Cuomo, Andrew

The depravity of both national & local Dem Party politics as embodied in this desperately oily POTUS wannabe. There is simply no more room available in his mouth for any more inserted feet but don’t try to convince him of that. Nicely rounding out his CV, his children are Kennedys, and his girlfriend cooks Kwaanza cakes on YouTube.

Andrew Cuomo: “America? Feh!”

August 19, 2018
Andrew Cuomo: “America? Feh!”

UPDATE 2/17/19: Somewhat-lapsed Catholic Andy The Abortionist dons a celebratory pink tie and endears himself to SJW women and newborn babes everywhere. Light-footed Andrew “I Am The Government!” Cuomo elegantly clomps into the Michelle-Antoinette Hall of Shame, declaring America “…was never that great.” Then, feeling the blowback, subtly corrects his course: “Of course, America...
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