Medea Benjamin & Code Pink + Black Lives Matter=Full Frontal Alinsky Playbook

August 1, 2015

Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his social disruption primer “Rules For Radicals” to the Devil, is beaming from The Hot Place as some of his most accomplished contemporary acolytes do their damnedest  to create some hell right here on earth.

Disturbing the peace as a way of life and end in itself. And looking great in the bargain.

Disturbing the peace as a way of life, an end in itself. And looking great in the bargain!

Code Pink supposedly concerned “Moms” for peace, actually Marxist activists thriving on agit-prop street theatre: shrill, shrieky disrupters of anything today’s totalitarian Left hates. The evil spawn of one Medea Benjamin, herself a Bad Seed into inflicting bushels of noise and baskets of annoying static. Wonder how she has the time & money for such mischief? Like all of us 99%ers, she has a $12 million portfolio, heavily invested in all the evil, capitalist companies she decries when marching/sitting in/screaming for Occupy Wall Street. If her foundation goes bust, there’s always her Code Pink co-founder Jodi Evans to the rescue with multigazillions. Medea is one of those that whatever she’s for, one can be, in totally clear conscience, 100% against (except when she’s heckling Obama for not being as overtly destructive as she is).

Heckling Obama. If he isn’t to her liking, one can only imagine what her ideal Prez might be.

Subversive, outscreaming style and substance picked up most lately by Black Lives Matter(BLM). the Soros-backed incendiaries stirring the pot big time in both Ferguson & Baltimore and who made the squishy Dem Prez hopeful Martin O’Malley apologize for daring to opine All Lives Matter. Happily, they are prone to upstaging those on the guilt-ridden Left who don’t give them the special treatment that’s their due. That Black Love leaves ’em speechless.

My turn, Whitey. You just stand there and pander.

My turn, Whitey. You just stand there and pander.

For Code Pinkos and BLM, no one and nothing matters except their fascist mission to shut down Free Speech and fill the vacuum with their poison. Spiteful Bad Girls just want to have fun and ruin the party for everyone else. The proverbial turds in the prom punchbowl.

Just a couple of clueless white chicks standing around hoping some blacks, any blacks think they're ok.

Doormats ‘R Us: no tactless O’Malleys we! Black Lives Matter waaaay more than our crummy White Lives!! Really!!!

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