Hillary Clinton

November 6, 2012

UPDATE 8/29/20: Revisiting this foaming-at-the-mouth public nuisance. Still (almost) the most dislikeable female quantity on the political planet.  This time, American’s sorest loser advises Biden not to concede under any circumstances! Drag it into the courts! Remember that gracious lady (NOT) who wished Trump well the day after the last election?  Calling the men in the white coats.

sore loser

UPDATE 11/3/19: Separated at birth from Michelle-Antoinette! There’s that Holy Rollin’ inner Soul Sister again, this time at Elijah Cummings‘ funeral, droppin’ G’s, wailin’ like Mahalia recitin’ Scripture. And we were told she’s really a very nice person when you get to know her. “Likeable enough,” according to Forever Prez Barry O.

UPDATE 5/12/19: When no one will pay to see them, does that mean they’re finally gone? Apparently not. Oy. Sigh. Ugh.

Bye? BYE? BYE!!!!???????

Bye? BYE? BYE!!!!???????

UPDATE 4/14/19: Kenneth Starr reveals that he declined making public Hillary’s public humiliation of Vince Foster before her staff as the precipitating factor in his suicide. Coupled with her compassionate dealings with the Benghazi families (see also 10/25/15 UPDATE below), our most entitled and ambitious First Lady somehow keeps coming off as a heartless monster. How poignant to see her decomposing away in private life.

UPDATE 10/13/18: Madly knitting away between great gulps of Chardonnay, Mme. Defarge hopes to incite the rabble to violence, adding that it will only stop when she is restored to her rightful place on the throne. Will this wretched, wicked wench and public health hazard ever go away?


UPDATE 6/27/18: A fresh, queasy take on that most deplorable of losers: Hillary as lifelong spittoon.

UPDATE 3/17/18: Accident-prone Tourist Hils goes all out and down for the count, keeping the Indian medical establishment on permanent alert. Submissive White wives/daughters/sisters/mothers the world over attempt to rush to her aid but are collared by their brutish husbands/fathers/brothers/sons and confined to their cages.


UPDATE 3/13/18: Now the Mother Of Us All, Tin-Eared Tillie, America’s Biggest Loser declares those who voted against her “backwards.” Backwards Deplorables. A girl just can’t get a break, even when she’s the ugliest, meanest, klutziest hag on the  block.

UPDATE 10/26/17: Wonder Woman is now pork sausage, thanks to her clearly defined fingerprints all over the dirty Russian dossier business. Not to mention those of every major figure in the Obama administration on the Clinton Uranium deal. One asks, again, what’ll it take?

UPDATE 10/24/17: And now, according to the most reliable sources [Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem], she’s Wonder Woman. Will “wonders” never cease….puleeeeez?

UPDATE 10/12/17: Perhaps someone of such bottomless entertainment and such moral instruction should not go away. After the better part of a week in the wake of HarveyGate,  blind-eyed rapist spouse, the most Holy Reverend Hils, vows to tithe 10% of all her income, vaguely earmarking it as part of her “charitable giving.” The jaded cynical among us ask: what exactly is Madam’s “charity” of choice? The Clinton Foundation perhaps?  Sin, [self]indulgences, [qualified] repentance, buying one’s way out of hell [political irrelevance] by giving money to yourself? Who says Leftism isn’t a religion? And who dares deny St. Hils the papacy of said faith with all the fancy perks? In the role of prodigal son: Brother Harvey, back from his European sex addition(sic) clinic renewed, restored, resurrected, ready to do the hard penance of going after Trump and the NRA. A stirring parable for the ages, hopefully a teaching moment for anyone still blind to the essential hollowness of the Left and its terminally corrupt, ruinous ways.

UPDATE 10/4/17: Among many blessings we enjoy, one is that none of us is Hillary Clinton. Let us count the ways. Barely hours into the Las Vegas slaughter, Madam holds forth on the subject of “silencers” on guns, a topic on which she is clearly, 100% ignorant. Remember this is a woman who has not even driven a car for decades, let alone handled a firearm. Imagine the desperation of someone who, despite major hoopla and all appearances of success, has absolutely nothing of value to offer?

UPDATE 9/14/17: The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave. Her Ladyship’s “What Happened” provides more unintended self-exposure, forcing yet another sigh of relief that we’re rid of her. One highlight among many gems is her self-servingly deranged take on Orwell’s “1984.” She informs us Big Brother’s evil machinations are designed “to make you question logic and reason and to sow mistrust toward exactly “the people we need to rely on: our leaders, the press, experts who seek to guide public policy based on evidence, ourselves.” You know, our superiors, those without whom we Little Folk are nothing: people like, for instance, Herself. Have some more Chardonnay, Hils.

UPDATE 8/11/17: Coinciding with this week’s announcement of Hillary’s ambition to be a gospel-preaching Methodist minister (in between fantasized stints as a Marine and POTUS), her rejection by the American electorate has been deemed comparable to Jesus’ crucifixion by her own pastor. There are no words. On the other hand, there ARE words. And music! And much to laugh at.

Church lady

Church attendance through the roof. Public panting for her next sermon.

UPDATE 7/11/17: A happy reminder of what might’ve been had Hillary had her way. God is good.

UPDATE 4/23/17: Aren’t they gone YET?

UPDATE long dreamt of, 11/9/16: Hillary loses, America wins. We agonize (cheer!) as she concedes, hoping (probably in vain) that she’s really, really going away.  The heart aches (leaps!) at what we’ll be missing.

