Dem POTUS hope Kamala Harris: right color, right (lack of) character

April 15, 2018
Dark skin, xx chromosome arrangement, content of character? Whatever her beloved Party decrees.

Beige skin, xx chromosome arrangement. Go right to the front of the line.

UPDATE 10/27/20: “Is there something wrong with her?” asks a certain well-known man not prone to burst out laughing in response to serious questions about socialism and leading the free world. Um, yeah. There’s a lot wrong with her, and America will have plenty NOT to laugh about if she goes any further up the political ladder. This is the Left’s ideal candidate, the original Hollow Woman, ready to be anything and anyone to anybody who’ll give her power. Any physical attractiveness she might have displayed visually suddenly evaporates when that voice and weird cackling jars the ether. Very reminiscent of another eminently dislikeable female candidate  prone for many, many years to inappropriate laughter. Maybe post-Election, the two of them can yuck it up on their own talk/laugh radio show. Could be ENDLESS ratings magic among a [VERY] specific demographic. And living hell for anyone within earshot.

The impending good news is, barring the catastrophe of her being elected next Tuesday, she’ll go down in history as just one more losing Vice Presidential candidate who never went further & faded away into obscurity.


Laugh’s on us…or her? Tuesday will tell. 

UPDATE 10/8/20: Post-debate: the closer up one gets, the more glaring the contempt, the easy lying, the fluidly two-faced movement from one position to the opposite pole.  All things or anything to whomever or whatever gets #HeelsUpHarris where the  money and power are. What dark deeds lie ahead, given the full power she craves? Who know her better than Willie Brown? “That’s just Kamala being Kamala.”


UPDATE 9/20/20: They’re hardly hiding the fact that Joe is a helpless stand-in while Kamala will be the one behind the curtain, doing the bidding of those really pulling the strings. Harris-Biden=Obama III perhaps? 


UPDATE 9/11/20: The Dems’ slithery Veep candidate continues her wild pandering, obviously feeling immune to the inevitable viral blowback for her blatant hypocrisy. This time, she tells the latest Victim/Martyr/serial criminal of the moment Jacob Blake she’s “PROUD” of him. Presumably, that includes pride in his life of raping/beating/abusing/impregnating various women prior to his current 15 minutes as a useful propaganda tool. Lordy, that woman will say anything for a vote! Hello, selectively outraged #MeToo crusaders! Anyone home?

8/31/20: Joe’s clean, articulate running mate with the darkish skin and ethnic-sounding name  (rhymes with Walla Walla) has been helping raise bail for those Black Shirt worthies “protesting on the ground” aka hardened criminals running rampant through our cities. “Coalition of Conscience” she calls them, and she promises “They’re not gonna stop, and everyone beware, because they’re not gonna stop,” she added. “They’re not gonna stop before Election Day in November, and they’re not gonna stop after Election Day.”!

That is, until polls show people don’t like riots. Now she rolls her eyes, bedgrudgingly offering, “Tsk, tsk” [as she stifles a giggle.] Irresistible selling points for voting urbanites of voting age living in fear for their lives, property and businesses.

BLM bail support

UPDATE 8/18/20: Ms. #HeelsUpHarris has earned her hash tag the oldest old-fashioned Way With Willie while standing for alternately nothing and anything that further advances her career and influence. Fair enough. This “New Obama,” every bit as self-sacrificing, trustworthy and genuine as the old one.


UPDATE 8/12/20: Kamala Walla Bing Bang aka #HeelsUpHarris: by whatever name, the best looking and possibly the most ruthless of the “qualified” Women Of Color Minus Content Of Character (or qualifications)”, so a natural choice as Sleepy Joe’s Veep.  Movin’ On Up Up Up to the top of the political pile without sleeping with anyone but her husband (recently)! Her history and past impressions (see below) as timely as ever. Peter Schweitzer’s “Profiles In Corruption” is a good place to begin sizing up this barracuda.

kamala camel cowgirl

UPDATE 6/30/19: One can’t be a Dem candidate for POTUS, 2020 unless one proposes giving away trillions and trillions of other people’s dollars. Kamala, not about to be left behind, has everyone’s else’s money all ear-marked and ready for distribution. Her promises change with the polls, but be assured Willie’s Girl is handing out the money. Recipients? Anyone who might benefit from a salary raise, medical care, reparations for being Black. Brass tacks: anyone who votes for her is qualified.

UPDATE 2/23/19: Can we count on continued cock-ups from Kamala The Klutz? Of course! When your entire campaign is about pandering to anyone to the Left and no one in a Conservative direction, count on gobs of gaffes galore.

