justice and the American way, but the disappearing Cheneys will be vaguely remembered as a pair of sour grapes unhinged by loss of power and influence. 

Take heart at the dynamic onset of  Hurricane Harriet about to sweep away this failed Repub and his devious daughter into the ash bin of history.

UPDATE 8/8/22: As best illustrated by the obsessed, Trump-hating Cheneys, RINOs are proving to be as insidious as any Leftist enemy of conservatism in practice.

UPDATE 8/7/22: Until Trump came along to challenge and force the Republican establishment into full exposure, millions of conservatives over the last 35 years thought they were voting for the best men and women to lead the country. One by one, the most heralded Republicans of their respective eras have proven to be unworthy of the literal votes of confidence they were given. Lately, the most jaw-dropping disappointment is the Cheney clan, now unfortunately into a second generation of public disservice. Judging by upcoming primary polls, this disgruntled dynasty may be about to go over the cliff into oblivion.

UPDATE 8/7/22: It won’t be long before the Cheneys and other Trump-hating RINOs are remembered only for the low level to which the Republican establishment fell, making the rise of Donald Trump not only possible, but imperative. For that refreshing bull in the china shop, we are indebted to them. In the bargain, the whole “insurrection” farce will be exposed for the massive lie it is. 

UPDATE 8/6/22: “The Peeewww” (Whoopi and Behar’s daytime tv coven) has supposedly named two “conservatives” as co-hosts. Naturally, they’re both Trump haters which eliminates potentially 80 million Americans from their audience. So “democratic” and “non-partisan” these people.

UPDATE 7/25/22: We live in breathless anticipation for Lyin’ Liz’ big send-off celebration scheduled to blow the roof off right after her reaming in the primaries.

Alas, revenge on Trump for stealing the GOP from the sorry likes of her will not end well for Liz.  But we wish this conniving turncoat well in her new incarnation as a fake conservative pretending to be an ally of the Far Left pretending to be the conscience of the Republican Party. Sorta like Victor Victoria (a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman). Lots of pretendin’ goin’ on.

UPDATE 7/13/22: RINOs like Cheney have outed themselves as being fundamentally hostile to conservative principles and dedicated only to power and position. It’s all vicious reaction to Trump’s effectiveness in accomplishing those things real conservatives want for themselves and their country. Unprincipled fools that they are, Repub turncoats will find themselves sorely disappointed expecting power as Lizzie-Come-Lately Dems.

UPDATE 7/8/22: In the person of the NY Times faux “conservative” Bret Stephens lies the contempt of do-nothing Republicans for a man and movement guilty of authentically conservative policies that free the public from poorest to richest.

THIS is what RINOs hate about Donald Trump.

UPDATE 7/8/22: Mittens scolds us selfish, clueless Little MAGA Folk for everything wrong with the country while exempting himself from any and all “progressive” voting he’s done as a U.S. Senator to create and prolong our worst problems. Makes one feel foolish having voted for him as the “conservative” choice against Barack.

UPDATE 7/2/22: The Never Trumpers paddle yet a little further down the doo-doo river in crowing their admiration for this latest fizzled “bombshell” stunt from Liz Cheney and her Stalinist pals. They’ll stop only when he’s dead and buried.

UPDATE 6/24/22: Desperate Liz appears on the verge of getting kicked out of office at the primary stage. Has it been worth it, dearie? Are Wyomingians about to lose a Republican and gain a Democrat?

UPDATE 6/24/22: Bill Barr has hit bottom and undoubtedly going lower to ingratiate himself to the real insurrectionists staging their show trials.

Right at home.

UPDATE 6/17/22: Like all dissemblers, laughing is the best defense when really up against it. Bill Barr is fake-laughing at the evidence of Election 2020 fraud in “2000 Mules.” The day approaches when he’ll be crying and pleading ignorance.

UPDATE 5/28/22: No exit from political life will be more cheered than that of Liz Cheney, and her welcome departure is looking ever more likely.

5/19/22: The GOP is approaching Prog parity with the Dems. Odd they haven’t learned that real conservatives win elections (assuming the Dems are not allowed to pay 2000 Mules to steal them).

UPDATE 5/5/22: Much as Mitt and his fellows hate to admit it, Trump is the champ of the Repub base.

UPDATE 4/25/22: However elegantly they frame their positions with their noses aloft, RINOS are as useful and relevant as Dems when it comes to practicing ethical politics on behalf of  the public. Like all entrenched pols, their corruption lies in the belief that the public exists to serve them, not vice versa.

UPDATE 4/23/22i: House Leader Kevin McCarthy is busy wiping egg off his face as it’s revealed he privately joined in the hyena chorus calling for Trump’s head after January 6.

