Just needs a hug.
Just needs a hug.


6/28/23: Daniel Greenfield, commenting on the latest Soros family drama of succession, pinpoints the pervasive rot at the heart of the Soros “dynasty” which is really more a collection of rich, self-hating, empty zombies masquerading as human. The core rot and zombie-in-chief is, of course, George himself, now approaching Final Judgment. The latest chapter in the saga is the much-publicized move of handing over the empire by default to the weak, pitiful third son Alex, just a futile last gasp of a fading megalomaniac pretending that his life’s work of destruction is immortal.

Geek and Freak. Milquetoast and Monster. A dynasty destined to last another thousand years. Or maybe not.

UPDATE 6/15/23: A world-class control freak like lovable old George is not about to give up the aphrodisiac of power any time before he assumes room temperature. Ergo, it’s reasonable to assume the alleged transfer of control to his nerdy nebbish of a son is simply being the man behind the curtain, as phony as the miserable old monster’s fake “philanthropy.” 

Is that Pee Wee Herman at the door to Papa’s throne room? 

UPDATE 6/1/23: Like race hustler and provocateur Obama hiding behind his Black heritage, no informed person, least of all sensible Jews, is fooled by the squawking about black-hearted Soros being a victim of anti-Semitism.

UPDATE 5/18/23: Considering his special role in undermining law enforcement across America by lavishly funding corrupt Leftist DA’s, George Soros yet again demonstrates he really is as evil as he looks. Yes, he really IS that bad, so it makes sense that Biden voters find this cartoon villain’s efforts to destroy America praiseworthy. 

UPDATE 4/9/23: Multiple White House visits by Soros Jr. just might, possibly, maybe, most likely have some connection to Soros Sr.’s big bucks project of subverting urban law enforcement nationwide. And who is more deserving of Soros money than DA’s in the big cities…like for instance, Trump prosecutor Alvin Bragg of Manhattan Island?

Look at that face, just look at it.

UPDATE 2/3/23: The distinctively ugly mug and thick Mittel European accent seem like Hollywood casting, but George is the real deal: a super-rich, foreign-born villain set on putting the match to American cities and the rest of the free world with them. 

UPDATE 1/23/23: It just doesn’t seem fair for one guy to hog all the credit for dismantling the free world. But only ostriches and Woke fools would deny that is the essence of Soros’ life’s mission. In service to that mission, there is the steady flow of untold million$ to subversive groups and ties to media figures eager to indoctrinate the public and especially the young & impressionable with his message. Quite the weaver of deadly webs, our George.

UPDATE 1/18/23: George remains, along with Klaus Schwab, THE chilling incarnation of James Bond’s evilest villains. His ties to major media and subversion of law enforcement in major cities across America are but two of the many channels through which his poison can flow in freely.

No audio necessary. Always ready for Halloween.

UPDATE 11/27/22: He’s made it his life’s mission to undermine every free society on earth and in the vacuum replace them all with totalitarian, centralized globalism. Viktor Orban, leader of his native Hungary, knows him all too well and has effectively exiled this former Nazi permanently. Naturally in turn, a handful of George’s multimillion$ have been specifically earmarked to take out Orban.

9/21/22: As long as this Bond villain survives to act out his loathing of humanity on the world, he demands our attention. 

His latest good deed of so many is his financial backing of a group suing De Santis on behalf of the 50 foreign visitors recently dropped into and immediately kicked out of Martha’s Vineyard. Anything to do with destabilizing American society is the cause most cherished by this “philanthropist.”

UPDATE 8/13/22: No one holds all-round weapon of mass destruction George Soros in higher esteem than George Soros as his recent WSJ op-ed attests. That all the usual Progs rush to the defense of this indefensible former Nazi operative screaming “anti-Semitism!!!” is one more indication that much of the world has discarded its moral compass along with its will to live.

UPDATE 2/1/22: We’re comfortable with the classification of many power-mad Fat Cats as Crony Capitalists, but George also falls effortlessly into the Vulture Capitalist slot. How else to describe the ugly funding force behind criminal-friendly DA’s now installed with wicked  Soros precision in major US cities like NY, LA, Frisco and Chicago?

UPDATE 1/27/22: It remains a fathomless mystery why some consider George Soros a humanitarian when he has made the destruction of America his life’s mission. How does one explain his focused bankrolling of radical District Attorneys in all our major cities: Gascon in  LA, Boudin in Frisco and now NY with Adams’ hug-a-thug comrade Bragg?  How would George explain his support of anarchy to the widow of a murdered cop?

Not surprisingly, the Jewish former Nazi operative is just now on record having donated $125 million to America’s Party of Crime currently headed up by the Brandon administration. There is no doubt whatsoever the money will be used to good effect by a cabal that demonstrably shares George’s own determination to ruin us.