UPDATE 7/12/16 Hils skates again, this time over that little business of hiding her emails and the tens of millions in bribes she’s taken from all sorts of reputable regimes and individuals. All for The Children no doubt. The patient among us invoke the concept of karma as comfort. Sooner or later, something with very sharp teeth will give The Congenital Liar a good bite in the butt.

UPDATE 10/25/15: Post-Hillary grilling before Congress on Benghazi. Apparently, lying does not matter to those on the Left side of the aisle. Their ends, their idealistic Marxist mission of social equality (with the Hillarys and Baracks and their cronies a lot more equal than the other animals) justifies any means. The bodies of four dead Americans in Benghazi; the shameless pay-to-play courting of foreign money for huge financial gain in exchange for treasonous political favors;  arrogantly compromising American security, making up her own rules;  a lifetime of fables and fibs: what difference does it make? Scoundrels such as Hillary and her ilk are not the problem. The problem is that we live among fools who think it doesn’t matter.

We live among fools.

We live among fools.

UPDATE: 9/6/15 Why is she still here? What does it take? Have we gone down this far? What’s confusing about a crooked politician taking huge amounts of money into her family slush fund in exchange for doling out special political favors. It’s an indictable crime that goes by the name bribery in the real world.

UPDATE: Hillary’s radioactive rap sheet as of 8/14/15. The country’s collective jaw drops as we wonder what constitutes a career-ending scandal these days. The Clintons continue to go off the chutzpah meter.

UPDATE: (7/8/15) Mme. Mao grants a member of the Press (CNN) a begrudging moment of her time and clarifies Herself’s main reason for not Meeting The Press. And that reason is…? She’s transparently a liar and a very bad one at that, unlike her conjugal Partner-In-Crime who is a very good liar. Like this modest little blog, the journalist describing The Czarina’s “train wreck of an interview” can conclude with the rhetorical question: this is the best the Democrats have to offer and what does it say about them?


UPDATE: (4/27/15) As her drive toward Presidential Self-Restoration gets off to a remarkably bumpy start, Ms. Hillary makes known her ambition to be “champion of the Everyday Person,” Minister of Culture, arbiter of Religion, Chief Thought Policewoman: an American Mme. Mao.

The First Female Commissar Prez may not be an easy sell.

For even today’s radical Dem Party, the First Female Commissar Prez may not be an easy sell.

UPDATE: (1/25/13) Adding “What difference does it make?” to “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” Hillary Rodham shows herself to still be…a Clinton.  2016, here we come! Say it loud, say it proud: Hillary. Rhymes with Benghazi.

UPDATE 12/15/12: The dodging & weaving continues as Mme. Secretary conveniently conks her noggin just prior to having to testify on what and when she knew about BenghaziGate. Can’t let a little thing like dumped dead diplomats on her watch get in the way of a 2016 Presidential nomination.


ORIGINAL POST 11/6/12: First, the early days of the Almost President [phew!] and fully failed Secretary of State under the One who stole the nomination from her.

Later on, in high school, attending all the sock hops when she isn’t being best at everything: Girls State, Debating Society, early admission to Wellesley. Telling everyone else what to do, but…she really, really wants to be One Of The Guys. Sadly, nobody likes dancing with her. They don’t admire her choreographic skills. Maybe that would change when she gets older…

Or maybe not…

Dancing hillaryhavel3[1]

By comparison to the slick high octane race hustlers currently in the White House, Hillary and her squire seem rather quaint, recognizable American types. Scoundrels  and ruthless political animals to be sure, but somehow capable of limits to their power hunger. Power is heady, and the Clintons of yore have grown famous in reaching for it, but one is mildly inclined to think, Hillary & Bill would balk at totally selling out the country.

Then again… nostalgia never really looks as nice up close, like those promises of undying love the morning after. It was Hillary and Bill before her who were sure we could deal with Islamic terrorists like Arafat back then and Egypt’s Morsi now. Arab Springs and all sorts of marvelous hopes springing eternal, Hillary had brought peace in our time. Then came that jolting 3 AM call from Libya despite ample warnings prior. There followed the transparently laughable cover-ups, placing of blame on a single YouTube video, weaving tall tales of lovely, loving Libyans carrying our Ambassador lovingly to hospital.

The Clintons once looked invincible, masters of manipulation in service to acquiring power. Now this. What a way to end a soaring career! She looks like just another threadbare, tiresome Michelle-Antoinette: a rich, entitled Elitist not much committed to anything except herself and her place in the Family firmament. And what’s with that Huma character?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Huma Abedin

Everyone was agog over the possibility of a clandestine lesbian affair, but, alas, it’s actually something genuinely serious, a Muslim Brotherhood Mata Hari mole in Hillary’s State Department. You’re gonna need that drink, Hill, before this is all over.













“You’re likeable enough, Hillary.” Ugh-Hug.

US President Barack Obama speaks on the

Where are they now?


Just a nice Midwestern Methodist girl…


A long tragic odyssey of split ends, back-breaking flips and lethal cuts.tumblr_m290kr0KY71r18uik[1]

Can this be the end of Rico? Here, they are, he looking frail, she looking blowsy, hanging out at some rich Dem donor lady’s birthday party in a fashionably shabby boite. Democrats. Party of the People, The Little Guy and (in reality) a pack of Old Lefties dying to see the comeback of kings and queens exacting tribute and living like royalty. The Essential Michelle-Antoinettes.clinton23n-6-web[1]
The site of the fancy-schmancy party above: get the funkily ratty facade!! Graffiti! Soviet-gray uber-functional cinder blocks! What? No garbage strewn carefully in front? Discarded needles? Used condoms? How street-cool is this!?


Such is the fate of hyper-rich, retired Democratic politicians put out to pasture. Something to pass the empty days for them, an incalculable blessing for us.

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