UPDATE 4/21/22: If Trump-hating RINOS remain an enigma, think of someone coasting/grifting on empty promises and the rage resentment they would have for someone who actually delivers on his promises.

UPDATE 4/20/22: Being  what appears to be a solidly Red state (Tennessee in this case) doesn’t immunize against RINOs determined to erase any trace of MAGA and its most celebrated proponent.

UPDATE 4/20/22: Are we finally to be privy to the real motives of those traitors within the Republican ranks surrounding the stolen election? Is Bill Barr foremost among the scoundrels? 

UPDATE 4/17/22: Bill Kristol’s son-in-law, Matthew Continetti, inadvertently exposes himself and his fellow Never Trumpers in a new book, The Right, better termed The Wrong.

UPDATE 4/15/22: A persistent riddle of recent times is the (no longer surprising) revulsion of NeoCons for Trump. What exactly were these so-called “conservatives” objecting to when Trump delivered on his promises to restore freedom-based policies to everyday life? Not least of those promises kept was a real free market in practice that literally restored the American Dream to everyone rich or poor while simultaneously shoring up our national defenses. Could it be that both the Lib intelligentsia and these RINOS share an essential snobbery, secure only in the notion of patronizing superiority rather than any devotion to an America that welcomes ALL people of ALL persuasions to the feast?

UPDATE 3/17/22: Don’t know what to make of BIll Barr, but it seems like he wants to have it both ways, first subverting Trump then flattering him in the next breath.

UPDATE 3/16/22: No full explanation for what makes a RINO tick, but it is a malady to be avoided. Pierre Delecto is showing worrisome symptoms this week. 

UPDATE 3/12/22: In the person of one calculating demagogue named Liz Cheney we have the foul essence of the January 6 seditious assault on everyday Americans. Those of us on the establishment Republican email list are treated daily to an phony invocation of grand American ideals from someone talking down her nose from that high altitude from which she holds court and knows better than average American Joe & Jane. Trump Derangement and the insurrection narrative is all that fuels her ambitions, and she has done nothing more for herself than position herself squarely AGAINST everything that went right for America between 2016-2020.

UPDATE 2/18/22: What makes these four RINOs think their refusal to defund the mandates is just fine with the Party’s political base? Is it the money they might lose from Big Pharma donors?  Whatever the motive, this is going to stick permanently on their records as surely as the spiteful McCain’s notorious thumbs-down on defunding ObamaCare.

UPDATE 2/6/22: Dear Liz: Herewith a response to your daily emails touting your great patriotism and claimed ownership of the true American spirit. Sorry. Not buying it. No money or support from me. Only scorn and fervent wishes for your upcoming, fulltime retirement from public life. To be kind, you are a self-serving nuisance. Go away. Yours Truly.

UPDATE 2/1/22: Giving Hillary a run for her money in the Dislikeableness Derby, Liz has been rightly dubbed the “ridiculous Rino.” Millions of us now suffer through a strain of buyers’ remorse at having supported her father and the now embarrassing Dubya. Different times, different circumstances. Trump showed what is possible without becoming one of the corruptocrat Deep State.  Let us hope it’s soon a good riddance to all to them. We have been punished enough by the consequences of their MAGA loathing.

UPDATE 1/13/22: Kristi makes one more clueless leap away from the MAGA base with her patronizing advice to vax skeptics to just “quit your job.” We’re already on to Haley, Cruz has just let a big one slip, both Cheneys are unabashedly out of the closet, so right now, we’re banking on De Santis.

MAGA RATINGS as compiled by Sundance:

Trump = Pure MAGA

DeSantis = Political MAGA

Noem = MagaLite with a twist of Koch and Corporate money

Haley = Anti-MAGA, pure corporate GOP establishment

Cruz = MAGA opportunism / splitter against MAGA

UPDATE 1/8/22: Nobody is praying more fervently for mass short-term memory loss than Ted Cruz after coming out as a potential replacement for Liz Cheney on Pelosi’s January 6 Show Trial Commission. After calling January 6 “a violent terrorist attack” on the Capitol, he has found himself walking things back in desperation, vainly invoking the limp old “I misspoke” meme. Tucker wasn’t buying it, and one suspects neither will the betrayed and very disappointed MAGA base.

UPDATE 12/18/21: Milking the January 6 “insurrection” hoax for all it’s worth, Liz Cheney is leading the RINO charge over the cliff permanently exposing themselves as the mirror images of their Leftist counterparts.


UPDATE 11/20/21: Over the indignant objections of the RINO snobs who would rather see the present Dem disaster continue than see Trump as POTUS again, it is reasonable to consider Trump a potentially unifying force for the Republican Party. His strong presence and stance would force the opposition Party back to a semblance of centrist sanity. 