UPDATE 10/10/21: Decidedly UNgorgeous George is one of the significant villains behind the curtain who should never be ignored. The latest incident with his big, greasy prints (and funding) behind it is the attempted stalking/harassment/extortion of Senate renegade Kyrsten Sinema. 

UPDATE 9/3/21: As things “progressively” fall apart under the Pretend Administration, the name of George Soros inevitably comes up again. Yes, Virginia, there are villains in this world that evil that live not merely to control, but to destroy everything in pursuit of that absolute power, and Soros is the model villain of our times. 

No makeup, no photo-shop necessary.

UPDATE 1/1/20: As William Blake saw the world in a grain of sand, one can see in the foul speck of dirt known as George Soros the rotting “Progressive” universe of hate: the empty soul’s totalitarian lust for power, the loathing and willful destruction of healthy life. What better window into anti-Semitism than a multibillionaire Jew who has spent his life and fortune fueling the chaos and hate that has given us genocidal Communism and Nazism? Add the nice, perverse twist of his shrewdly making more billions off his evildoing, and you have the consummate villain for our times. A feast for psychological exploration, a curse to all decent humanity.

UPDATE 12/25/18: London’s Financial Times goes through Alice’s Looking Glass and declares this lifelong sociopath (think youthful, eager JEWISH Nazi operative) as its “Person Of The Year.”

UPDATE 10/29/18: Leading up to the midterms, the Soros family fingerprints all over every possible scenario expressly designed to defame/destroy/derail the Trump train. Naturally, the man who made his first significant income selling out his fellow Jews to the Nazis cynically plays the Jewish card, screaming “Anti-Semitism!” to deflect exposure of his own life of crime.

UPDATE 6/12/18: Luring in those inclined to be lured, seduced and owned, Soros’ Open Society opens its doors every few weeks for a little propagandizing and recruitment. Finishing up with huge bowls of colorful jellybeans, all you can grab on your way out, literally like passing out candy to a baby….in exchange for being told how to vote and where to incite a little subversion?

UPDATE 4/21/18: A sensible Hungary, led by Viktor Orban, exposes/excises Soros and his Open Society cancer designed to destroy the West.

UPDATE 1/28/18: In classic, hyperbolic projection, erstwhile American patriot and fulltime Bond villain Gorgeous George declares “In the United States, President Trump would like to establish a mafia state but he can’t…” Meanwhile, the frustrated Mafia Godfather soldiers on, bankrolling any cause that will bring about more of the political and economic chaos from which his billions have been made.

4/27/17 UPDATE: Lovable George, domestic terrorism funder, obliquely in the news again and doubtless cackling & rubbing his wicked hands in glee over college kids shutting down any Conservative speakers venturing near the campus. His dark, subversive history extends far back into Europe where he is rightfully dubbed “The Gravedigger of the Left.”

9/25/16 UPDATE: The deadly Soros Touch all over the Charlotte riots. What would all those BLM and most Inner City rioters these days do without his generous funding? Happily, Europe recognizes in The Evil One a very bad thing.

3/25/16 UPDATE: Mighty Me’s latest mischief: propping up the candidacy of Repub diehard John Kasich to the tune of at least $210,000 (or more according to varying quotes). Chicken feed in comparison to the ten$ of million$ mainlining from George into Black Lives Matter, but all for a good cause: stopping both Trump and Cruz. Just another Marxist billionaire always on “the right side of history.” Dealing deliberately with the devil can be very bad optics for a mailman’s son.

A real-life James Bond villain in looks, personality, voice, and intention. A zillionaire capitalist supreme control freak who simply HATES America and its millions of industrious, independent types. His Open Society provides respectable cover for his well-documented subversion of Western society, making him the darling of NY Times-reading Liberals thrilled to find a rich capitalist who hates capitalism and puts his money where his mouth is. “That wonderful man, George Soros” as many have referred to him for no other reason than he loathes G.W. Bush and continues working overtime to turn America into a 3rd World nation.

Some people are born to be caricatured.

Mighty Me Soros
Mighty Me Soros











Some people are born to bring Halloween to the masses 365 days a year.

Central Casting villain


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  1. Alex, son of Soros, isn’t smart, however His sons Jonathan is a whiz. Unrepentant Nazi collaborator George Soros is old and decrepit. This 87-year-old subversive doesn’t have a lot of time left before he takes up residence down below. … Soros recently transferred $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations. His sons Jonathan and Alex appear to be on-track to control, if not strongly influence, their father’s radical left-wing philanthropic empire when he kicks the bucket. Alex is deputy chairman of Open Society Foundations.

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