Sympathy for the devil.
One of those who lives to destroy.

UPDATE 1/24/18: In desperate reaction to unexpected Presidential Election results, Alinsky’s evil legacy provides the underpinnings of the entire “Resistance”.  To be fair, equal credit is due to his fellow propagandist Nazi Goebbel’s and that old standby of telling and re-telling The Big Lie. Art Linkletter said “People are funny.” Saul and Joe said, “People are stupid.”

If political freedom is the healthy soil in which millions of individual Americans can thrive garden-like in a harmonious, dynamic design,  then central Marxist/Mafiosi planning is its opposite: the toxic weeds, brambles and vines taking over, leeching the healthy soil, strangling and overtaking everything else, above ground and below.

In Saul Alinsky’s unabashedly diabolical writings and life’s work, one is faced with a harmonious America’s most active and present enemy. The sinister reality is that today’s Democratic Party’s most prominent figures, the Obamas and the Clintons,  are devoted, practicing Alinskyites. All have schooled themselves in his Chicago-based community organizing tactics, inspired and guided by his “Rules for Radicals” designed to subvert civilized political and social discourse and place all power into the hands of a very few special “chosen” such as they. To understand how a very few can manipulate and control the many is to understand (and defeat) all tyranny throughout history. Alinsky’s mix of Marxist redistribution with the Chicago Mafia Way has proven to be a powerful, effective means to his goal of creating hell on earth. He happily admits as much: for him, hell on earth would be his heaven.

To his credit and our advantage, he could never put on the costume and mask of respectability that he counseled his descendants to do, operating as wolves in sheep’s clothing . He was always the rumpled, American Jewish radical of yore, leaving it to his political descendants to go to the fancy schools, put on the fancy clothes, drive the fancy cars, live in the big houses to pass for respectable while consolidating power over the masses.

Someone is watching: the doings of Bill & Hillary; Barack & Michelle; the boorish and thuggish in both politics and the media; the Code Pinkos and their ilk; ACORN; the bloated unions; the wily and venally calculating; all those determined to subvert and destroy America from within, Saul Alinsky cackles contentedly from his permanent, chosen perch in hell.