UPDATE 11/1/21: The Lincoln Project, a political concoction of Leftist cockroaches ridiculously passing themselves off as “republicans,” is behind the desperate attempt to tar Terry McAuliffe’s opponent in the VA Governor’s race with the white supremacist brush. (How’s that for colorful imagery!) Alas, it appears this is one more Leftist/RINO hoax doomed to fail.

UPDATE 10/19/21:  Colin Powell has died. Once considered Presidential material, he fell into RINO self-delusion and, ultimately, disgrace if authentic legacy means anything.  Without morbid gloating, it should be noted that we have here a fully vaccinated celebrity dying of Covid, spotlighting the foolish alliance of Never Trumpers of all stripes with the Holy Vaccine. 

Yet another RINO on the totally wrong side of what is best for the country he claimed to love. Another one for the psychologists to ponder.

UPDATE 10/16/21: The most malignant treachery is that which comes from within one’s own ranks. So it is with the false perception that so-called “mavericks” within the Republican/conservative media are somehow coming around to Woke ways. In truth, they are and have always been RINOs, Republicans & conservative In Name Only. Such sleazy culprits as WAPO’s “conservative” Jennifer Rubin and others like her are simply well-paid Dem operatives. 

See? Even one of their own think they’re evil, therefore it must be so. 

UPDATE 10/9/21:  With the fatal onset of Trump Derangement Syndrome, National Review lost its direction which led to them losing one of conservatism’s finest scholars and insightful commentators. Trump has an oft-employed term for this sorry ilk. It’s…you got it!… “losers.”

UPDATE 9/17/21: Some good conservatives opine that Trump should bow out because he’s too “divisive.” In fact, he is a uniting force for the genuinely conservative base uninterested in yielding yet more of our liberties to what has become a far-Leftist Democratic Party with now-unhidden Globalist/communist goals.

The real divisive force is  the Never Trump Republican establishment, now maneuvering within its ranks to erase MAGA (Trump/DeSantis) from the running. This has long been the stated goal of Nikki Haley for one among a number of others hoping for top spot on the GOP ticket in 2024.

When will conservatives and those sorta/kinda/in a way leaning that direction learn that undiluted conservatism-unimpeachable Constitutional liberties, unfettered free markets, low taxes, no-nonsense national defense and firmly controlled legal immigration-is what wins elections, not compromising or “reaching across the aisle.” We’re looking at four more years of the Biden regime if these scheming RINOS gain any real traction.

UPDATE 9/15/21: In the person and execrable words of GWBush on 9/1/21, we are faced with the “foul spirit” of those elitist Republican snobs who were comfy enough with Reagan’s vision while in the decades since adamantly advancing the Globalist/Marxist candidacies of Obama, HR Clinton and Biden. How cringe-worthy for us now to have voted and supported such ambiguously unprincipled people as Bush and his progressively more “progressive” successors like McCain and Romney.

It is becoming ever more obvious what a seminal figure Trump has proven to be, what a departure from DC business-as-usual he was in actually tackling real problems for the sake of solving them, not merely for political posturing and image. Strange how someone branded as being so grandiose and narcissistic has proven to be the most effective, accessible and generous presence conservatives have enjoyed since Reagan.

Meanwhile, the “dignified gentlemen” of the Bush ilk has proven themselves utterly detached from real people and real life, as much or more than their Woke socialist multi-millionaire counterparts on the Left. What an embarrassment and what dire consequences for America and the world that we are now experiencing and certain to compound in the coming years.

Just a little reminder of what an incestuous, elite world DC has been…and the consequences.

UPDATE 9/14/21: In response to Dubya’s outrageous comparison of supporters to the Taliban, Laura Ingraham clearly articulates the disenchantment with the Bush Family establishment that stupidly wishes to ingratiate itself with the very same Leftist/Democrat establishment that demonized Dubya as Hitlerian non-stop throughout his tenure. You see, the conservative base has found a new home in Trump and his can-do/will-do approach to preserving and enhancing the American Way. And the Bush legacy now, justifiably, finds itself rejected and headed for posterity’s dumpster.

Trump Derangement Syndrome at the highest levels. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Dubya’s “Fowl Spirit” that brings dirty birds of a feather together. 


UPDATE 9/12/21: George W. Bush outs himself as the RINO’s RINO, despoiling his own commendable leadership legacy on 9/11 and thereafter by comparing Trump supporters to the Taliban. Like McCain and Romney, the man has proven himself a fool and an ingrate by insulting those who gave him whatever stature in American history he might have had.

