Jorge Ramos:
Perpetual Grievance Industry-
Brown Lives Matter division

September 6, 2015
Playing victim reaps rich rewards these days.

Playing victim reaps rich rewards these days.

With special thanks to Saul Alinsky and Black Lives Matter, opportunist/radical/incendiary “journalist” Jorge Ramos has just hit the jackpot, gaining widespread MSM celebrity (and martyrdom) from his staged passive/aggressive ambush of Donald Trump. Perceived hero/victim Jorge now positions himself as the champion of Hispanic illegals overrunning the borders. For him, any restraint, let alone deportation, of illegals, is unfair and an insult to all Hispanics. After all, every one of those “New Americans” is almost assuredly a new Democratic voter, the makings of a dependent underclass and permanent electoral majority. Small wonder he’s so popular with today’s Demo Party.

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