UPDATE 2/22/19: Not for the squeamish: how many pieces of fresh, warm excrement can one pick out of this lede? “Kamala Harris Ignores Questions on Smollett Hoax after Dining with Sharpton.

Let's call it political pornography.

Ewwww. Pure political pornography.

UPDATE 2/18/19: GanjaGirl’s father takes issue with her stereotyping Jamaican relatives as a bunch of Rastafarian dopers in her phony baloney pot pandering riff. And suspicions are aroused regarding her weirdly coincidental connections to the MAGA hoaxer Smollett’s “lynching” and the eerily-timed anti-lynching bill she and T-Bone fabulist Spartacus drafted in a recent flurry of virtue signaling. Busy, busy.

UPDATE 2/17/19: KounterKultureKoolKitty Kamala gleefully admits she did indeed inhale as she scavenges the dope-smoking brain-dead for potential votes. BUT, like beer-chugging Native American redneck Lizzie Warren she comes off as total fake. Claims her favorite backgound music for getting high in the 80s was Tupac & Snoop. Except they weren’t even recording until the following decade. Get your dates straight, Girlfriend!

Going one further to ingratiate herself with The Kids who toke up: ““I think that it gives a lot of people joy, and we need more joy.” So, now it’s harmless? This from the former CA AG who was busy packing prisons with petty pot peddlers. Apparently, Kamala was against marijuana legalization before she was for it. Get your political positions straight, Sistah!!

UPDATE 1/29/19: Kamala The Candid: “Will take your guns away. Will take your doctor away. Will take your free market away. Will take your car away. Will take your wealth away. Will take your wall away. Cool, let’s vote for her! Said nobody with a brain.” Any questions?

UPDATE 1/27/19: Kamala now all in to become the female Obama. Apparently, as far Left as Left can go short of being the female Stalin (maybe) is what the Dem base is buying. The lesson to all aspiring feminists: sleep your way to the top. Ask Willie Brown who knows (having been threatened with indictment by his former squeeze turned SF DA): “That’s Kamala being Kamala.” And “That’s politics for ya.” We await with bated breath this cuddly Californicating piranha’s next hot lick & big “move.”

ORIGINAL POST 4/15/18: Ethnic sounding first name, Jamaican father, East Indian mother. Eureka! The next big Dem Thang! Meet Kamala Harris, a female Obama, ruthless political ambition, the ideal Black/East Indian/Female/Dem Party dream child. Content of character? Feh. Attribute her quick rise through the Donkey ranks solely to all the aforementioned. Naturally when questioned, our Dem Party ID Politics Poster Girl plays coy. Presidency? Nah. She is beholden to the sacred charge granted her, to serve the people of the great state of California…while she makes the frenzied rounds of meet-and-greet DNC cocktail parties in the most unCalifornicated places.


We are the company we keep.

In this age of #MeToo, Kamala has lived the soul-searing difficulties of being a “vulnerable” young woman in a field of exploitive males. On her way up, wide-eyed Kamala inadvertently accidentally against-her-will found herself bedding down (married) SF Mayor Willie Brown, just a guppy girl’s way of surviving in a sea of predatory male sharks. When it works and gives a dewy-eyed lass a shapely leg up on that big career, it’s robust, lusty feminism. When it backfires, it’s The HandMaid’s Tale, and the male hierarchy must atone.


Good fun in public with all their clothes on!

Now somehow sitting pretty in the U.S. Senate (thanks in part to the backing of fellow “ethnic” & Fake Bay State Indian Warren) and making a name for herself as the August Body’s biggest bully, our Girl-On-The-Go is in full positioning mode, playing the whole range of notes on the political spectrum like a manic xylophonist. The eye-rolling image of her “tough questioning” of Facebook’s Zuckerberg should be kept in mind in the not so distant future when we will surely happen upon her in bed with him (metaphorically speaking of course) currying certain voter data favors that only the owner of Facebook can provide a POTUS wannabe.

Add to her roster of qualifications a great sense of humor as when she laughs riotously on Ellen’s talk show about killing Trump, Pence and Sessions in one fell swoop. Don’t miss her invocation of the Spirit of ’76, Americanism and the Founding Fathers within seconds of wickedly contemplating this side-splitting triple assassination.

As she understands the purposes of government, a President Kamala would be Head Nanny. Gun owners should be on high alert. Ditto anyone countering the expansion of welfare rolls,  open borders and heading off all those New Dem-voting Dreamers. The girl’s a killer, and she’s just what the Dem Donkey Doctor ordered.

“Don’t crowd Kamala,” warns wary Willie Brown who should certainly know. In response to criticism for her grandstanding bully turns on the Senate floor, Willie adds, “That’s just Kamala being Kamala.” Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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