UPDATE 9/6/21: Peggy Noonan is long overdue for full dismissal as a serious political commentator. Having been Reagan’s speechwriter has allowed her to capitalize on her own version of Intersectional Politics: at her core an arrogant Liberal Elitist hired by prestigious journals as as their “balanced and fair” token Conservative which she isn’t. Her touting of Obama in 2008 as the next big thing brings to mind the NYT’s own token “conservative,” David “Perfectly Creased Pant” Brooks. As Obama didn’t quite live up to her wild expectations, he eventually got a Peggy diss, never mentioning her previous admiration. Predictably, this Trump-Hater Supreme heaped lavish, hopeful praise on both Biden and Harris separately last year only to find herself now already covering her posterior without mention of her earlier high esteem for these two political atrocities.

Orwell defined the DoubleThink of totalitarian propagandists used to brainwash the masses as simultaneously holding two opposing thoughts as true. Peggy is the undisputed Mistress of DoubleThink, only stretched out over years. This is also known as talking out of both sides of your mouth which, in sane, honest company, should be the end of any pretense of credibility. That this insufferable and two-faced snob continues to be given such prominent media pulpits is a slap in the face to any legitimate journalism.

UPDATE 8/31/21: As the Biden fiasco expands from outrage to disaster to catastrophe, one can’t help pointing fingers at those phony Trump-hating “conservatives” who have actively helped make it all possible. 

UPDATE 8/14/21: Dan Crenshaw has sent a message to his staunch MAGA supporters that they’re fools to think Election 2020 was a fraud. “Don’t kid yourself…absolutely not a stolen election…”

Presumably, future elections (including those involving him) aren’t going the same mysterious way this one did with sudden new virus crises necessitating lockdowns and the urgent need for massive mail-in voting. Dan Crenshaw, RINO? Say it ain’t so, Dan.

UPDATE 7/2/21: Sneaky, sneaky…Don’t trust them. Any surprise these two GOP Establishmentarians are suddenly all gaga for MAGA and Trump…until they’re not?

UPDATE 6/11/21: It has to be a dark day for the Bush clan and their most ardent RINO comrades as their youngest new up-and-comer, George P. Bush, creates good waves for himself as a MAGA/Trump supporter. If it’s principle, bravo to the young renegade. If it’s just politics, bravo for the common sense to ally himself with the base to ensure a future in the GOP, unlike the short-sighted Pence who lacked the character and spine to stand with DJT beyond January 6. Now Mike’s suddenly all gaga for MAGA, but his earlier craven submission to the prevailing TDS has forever disqualified him as a Presidential contender.

UPDATE 6/5/21: The unanimously hailed Most Embarrassing Republican POTUS candidate known affectionately to millions of conservatives as Mittens moves himself down one more notch holding his own as Most Noxious Living RINO in light of his attempt to blackmail fellow Republicans into setting up the Kill MAGA Permanently [aka January 6th) Commission.

UPDATE 3/2/21: Squirm-worthy Mittens sports a nasty black eye, the result of pitching forward abruptly like a felled tree watching Trump incite the insurrectionist CPAC crowd to roaring, proudly American fever pitch. There goes his dream of Romney-centric Republican “unity!” Damn! Damn! Damn! Adding visible insult to the injury of demolished POTUS plans,  the black ‘n bluish blemish was the result of his devious right peeper getting squashed against his unnaturally long PinnocchioNose upon face plant impact. Don’t you hate when that happens?!

Senator Pierre Delecto tastefully hiding his shiner.
Senator Pierre Delecto tastefully hiding his shiner.

UPDATE 2/6/20: The final self-immolation of a total traitor to his Party and the philosophy that gifted him the chance to be POTUS.

UPDATE 10/21/19: Monsieur Pierre Delecto: we want our 2012 votes back. You embarrass us.

Pierre Delecto, new Trump-hating Resistance sensation.

ORIGINAL POST 6/18/19 Since 2008, those Americans seeking an electoral alternative to Marxist transformation of America into a Democratic Party-controlled banana republic have suffered the embarrassing agony of not one but two traitors to their cause.

Rinos (2)First, we had John McCain, he of white-hot Trump Hate and major betrayal. Given the chance to  roll back ObamaCare, the Republican war hero candidate’s decisive thumbs down was one big middle finger to those “wacko birds” who supported him in 2008.

Rinos (3)And now Mitt Romney to the rescue of those scoundrels vowing to overturn Trump’s election by signing onto the totally fake Russian Collusion hoax farce. Naturally, he’s become the darling of the MSM that once savaged him for being the un-Obama.

Power and the promise of it corrupts absolutely, even a squeaky-clean Mormon whose entire political career and image sadly prove to be just another transparently ugly political pose.

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