Chris, Chris, you broke my heart.
Chris, Chris, you broke my heart.

UPDATE 5/3/20:  Little Fredo gets caught disregarding quarantine while simultaneously lecturing The Little People on STAYING AT HOME! Seems he also has a little masculinity problem involving obsessive iron pumping (which we have to stomach watching the video during this expose) and picking fights with strangers. Remind anyone of those pitiful blowhards from high school?

UPDATE 4/5/20: Fredo gets a ratings lift and banishment to his toney basement by coming down with The Virus and evokes tears of grief from a colleague oblivious (in the same interview) to the real suffering this unwarranted shutdown has created for millions.

The grieving faces of Coronavirus suffering, multimillionaire media hacks shamelessly milking a crisis.

ORIGINAL POST 8/25/19: CNN commentator and the extraordinarily thin-skinned member of the Cuomo (and larger MSM) Crime Family, Chris now joins his  infanticidal martinet brother Andrew in the Michelle-Antoinette Hall of Shame. Such an honored place among the political scoundrels, nuisances and pampered pests  of our time has been more than richly earned. If crying buckets & wringing his hands over Trump’s refusal to age, get sick and die isn’t the mark of a true Mafia underling, what is?!

The gist of Fredo’s ravings is that Trump isn’t showing the admirable aging-in-office demonstrated by his distinguished predecessors Clinton and Obama. Why? Because, as liberals like Chris like to say about all us Deplorables, he doesn’t care.

The sad fact for clueless Chris and that vast federation of Trump-haters is that Donald has assumed monumental responsibilities his entire adult, professional life. Triumphing in the cut-throat world of international real estate development has prepared him for the rugged job of America’s CEO. In the bubble world of political stardom with its stark absence of bottom lines, the hapless Bill and Barack had to get more than a few gray hairs when forced to negotiate the inconveniences and annoyances of real life. Sad.

5 Replies to “Chris Cuomo: If crazed=caring, CNN has its own on-air saint.”

  1. The MSM makes no effort at unbiased,with the likes of Fredo Cuomo and George Stepenopoulos. So no surprise that Cuomo isn’t bright enough to keep his mouth shut and realize he’ll now carry Fredo with him for life.

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